Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank You Dear Bloggers...

I wish to thank you my dear blogger friends. Your ideas and advice have served me well. My days have been very unproductive in the crafting arena, however very full in all other life areas. Mr. C is finally scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery later this week. He injured his knee about three months ago and has been in considerable pain and hobbling around all this time. Being impaired is definitely not what he likes and has a hard time allowing anything to slow him down. It even spoiled our recent trip to the South. So you can imagine how I have picked up some extra duties to help out. We both are looking forward to ending July 2010 on a healing note.
I have not stressed about blogging nor crafting. I do have a renewed vigor for creating and I shall be doing just that very soon. Meanwhile I picked up a roll of beautiful wallpaper at the thrift store last week. It is vinyl in texture and has a beautiful sheen to it (makes for a poor photo). I covered a manila file folder, splattered some walnut ink on the inside edges and then stitched up the sides with some lace. Next I merely affixed some butterfly stickers and now I have a beautiful file folder to place receipts in for safe keeping. I have it sitting on my desk and it reminds me to listen to my dear blogger friends wisdom.
Thank you each and every one. I am so blessed to be part of Bloglandia where magic is created.
Happy creating...


  1. Great idea! I could find this file on my desk...thanks for sharing! I hope Mr C recovers as quickly as my husband did after he had his knee fixed! Best wishes, Millie

  2. Wishing you and Mr. C. a better August! (I had arthroscopic knee surgery a few years back, and was actually up and walking later that afternoon---wow! And that was even a long time ago when today's new stuff wasn't around, so...stay positive and things will be easier and better very soon!)Best wishes! xo

  3. So much nicer than a plain old folder! All the best for Mr C with his surgery x

  4. LOve your creative idea. I know everything will work out great for Mr. C.

  5. Yay...so awesome..you are creative and fabulous! Wishing Mr C gets well! Thanks for sharing your newest adventure! love the butterflies!

  6. Super cute folder and glad Mr. C is healing. So glad that one of us doesn't stress about blogging. With working a full time job, my etsy orders, painting classes and having a blog to keep up with I'm constantly behind on visits and it makes me feel guilty!

    Guess I need to learn a little from you and stop stressing and take care of life instead!

    Here's to a beautiful week!

  7. this file folder idea is such a great idea!!! you are so clever!!!! i would have walked right by that wallpaper and not given it a second glance, but you saw a great file folder in it.....bravo, girlfriend!!!! i wish mr. C a good surgery and very quick healing!!! xox, :))

  8. We all need a little break from all kinds of things in our lives, the renewed vigour is in itself both soothing and creative.
    Glad DH is soon going to get 'fixed'.

    Take care,

    Sandie xx

  9. Best healing wishes for Mr.C.
    Hopefully soon, he will be up and around feeling much better.

  10. Good luck to Mr. C on the surgery - I hope all goes splendidly and he is able to dance around in no time. Sometimes I find my best creative periods come after a time of no creating at all. Your folder sounds neat and like just the thing to play with! Take care, and all the best to you both!

  11. Get well quickly Mr C. Ouch. I am sorry you have been having pain.

    We all need breaks from crafting, blogging and whatever else we love doing.

    Blog frinds are the best.


  12. Hope your husband makes a swift recovery - seems to have been a bad year for illnesses when I blog hop.

    Hope yours ends on a very healthy note.

    Love this - what a greatidea to use wallpaper


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