Thursday, July 29, 2010

Paper Scraps, Notebook or Journal???

My desk is always a mess with scraps of paper and notes and cards and rips out of magazines. Everytime I make a note on a scrap of paper or anyplace likely to get lost or cause clutter I tell myself I should be making said note in my journal.
Do I have a journal? Why yes I do, in fact a number of journals. Some of my journals are for specific purposes and they are even labeled but do I ever use them for their intended purpose? Not usually as they are not handy to me at the time. I never sit in one place to write or tear out inspirations. Am I complaining? Not really. I am merely being honest that I am not the most organized person.
From time to time I go through my numerous journals and find interesting ideas. Things I like that I have saved. Quotes that are inspiring to me. Thoughts I have had and are still timely. As I review pages of my books I find it amusing at what I thought was important to write down or tear out.
I am certainly never without a writing pencil or pen as I keep them with each journal or notebook. You can see an example of this in the pockets I added to my journal cover.

This fabric was just too girly for me to pass up. It even has glitter and sparkle which doesn't show up in the photo. I find this totally girly fabric to be very inspiring and realize I should have purchased much more than just enough to cover this notebook.
So are you a paper scraps, notebook or journal kind of person?
I would love to hear how you control your ideas and thoughts before they slip away to never never land.


  1. Love your fabric journal. Great girly fabric. I keep ideas in a journal. I do NOT do well with scraps of paper. They tend to get lost. Dogwood

  2. I have bits of paper EVERYWHERE! Tucked into books, crammed in my purse, stuffed in drawers....NO MORE! You have inspired me to be more organised...thanks! xxx

  3. This is stunning and it is great to hear that you write journals.

    It wasn't discussed or even encouraged at school - wish it was.

    Where I was brought up we didn't have access to many toys and certainly not books or paper or crayons - I think I would have written lots of things down if we had.

    It is only recently that journalling as an art form has caught my attention - and a personal journal such as you describe is something that I will certainly start - better late than never. I have so enjoyed your post.

  4. Oh dear! You could be describing me. LOL Static electricity could probaly start a fire. oops! But the whole idea of art journals is exciting to me. I can see that perhaps I just need to make all my started, lost, jumbles of scribbles, papers and various notebooks and found objects into an opportunity to transition them into art journals.

  5. I have little notebook journals in my purse at all times for on-the-go inspiration found. I have medium journals and notebooks to keep email addresses and usernames and passwords and online purchases recorded, as well as for sketches and ideas for new projects. I have bigger journals for writing quotes I like and thoughts I have...and then I have my Art Journals for painting and collage and words that you see on my Blog! (I also have tiny Post-it notes in too many places...)Whew! Organized Creating, I guess!

  6. Oh dear - well, my method is a bit odd but it seems to be working for me. If I do use scraps of paper I am likely to lose them or what was written is so sketchy it makes no sense to me 6 months later when I find it! So I have a series of notebooks - one for design and inspirational ideas, one for more of journal-type writings,one for class ideas and notes, one in my purse for when I see something on the road and one for writing ideas. I find if I write things in a book I pay more attention to what I write and it always makes sense when I look back on it!

  7. Lovely. I love girly!!!


    Thanks so much for being follower of our blog. We are having a giveaway to thank our first hundred on Monday.

    Kat and Suz

  8. I love your girly journal! That fabric is so sweet and happy. ♥

    I so wish I was organized enough to keep a journal. Most of my note-taking seems to happen digitally, since I can access it from home or work or my phone and therefore have the best chance of actually being able to access it when I need to. That said, I long for the more organic way of writing down thoughts... I think you've inspired me to give journaling another try!

    Big hugs!

  9. Paper notes!
    But love your journal...and I LIKE the fabric!
    Great job...
    Happy weekend,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. First I have to say if your desk is a mess in the photo, I'd never want you to see mine. LOL
    I write ideas on slips of paper or scraps in my studio then always misplace them, not to organized on my end! I do keep a journal next to my computer to write down addresses of blogs and friends!

    Your is really sweet, maybe you can do a search to find mmore fabric!

  11. Good morning!!! Thank you for coming to visit with me in my "linen closet"!!!! And as for journaling, I do everything on computer now. I have a beautiful leather-bound journal that I toted with me to France and I wrote in it daily; however, since blogging, I have a habit now of typing all my thoughts....I never thought I would allow technology to take over my sentimental sensibilities for the tactile....I so love the journal as a book, but like you describe, it is so hard to keep things organized! I do however, have to have a pad and pencil near me, because when an idea comes, IT BETTER GET WRITTEN DOWN QUICKLY!

    Thank you for your visit and kind words. I so love imagining and CREATING from whimsey and make-believe!

    Have a lovely Sunday and please, come back again! Anita


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