Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chores today...

Ahhh do you remember these wonderful "days of the week" towels from days gone by? As I begin my day in earnest I find that I have some chores to do and I started thinking about these towels. This picture I took off the internet since I do not have any of these cherished old handwork pieces.
I think this photo shows Tuesday as baking day. With the heat as high as it is here I shall not be doing any baking. However I must go grocery shopping. I think fresh vegetables, fruits and salads sound yummy. Cold applesauce was on the menu last evening. The less cooking to do in this summer heat (which I truly love) the better. Maybe popcicles would be a cool treat.
Yesterday I couldn't keep enough iced tea made for us to drink. Maybe today some lemonade would be refreshing.
Gosh if I follow these towels for chore days I missed doing my laundry on Monday. Oh darn! I did think about doing it but decided I was not going to use the dryer as it just adds to the heat. Mr. C has the air conditioning on and set to 80 degrees so I didn't want to intefere with that. Besides laundry can always wait.
So inspite of what day is supposed to be which chore I am off to do some grocery shopping.
May you each enjoy your day doing something you really like to do.
Happy creating...


  1. I love this post. I had a set of towels with elephants sewn on them doing various chores. I think my grandmother must have made them. I have tried to be regimental in my chores, and did well for awhile. But I have more fun just going with the flow (until I run out of clean clothes,Ha)! It will always be there tomorrow. Stay cool dear friend.

  2. No towels but Mum always sang the song. I made cookies today because I'm cold. Crazy weather! We should be HOT! BTW nice towels. 8^)

  3. Funny how things happen...I just returned from a trip to the thrift store and they had a pristine vintage set of seven hand embroidered days of the week towels with a price tag of $75. Needless to say I left them there for a serious collector. Happy creating...

  4. Aw..those are so sweet..waay too cute!
    Enjoy your day..may magic follow you all day long!
    And thankyou for always leaving a kind sparkle for me.,super appreciated!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comment & offer of prayers!!!!! I KNOW how powerful that is. And for the laundry... my theory is that the laundry you missed doing can be "the seed" for next week. How do you like my theory. Well, MAYBE the Laundry Fairy will come by during the night but, don't hold your breath. HUGS! Charlene

  6. Cute blog post. You make me laugh. We just arrived in Grass Valley to find out air conditioner would not work! Lucky us...the repair guy could come right out. Yipee. Need to go drink lots of water.

    Stay cool.

  7. Well, I am with you. I missed Monday and I am not baking in this heat. So...what is tomorrow? I proclaim it Swap Day and we all can create!

    And $75!!! OMG! At the thrift store even!

    And I am humming that song, "Today is Monday. Today is Monday." My mom used to sing it, too.Does that date me?


  8. i remember stitching up a set of these cool towels when i was a kid......and it's just occurred to me, where is the towel for "art fun"?!! :))


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