Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Lace Heaven...

I'm late, I'm late...I must create! This just has to be lace heaven and I am in the midst of it all.
While in Scottsdale, Arizona three of us women skipped one of the car auctions and went shopping at the big Fashion Mall. Then off to the bead store. Then off to a fabric store. I couldn't tell you where it is because GPS kept turning us around and back and forth and somehow the street signs were no better as from block to block it would say north or west or north again and who could figure that out. Well, by the time we finally found the store in a very old neighborhood our time was short! After quickly perusing the goods I was on complete overload. What to buy? What not to buy? How much to buy? Such decisions to make in a hurry. My arms could not carry what I was picking up. My handled basket I found overflowed with stuff. Sort Sherry. Weed out the riff raff Sherry. FOCUS Sherry! OVERLOAD!!!
As you can see by these photos, I did manage to buy just some laces. Then of course I had to condense it down so Mr. C wouldn't have a coronary and luckily we had our car instead of having to fly with luggage. Oh what fun we girls had. No sooner had we left the store (only because they were closing) than each of us wished we had gotten whatever we hadn't gotten. No time to go the next day as we did have expensive car auction tickets we had prepaid and the boys just would not understand the desire, need, craving for more lace or fabric.
Hmmm...what ever shall I make, sew, create with this fabulous table full of lace? The ideas are truly making my head swirl. OVERLOAD!!!
Did I tell you all of this was less than the price of dinner (in Scottsdale of course)? No! Yes! It was super affordable and that is why we all wanted to go back and fill up a semi-truck.
What would you do with lace?
Happy Creating while we wait for Spring to Bring Birds who Sing!


  1. I would have to stop drooling first. Oh you lucky girl you!!!! I could not have re framed, I would have rented a u haul for sure!!!!!!!*#$*#

  2. That is a fantastic bunch of lace. I am just drooling and it sounds reasonable to me ;-)

  3. I love lace, too. :) I'd probably use it for mixed media pieces. They'd look great - I think. :) Theresa

  4. Oh I love lace too, I just keep buying it, I am always using it on something, wrapping gifts, books, pillows, roses, leave it for the kids to sell at our estate sale LOL!....Heck I like to just look at it!


  5. Oh my, how you make me drool over all of that lovely lace. I'm sure we will see some beautiful projects from it.

  6. A girl can never have enough lace!
    When you were at the store I bet it felt like you won a 60 second shopping spree, dashing around grabing what you could! I'd be in heaven! Great finds!!!

    I see pillows and hangings and cuffs
    and so much more, have fun creating!
    hugs Lynn

  7. Oh lucky you,
    How fantastic with that kind of places- don`t know any !!it must be like in a fairytale, just being able to snap-and snap, for small money!
    Have a wonderfull week-dear, and thanks for your sweet wisches for me and my grandkid.

  8. Lovely, lovely lace. Lately I've had mini doll-sized dresses in mind so I'd probably experiment using the lace as a trim or accent, with muslin as the base.

  9. Yay Hooray!! You lucky gal! All that fabulous lace is beautiful and gorgeous..and will be exciting to create with! Shine on and enjoy!! Wonderful!

  10. You really must have had THE best time ever in that shop! Fabulous purchases. What fun it'll be sorting them and storing them neatly until the time is right to create something glorious with them! Have fun x

  11. You are so on top of the current fashion. I keep seeing lace, lace and more lace all over the place.
    So many things to make.
    I would probably start with a sweet lace scarf, then an apron, maybe a skirt or the possibilities.

    Even though it is rain, the birds are still feeding at the feeders and the squirrels running around.

    Have a cozy day. Dogwood/Cory

  12. Now that is a treasure trove of lace! No wonder you wanted to go back and get more!


  13. Goodness Gracious..What A Gorgeous Selection! You Made Some Fabulous Choices! Can't Wait To See What You Do With Everything! I'll Be Keepin' An Eye Out For Your Upcoming Projects! Hugs, Terri

  14. Your table is HEAVEN on EARTH! I adore adore Lace.
    Have a happy Lacy day ;)


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