Monday, November 8, 2010

Past Pink October...

October is gone for this year. It was a good month as so many of us honor the pink breast cancer awareness theme. I actually did get my girls squished and smooshed and now I have a clear report. Have you ever made a comment on someone's blog and then been notified that you won a giveaway? Miss Roni Johnson of Ink Stains did just that for me. Please do check out her blog and you will get lots of great ideas and techniques that are so easy to create.
This is the amazing priority box Roni sent me. Absolutely everything in it was pink and super fun. My favorite three items are the tag and business card she "inked" and the most wonderful item is the 2011 Planner.

Not only is it in the pink theme of "Supporting the Girls" the cover is completely handmade by Roni and very well done. I adore it and will see it everyday as I keep track of the days, weeks and months of our new year 2011. I am so very grateful for Roni selecting me to receive all of these wonderful pink items. Thank you Roni. You are the best with "ink stains".
No matter what month each of you honor your girls please be certain to do so for yourself and your family.
Once again this amazing land of blogging and friends worldwide is such a generous and giving lot. I am so fortunate for being able to participate.
Happy creating and being grateful for so much...


  1. wonderful!! Such amazing treasures and yes blogland is FULL of special souls!! beautiful creations and creators..enjoy!

  2. What a great prize! It all looks so fun :)

  3. holy cow that is one awesome gift package!

  4. Oh my goodness what a treat you received!

  5. You're so very welcome...I'm so glad you enjoyed the box of goodness ~


  6. What fabulous gifts you received! It's like Christmas in October. Enjoy it all. And I will be sure to visit her blog as well. Have a great week.

  7. Sooooooooo glad everyone is getting the PINK word out! Cute cover! Have a great week.

  8. Great gifts! She had some wonderful ideas for adding little special touches to her giveaway. I love the gum!
    Congrats to you!

  9. What a great gift,to recieve-just like that-you must have smiled all the day,after unpacking :)

  10. Fantastic! Beautiful card. This can help you trough a difficult time!!!!

  11. Wow Sherry - what a fabulous prize - many congratulations. I only discovered Roni's blog a few weeks ago and had to follow it as it was so inspiring and educational!

    I stopped by to say thank you for a lovely surprise I received in the post today! I love the notebook - that was so thoughtful of you - I've put it on my blog, hope you don't mind. Best wishes, and thanks again xxxxx

  12. LOL! I got my girls smooshed a couple months ago :)
    I love giveaways and was recently a winner, too! Still anxiously awaiting my goodies!!

  13. What a fun and pinkie package you received. I love everything pink!

    Every month is Breast Cancer Awareness month in my mind. A cure must be found and soon. My boobs were smushed last month.

    Have a nice and fund day. Burr it is cold but the sun is out. Nice.

  14. congrats on winning the pink giveaway!!! and, wow.....when roni does pink, she does it right....what a fabulous box of goodies you received!! xox, :))

  15. Hello,
    thank you for your comment on my blog!!! You must be ver excited with all of the winderful juicy things you have! I love them. You inspire me so much,
    my screen door is always open!!!

  16. WOW! That's some prize! Have fun with it! keeleyxx


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