Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Thankful Gift...

This is a very quick and simple thank you or thinking of you gift. I recycle the cardboard from sewing trim packages. Then cut wrapping paper to fit and glue to the cardboard.
Here they are glued and trimmed. I also punch a hole in the top center to add a ribbon or strip of fabric. At this point you could use them for tags or bookmarks.

Here I have stamped a message onto muslin strips and ripped them into squares with the edges left raggedy. I use very strong double stick tape to adhere the fabric to the backs of the "tags". I have left a little room for a pocket to fit in a colored pencil.

Here is the front of the tag which I have sewn a fun turkey button with sheer polka dot ribbon and a piece of wool felt together. Then I glue the entire piece to the tag. A strip of the torn muslin is added to the punched hole for additional embellishment.

Very quick and simple. Now I shall enclose these with a yummy See's chocolate bar which I purchased from the Chamber as a fund raiser and wrap them together in a cellophane bag. Tied with a piece of twine and a simple hand punched tag to add the recipient's name and your gift is complete.
Now that was quick and simple wasn't it?
I am very grateful for having the time to spend in my studio making things for my friends and family. Somehow this month of November brings out the theme of being grateful and I really do reflect on all of the many things I am thankful and grateful for in my life.
May you have a month of lovely thankful days.
Happy creating...


  1. Very cute. I love the stamped muslim. Oh what us crafters can think up.

    Smile and enjoy your day. Wonderful fall colors.

  2. You know the one thing that is more fun than creating things like this myself? ......It's seeing others get into that creative spirit!
    well done....I love the matching little gift packs...!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  3. Great idea and wonderfully explained. What a fab gift to receive.

  4. They're so beautiful Sherry and what wonderful gifts x

  5. That was quick and siimple! And beautiful too. What a nice thing to give, and a special way to do it. I especially liked the torn muslin with the stamp; it seems no matter what the project, that often adds such a nice touch!

  6. super fun idea! oh my goodness.....the decorating possibilities are endless on this.....i just love the way you've done yours with the turkeys! so cute!!! thanks for sharing your creativity with us! have a great weekend! xox, :))

  7. Yay..these are such dazzling treasures..absolutely are such a wizardess of creativity!

  8. Lovely idea, Sherry! Even I might be able to manage this. ;-)

    I've been having a rough month or two - so I really appreciate the reminder to reflect on the many things in my life I can be thankful for.

    Cheers! - Susan

  9. These are amazing!! I love those little sacks ... and the tags with the muslin. Great work! keeleyxx

  10. You are certainly a creative wizard!
    These little gifts are superb with little effort really just an active immagination!
    All the best and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!

  11. These are just darling!!! and chocolate inside? nothing could be sweeter!


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