Sunday, June 27, 2010

Clara's Big Day Out...

Let me introduce you to Clara. She is a 1969 Rambler American and that is the last year built. Isn't she beautiful? Well to me she certainly is! Clara is a true survivor. You are viewing a complete original vehicle. She only now has almost 38,000 miles on her. We purchased her with only 27,000 original miles. Mr. C drives her all over the place. Yesterday Clara had her big day out as she took us to the National Rambler Meet in Sacramento, California.
We arrived early and Barcelona Rose is the first Rambler Clara met. 1965 Rambler 990 and her owner Tracey was very sweet and friendly (and young).

This is the row that Clara was part of as it was mostly Americans of similar vintage. Being in the shade was very nice as it was an extremely warm day.

Oh this row...the testerone row as it was full of fabulous Javelin and AMX Ramblers. Now these owners are serious car club show people. I also got the feeling that they are serious road racers too but shhh we won't tell that.

This is a very cute Nash that a young family owns and enjoys. That was an interesting part of Clara's big day out meeting the variety of people and cars that enjoy Ramblers.

And this has to be the cutest and nicest Metropolitan I have ever seen. It was flawless in every way.
Clara had a good day and enjoyed the meet. When we left Sacramento Clara took us to Costco for a few items I had to pick up. You know her trunk can hold a lot of volume so I bought some large boxed items I needed.
Then on our way home Clara stopped for us to enjoy a nice late lunch/early dinner at one of our favorite spots. We filled our tummies and then onward Clara delivered us home safe and sound. I must thank Mr. C for driving as Clara can be a handful with no power steering, no power brakes and "three on the tree" with no syncro gears first or reverse. I forgot to remember I wanted an automatic when I was searching for a Rambler. However I wouldn't trade Clara as she is the most reliable and wonderful and affordable car we own.
Thank you Clara and what a fun day we had.
Happy traveling...


  1. Ah, thanks. I just feel like the world slowed down about 30 mph!

  2. Ahhh, so this explains all the Ramblers that Steve and I saw on the 101 in Oregon/California on Thursday. We were on our way back from a mini vacation to pick up our new puppy Fearghus.

    I'm glad that you had fun showing off Clara to the other Rambler owners. :-)

    Gotta love that red/cream Nash .. reminds me of the little Fiats that I saw on the isle of Capri in '89.

  3. your clara brings back memories for me, my first car was a 65 rambler american, with seats that reclined to make a bed, my dad originally had a metropolitan picked out for me, but I was afraid to learn to drive a stick shift, now I am kicking myself, mine would have been a turquoise and cream colored one..........

  4. oh my the memories ... clara you remind me a little of my
    'mr. belvedere' ... SWEET! you look maaavelous classy clara! bonnie:o)

  5. OH, what a beauty she is! Looks like an incredibly fun way to spend the day. ♥

  6. Well Clara is quite the Beauty, I even called my DH to come see your post and he named off all the cars before I could even read about them, he's so into old cars, Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  7. What a fun post! We had a Rambler in my childhood days, although it was not a dependable car. Of course, it was bought in a used state, so no tellin' the stories our Rambler could have told! Clara is a cutie! ~ Angela


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