Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Southern Food...

When you are traveling and you get multiple recommendations from numerous people along your path to eat at a specific restaurant you tend to want to experience it just to find out if it is as promised.
Savannah Georgia in the historic district is Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House on Jones Street. We waited in line for 2 1/2 hours not knowing what we would be eating. Fortunately for me I am never bored as I love to watch people and I will talk to anybody anyplace. Mr. C was okay because he loves food and his knee couldn't walk so sitting on a bench worked well for him in this case.
Lucky for us the food was good and the company interesting. As you can see you sit family style with strangers and you pass the various plates and bowls of food. The food was more than plentiful and so much waste was really bothering us so Mr. C asked the kitchen and they give all the excess food to the shelters who feed the needy.
Unfortunately for me Mrs. Wilkes is so popular that they rush you in and out in order to accomodate the horrendous long lines of people. They only serve from 11 to 2 each week day with no service on the weekends. Our 2 1/2 hour wait was for 35 minutes of eating time. WHEW! I cannot eat that fast and definitely cannot enjoy my food experience that fast.
Well, at least we experienced Mrs. Wilkes and we found out that people from all over the South were correct that we had to eat here at least once.
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Tea
Pecan Pralines
Do you have a favorite Southern food?


  1. Oh yummm! That sounds delicious. I grew up on Southern food. My stepdad was the cook in our house and his family was originally from Louisiana. We always had fried chicken, collard greens or mustard greens (flavored with ham hocks), corn pone (fried cornbread), black-eyed peas, sweet potatoes, and a lot of times he'd fix a peach cobbler for dessert. Very fattening and unhealthy food if it's your everyday diet. But it does taste good.

  2. We Love Savannah too!
    Just wanted to let you know I awarded you! Please check out - http://ammjewelry.blogspot.com/2010/06/thank-you-rose.html
    Happy Creating!

  3. Sounds delightful except for being rushed. 35 minutes certainly is not enough time for me either. But the experience I guess would make it worthwhile! What fun.

  4. Sounds like fun, but I would have needed more time to enjoy my food as well. This is my first time to your blog and I loved reaing your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  5. i've been to savannah, but not mrs. wilkes.....i think i would have needed a cheat snack in my purse just to get me through the wait in line!! i love southern food....especially the sweet potatoes and pecan pralines!! glad you had a good time! :))

  6. I have not even been to the South, except for a summer working in rural Kentucky. I would love to visit Savannah!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog to see my new header. I am so excited! You would think I just had a baby or something!!!


  7. All of that fabulous and yummy Southern Food is my favorite. My sissy in Georgia laughs at me because when I visit her, all I want to do is eat that wonderful food. Oh, my! Dogwood

  8. Oouuu.. I love southern cooking..!
    Needless to say Savannah Ga.
    don't you just love traveling to places and esp. to have many people refer you to a cool place like Mrs. Wilkes.
    So happy you enjoyed!
    thank you for your visit as well.

  9. Love the idea of sitting family style with strangers!
    Love the photo's, too!

  10. I have never been to Savannah,GA,but I have heard how beautiful it is. And the food must be delicious. So happy you had a nice time and thank you for posting pictures for us to see. What a treat. I hope you have a wonderful week,
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  11. Hi, was visiting Terri and saw your post and thought I would pop in for a visit.
    We too visited "The Wilkes House" on our cross country drive three years ago. So fun, our walking tour guide pointed it out to us, she said this is where the locals still frequent and that Paula Dean's has been taken over by tourists.


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