Thursday, July 15, 2010

Creative Cutting...

These are a pair of my scissors that I use for outdoor cutting. These certainly are not my good fabric cutting scissors nor are they my good paper cutting scissors. These aren't even my good flower cutting scissors. Why am I cutting anything outdoors? Well you see I have whooly thyme on my pond patio and it is doing so well that it tends to grow and cover the stones.
This is a super close up to show the tiny tiny purple flowers. I wait for these to bloom and I let all of the assorted types of bees do their little happy dances all over them for at least a couple of weeks. Then I must begin the tedious task of cutting and shaping.

I spend days on my hands and knees locating each stone and then trimming the whooly thyme just so around each one. Sometimes I mis-judge and get too close to the roots but fortunately I have not lost any as a result. When I am done with each cutting session I carefully water and make certain that any seeds are washed right into the cracks between the stones. If I have done my job just right I get the distinct pleasure of enjoying my patio with the soft green fragrant smell while sitting by the pond.
Maybe I will post some photos of the pond next time.

I just love the shadow of my hands holding the camera as I am taking the photo. Some things should not be cropped out. What do you think?
Mr. C says this is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge...once I complete my task I need to start over again at the beginning. It does seem like it grows that fast but I so enjoy it I wouldn't want it any other way.
Happy cutting...maybe some fabric or lace tomorrow.


  1. I love that last photo! It's well worth the effort, it looks

  2. This is cool! We have some creeping thyme too but no stones get covered...just the path and it's so fragrant!

  3. Looks so nice. The stones are so pretty. My daughter is a nurse and for that type of task I use a pair of "nursing" sissors that she has given me.

    Have a happy evening. Dogwood

  4. Every time you post new photos of you home, I want to move in with you! What a gorgeous place you have. All that loving care really pays off. :-)

  5. oh my gosh what a daunting task! anyway you can just take a mower to it?
    it is lovely when its finished though.

  6. I have wooly thyme too. It is on the edges of a wide walk though. I like it. Yours is obviously happy where it is.

  7. this looks like something straight from an enchanted garden!! how magnificent!! :))

  8. What great idea, it turned out perfect pretty! Hard work and now you get to enjoy your hard work!
    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  9. This looks so beautiful. All your hard work has paid off. The elk ate mine.LOL I thought it was safe from them but they ate it. I think my elk are a little strange. Your place looks amazing. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  10. what a true labour of love, and a truly rewarding endeavour! it looks wonderful!

    nuts.......! , but wonderful! what a passion!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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