Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun Fabric Cuffs...

Here are some of my finished projects...Fabric Cuffs. I had fun making these. This one is black and light/white and has some adornment pearls sewn on each side.
This is a soft color combination of taupe, browns and off-white. I made these to self fasten with easy snaps. There are more photos of these online in my shop.

This is probably my favorite as it is black and a bit frilly. Romantic comes to mind when I see these fabric cuffs. Great wardrobe enhancer that looks wonderful with casual to dressy.
I have listed these in my etsy shop if you need an affordable gift for yourself or someone else. Please take a look and see if you think of anyone on your Christmas list to give one to.
I am making more of these to give as gifts to some on my Christmas list.
Thank you for indulging me with my self-promotion.
Have you worn any fun fabric cuffs? This is sort of like the prom flowers for your wrist so your dress or bare skin didn't get stuck with a pin.
Happy creating...


  1. Your cuffs are fabulous!!! I Love making cuffs too. What a great gift idea.

  2. Oh they are so lovely,dear friend, beautifull, and a great gift idea.

  3. They are very pretty - I think the black frilly one is my favourite too.

  4. These cuffs are very sweet - especially love the black one - so exotic! Thanks for lovely comments on my blog! So kind!

  5. I think your cuffs are absolutely smashing!

    Sandie xx

  6. oh la la! Love all of them but the last one is spectacular! So frilly and so much fun.

  7. Those are adorable, my friend. I love brown and black together!
    Hope your Sunday is sweet and relaxing so far, do have a happy new week ahead xxxx

  8. How pretty and unique! I especially love the black one... it could be very elegant, punky, gothic, or lolita!

  9. Indulge away! these really are gorgeous! i love them...especially the brown one...well, the black one works for me too! great job!

    have a great day!
    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  10. How very pretty. I have been creating fabric cloths recently too. My daughter had asked me to make her one and next thing I know I made a few of them. I should take pics and post them soon. They are alot of fun and I am sure your cuffs will sell fast. Have a fantastic week.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  11. Thanks for stopping by. I love these cuffs and have had so much fun snooping thru your blog. You do crafting in so many areas that I don't. I love learning new crafts so I am following you back! I will visit soon.


  12. The cuffs are beautiful!!! I only wish my wrists were small and delicate!!!!
    Margaret B

  13. These are just darling, Sherry. I love accessories like these!!!!

  14. Thanks for your visit and kind words. And yes I have worn fabric cuffs and like them. I also like your fabric flowers very lovely, and fun. TTFN


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