Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool and Calm...

This is where I like to sit and enjoy the wonderful pond Mr. C built several years ago. It is so relaxing and cool and calm sitting here...well at least now that I have finished trimming for now.
Our pond that Mr. C built after going to "pond college" is probably my favorite and most relaxing part of our home and landscape. We had a lot of frogs and polliwogs this year and now we are having the tiny little baby frogs as a result. I had to take this photo since I had never seen two froggies sitting on the same lily pad side by side. They are so adorable.

Another photo of them with their own beautiful white lily to enjoy. I have gotten hours of enjoyment from watching the dragonflies, frogs, and other assorted pond critters.

This is just one half of our wonderful pond. I have shared photos in the past so not too many this post.

I do hope you are enjoying your summer and the days of living outside with friends and family and fun and games. And of course bbq food, watermelon, ice cream and lemonade.


  1. Well, Mr. C's Pond College really paid off! This is GORGEOUS!! What a perfect spot to BE in the moment...relaxing...smiling. Happy summer days to you!

  2. Truly wonderful, very calming! xxx

  3. oh what a wonderful area to just sit and be in. I'm so envious of your pond.

  4. WOW! That is one terrific pond!

  5. i love you sitting area near you pond. wow, fun to have frogs and lily flowers. enjoy you day with a little silliness sprinkled in. dogwood

  6. Oh, those baby frogs are so sweet! I have not seen them since I was a very small child. This picture evoked a wealth of happy memories with the little critters. Thanks!

    Also, thank you for your visit to tat-ology. You really "got" the image in my own head as I wrote that post!

    Fox : )

  7. cra cra cra
    from Italia Ciao

  8. Oh this is so amazingly wonderful...and I'd like, if I may, to come and sit with you!

    gorgeous! thanks for sharing your neck o'da woods!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. what a gorgeous little c definitely graduated at the top of his class!!! your pond lilies are beautiful.....and those little froggies so cute!!!! :))


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