Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the Pink...

Do you love the color pink? Maybe you only like pink. I adore pink. It always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face.
So I really wanted some pink sheet music and some pink recipes. My method of dyeing these sheets pink:
I used the remaining beet juice from the can of beets I opened to eat. I have been wanting to use this beautiful dark burgundy juice for a really long time...maybe years. I love to eat the beets but only if they ARE NOT pickled. I put the liquid into a cookie sheet tray and then drenched the sheet music and recipe pages one at a time. Some of them I tore, some of them I crumpled and some of them I left perfectly smooth. After dripping them off into the utility sink I hung them on clothes pin hangers to dry. Hmmm...a really lovely pink hue on each of the papers. I was so happy.

Here is a card I made with some of the pink dyed music paper. The floral heart and envelope liner are some of my vintage wrapping paper. I added a piece of vintage soft pink lace to the corner of the card.
What would you do with some pink sheet music or recipe pages?
Now I am anxious to use more colors that maybe come from Easter Egg dyes or food coloring kits. Green, blue, yellow, red/pink for the primary colors. Then a mixture of colors to make more exotic hues of the rainbow. The possibilities are endless.
My head is just full of ideas. Need time to create...need time...need to create...time...create...
What are you making in your studio this week?


  1. I love pink. Your paper is wonderful. I am going to try that!

    Currently I am knitting a pink scarf for the Cancer Center in GV.

    Happy creating to you!


  2. Absolutely beautiful!!So artistic!

    I hope you will come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  3. What a great idea! My creativity tends to be more low key... pun intended! I love seeing all of your creative ideas!

  4. The beets make a lovely shade of pink. I must remember this. I am working on a colour challenge red, yellow, white, and black this week.

  5. Hi dear, love your pink sheets, and love allthings pink....
    thanks for the recipi---
    XO Dorthe

  6. Oh I do love this! What a fab idea to use beet juice. I love beets too, the non pickled ones.

  7. How clever!! They have such a pretty color to them, too!

  8. Oh yes, I'm another pink fan too. Love how your sheet music turned out - pefectly pink! It looks absolutely stunning on your card too, especially with the lace.

    This week I'll be working on the final week's work for the Art, Heart and Healing course - and finishing off an altered matchbox.

    Hope you have a lovely creative week.

  9. that great and good ideas!
    you are super creative
    thanks for this lovely post!

  10. i love your beet juice idea.....i'll bet that was fun playing with all of that sheet music! it created beautiful papers, and your cards are gorgeous, too!! xox, :))

  11. Hi Sherry! What a fabulous idea, and that color is just perfect! Pink IS my very favorite color. How lovely would a valentine heart be made with your pink music, or a pink recipe! ...hearts, I'm always thinking of hearts! Your card is always!
    enjoy you night! xo Paulette

  12. I love this! I really like beets and this is such a great idea - I thought they were best for making mashed potatoes pink but sheet music beats that hands down! I know what you mean about needing to create. The past few days have been awfully silly for me and I am so looking forward to some quiet peaceful to get in there and make something special. Like what you have done; beautiful work!

  13. Well..I am trying to learn how to put a scrap book together...
    If I had to dye something it would do me in completely! :) it!

  14. Well now doesn't that just beet all!!! Sorry! I just had to do that. No really, what a great idea-- but I would probably have to throw the beets away since it's one of the few things I don't really like. But that would be just fine to get this beautiful pink color! Great!! I love the card too!

  15. This is such a great idea! And I love beets - I know, most people don't, but I do. I will definitely use this because I love pink as well.


  16. What a wonderful idea! And the color turned out fabulous! Thank you for sharing this. And thanks for your sweet visit to my place..I sincerely appreciated your kind words. Hugs, Terri

  17. Hmmmm...beet juice! lol I wasn't expecting that! It sure did turn your papers a lovely shade of pink, that is for sure.
    Smiles, Karen

  18. What a clever idea, I'll never toss out my beet juice again!

  19. Lovely pink
    hues on your musical
    sheets,how inventive
    and FUN:)

  20. I am loving your pink music sheets & what a great way to dye them.

    Pam x


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