Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thank you Millie...

Thank you Millie for being so supportive and encouraging of my blog and endeavors. We share a love of creating jewelry and blogging and our tag line of "happy creating". Please check out and see what Millie is up to. Millie has given me my first award and now I am sharing it with others.

Here are the rules for this award: (I think it is to merely have fun and get to know others)
1. Post the award on my blog
2. Thank the person who gave me this award
3. Link the person who gave me this award (I did in the title I hope)
4. Share 7 things that you might not know about me
5. Choose 7 great bloggers to share this award with
6. Share a link to their blogs ( I am not good with links but I shall try)
7. Leave a comment on their blog (and hope they don't hate you :o) for doing this)

So now I continue...

Seven things you might not know about me:
1. I am so fortunate that I have the love of creating handmade items and the teachings of my grandmother and mother who were super creative.
2. I am a little girl at heart and I love to pretend I am still the princess.
3. I am always volunteering to help others and share my knowledge and skills with them. Mr. C says I am generous to a fault and I find that to be a compliment. :o)
4. I adore colors of the rainbow and more, however, blues are my hearthrob.
5. I believe our health is more important with every year that we are living. I am trying to eat better and be more physically active even though I really despise outdoor adventure and bugs.
6. My favorite saying is, "That is my favorite!"
7. I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband (we are do-overs), daughter, two granddaughters, one fur-child kitty, numerous friends and family members whom I love and cherish.

Okay here are the seven (7) bloggers I wish to share this award with: (in alphabetical order)
1. Carmelina @
2. Darlene @
3. Dogwood @
4. elle @
5. Jan @
6. Kat&Suz @
7. Lori @
Once you visit each of these blogs you will see that I have selected quite an eclectic array as that is how I like things...eclectic and interesting.

Please understand I know this takes time and I truly appreciate each of you and your creativity. My sincere gratitude for this wonderful world of friends and wealth of creative ideas I have found here in blogland.

I look forward to reading each of your little known 7 things.
Thank you thank you.


  1. I loved reading your "7 things about you"! We share more then our "tag line". Blue is my ALL TIME favorite color too! Thanks for sharing, Millie

  2. Oh i just want to hug you!
    thanks so much for thinking of me as one of the blogs to pass this kreative award on to!
    you are so kind and thoughtful!

    it's fun to 'read' to know you!

    i will answer the seven things here and now for you!

    1.I was three years old when I first saw a spread of creative art supplies, and i knew then and there I was meant to make art!

    2.I love all furry animals...grew up on a farm around pets galore!

    3.Chocolate is my weakness!

    4.Coffee is my weakness!

    5.I would live in my studio and never leave the house, if i could, except to go out and buy more art/sewing supplies! but then again, etsy shopping solves that okay...i would love to be a hermit!

    6.I am emotional and sensitive, and proud of it!

    7.I love the feel of paper and the smell of books! And I don't care if that's totally weird, it's me!

    this was fun...hopefully you still want to have dealings with me! lol

    ciao bella

    thanks again....! i'm touched!
    creative carmelina

  3. Hello dear one! Oh, Carmelina is such an angel of a woman, and oozes creativity! And, it is fun to see what makes you tick! I too, CREATE AND CREATE CONSTANTLY! And, like you, I believe and do eat healthy. That is the only way to run around after children in the classroom!!! THank you for coming to say bon voyage...back in 10 days! Anita

  4. Congratulations on your Award and I really enjoyed reading more about you too. I think artist's have such a giving nature and sounds like you fit in perfectly. My Dad always called me princess!
    Thank you for your recent visit and sweet words!

  5. Congratulations on your award and thanks so much for thinking of me. I agree that you are a princess and I hope there is always a little girl, full of wonder,wanting to play and share, in all of us creative girls. 8)

  6. What fun reading about you. I love blue too. Congratulations on the award, you are very deserving of it. By the way I like the black and white beads too. Have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway :) Now I'm off to explore your blog!

  8. OMG!....... I have been so busy with class and studying.. I just stopped as I read what you wrote.
    I am thrilled you would think of me so highly to give me this award. It is thrilling!
    I too will answer the questions right now.. smile*

    1-I have a father who was a professional musician/songwriter and artist.
    2- I am a little girl at heart in all that I say and do and I suppose that will never change! lol
    3-I love piano, and took lessons after my son graduated from School.
    4- I taught the "art of porcelain doll making for 10 yrs.
    5- I love lavender and chocolate!
    6- I love love love Smiles and eyes..
    7- I am truly blessed with a great husband and one son & dil and my three grandchildren.
    Thank you again..for this wonderful award .. I will put it on my side bar!

  9. Thank you very much! I will let Kat know in San Miguel...I know she will be tickled pink.

    Here are my seven...

    1. I am the only girl of five...boy was that a hairy upbringing! Lots of fun, though, too.

    2. I have never had an art class, beyond one in high school.

    3. Computers terrify me!

    4. I would love to be living in San Miguel, Mexico...though I love my friends in Minnesota.

    5. I have a severe pain disorder.

    6. I love angels...and collect them...must to the consternation of my husband.

    7. The two people I love most in the world are my darling daughter and my kind and generous husband.

    Thank you so much! Weare so new so I feel very honored. I will talk to Kat about putting it on my I don't know how yet!!!!



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