Friday, July 17, 2009

Road Trip...

This photo from my July calendar says it all.
We Saucy Chicks, Lorraine and Sherry, are heading out on the first annual Road Trip in July. We have over 1000 miles to cover just in getting to our destination and returning home. Then of course we have lots of side trips in between. We will be visiting with family of each of us and friends. It will be so much fun to meet people we don't know, see areas we grew up in and listen to lots of stories of our separate youths.
Southern California here we come. Thank goodness we are not flying as we could not afford all of our baggage. Since we will have the car we can take as many bags as we deem necessary. One each just for shoes, one for snacks, one each for clothes, one each for toiletries, one each for chargers for electronics, a small ice chest etcetera. Some how it just adds up. And who knows what we will find along the way that we acquire and must bring home!
We might not post to our blog while we are gone but we know you will understand.
We will update when we return and fill in the fun stuff we did on our adventure.
Hmmm...what ever will our dear husbands do for so many days? I know mine will enjoy the peace and quiet!

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