Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Room of Creativity...

Ahh the laundry room...also known as the chore room where domestic drudgery is done. Dirty clothes to sort, wash, dry and many of them to iron. Well I am not complaining as I love my laundry room. I even liked it before it just got a new makeover. As Mr. Hubby and I were remodeling the kitchen we had occasion to purchase the riser drawers for our not-so-old Maytag Neptune washer and dryer. I am tall and it was always painful for my back to bend over to transfer the wet clothes into the dryer or to retrieve the dry clothes for folding or ironing. Now no more bending over! Of course Mr. Hubby had to completely empty the washer and dryer out of the room, tear apart the wall to re-plumb the hot and cold faucets and move them up so we could access them with the new taller appliances and paint the entire room with a new fresh beautiful soft blue that I chose.
I should also mention that this is the main room for cat business also. Sasha BooBoo kitty has her meals in this room and her zen sand box for personal hygiene. So to give her some entertainment we wallpapered a nice fish backsplash. I have something else in mind but have not completed it as yet. Maybe in the future I will post a pic if I do it.

Since this room is such a soft lovely blue sky color I just had to paint some clouds on the ceiling. I have three total and I really like the way they turned out. This whimsical clothesline is actually the handiwork of Mr. Hubby. He drilled and attached the wooden perches and then the clothesline and the birds. We really do have blue jays and woody woodpeckers outside so this is just perfect. I plan on changing out the clothes whenever the mood strikes me but for now this adorable summer outfit is perfect. I had fun shopping in the newborn section of the store.
Chore room? Drudgery? Not at all. I really enjoy doing the laundry in this fun new room.
Sasha BooBoo also enjoys the room a lot more now. Sometimes she just sashays down the hall and stands in her room and looks at the birds.
Well I must close for now as I have some laundry to get done. lol :o)


  1. gosh I wouldn't mind doing laundry in that room either. Love the clothesline - that is so clever!

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