Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Lace Bunny...

This lace bunny is just begging Spring to arrive.
I made this similar to the lace bird of last week. However this time I used a foam cut out for the core. Long ago I bought some at the dollar store and put them aside for future use. Aha! I sewed sheet music to the back and a layer of muslin to the front. Then I embellished at random with laces. A pink button sewn on for her eye. A music paper heart and a pink heart button sewn on. I used a dryer sheet for her fluffy tail which a gathered into a circle and then stitched on. She is holding a ribbon rose and a tiny heart wreath as an offering to Mother Nature to please bring Spring. Miss Bunny could also be on her way to a wonderful tea, or shopping, or to church or perhaps just out looking for that elusive sunshine.
We continue to have rain and snow and lots of wind and cold temperatures. It is being reported that this is our worst winter in at least a decade. Fortunately our water table continues to overflow...just as long as the dams and lakes and rivers hold their banks we will all be fine.
I have given this lace bunny to my dear friend Margaret who collects bunnies. I am also hoping this bunny will bring abundance to Margaret. Abundance is her inspiration word. I find it to be a very interesting word that is not always on the forefront of decor items. However a very powerful word indeed.
Well, here I am indoors and safe and sound while the storm rages outside. I feel fortunate to have a home, food, power, Mr. C, my fur-child BooBoo kitty and the comfort of knowing my friends and family are with me on this journey.
May you each have a creative and meaningful day...


  1. Tvoj Bunny je prekrasan....
    Želim da što prije dođe proljeće i do tebe i tvog slatkog zečića...

  2. super beautiful...gorgeous! Very uplifting and spring-y!! Lovely!

  3. I see you are hopping with creativity. Our water table is also high and water is already trickling thru the basement. Not too much of a problem just kinda annoying. I'll keep distracted by playing elsewhere!

  4. Such a wonderful lace bunny!
    So so sweet.
    I love lace and use it lots in my crafts.
    Stay warm and cozy.
    The storm in SF has been wild today as I am sure it is in GV and NC!
    We are lucky and very fortunate to have all that we have to keep us comfortable in life.
    Prayers for all those less fortunate people.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  5. What a beautiful creation, beautiful and thoughtful post with wonderful words to live by. You are talented with everything sweetie.
    Wishing you warmer days and Springtime soon.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  6. Your bunny is so thoughtfully made. Just love all the lace - hope Springtime is close for you where you are as we approach the cooler days and nights here downunder.
    All the very best to you as well as to all the far less fortunate ones too!
    PS Thank your for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog too as you do for everyone. So kind and thoughtful and truely appreciated!

  7. I'm glad you're snug inside too - you have definitely have had a tough winter!
    Your rabbit is very sweet and the pperfect thing to reflect "Abundance", both in the lovely materials you used, as well as in and of itself!
    I hope you have a warm and cozy weekend!

  8. Your collaged bunny is so cute Sherry, I bet your friend adored her. Hope your weather improves soon and you have a good weekend xx

  9. Oh dear, I hope you can keep warm, and cosy inside, that weather does not sound good- and I hope the water stayes where it is now, dear.
    Your little rabbit, comes surely with spring, lets hope it will soon be there with you. Your friend will be so happy to recieve this sweet gift.

  10. such a sweet, sweet bunny! and i think that your friend margaret will feel an abundance of love towards YOU for making it for her!! happy weekend to you! xox

  11. Your Spring bunny is so pretty and sweet and such good fun at the same time.

  12. Oh my word! Can't believe how much you are suffering, whereas here here Spring has most definitely Sprung! Your gorgeous little rabbit would be right at home here, having beautiful sunny weather for the time of year and this weekend our clocks spring forward. Hope you have some fun time soon too. keeleyxx

  13. Oh I love lace and I love bunnies, so I love your lace bunnies!!!


  14. I am in love with your Spring lace Bunny, my friend. Your ideas keep amazing me!

    Have a loveliest of weekends xxx

  15. The winter snowstorms all week were hard to bear, even for 7 and 8-year-olds, so I too found that I needed BUNNIES! I put bunnies around my classroom! Your lace bunny is gorgeous! Very creative. Have a happy bunny weekend, my dear! ~kath

  16. soooo cool!
    have a nice weekend!!


  17. HOW UTTERLY DARLING and so much NEEDED! I have tons of wild rabbits that live here, but the snow is still so DEEP, the poor things have to burrow in the snow and have not made their presence known in the day...I just see their little footprints in the snow; funny, they look like COWBOY BOOT PRINTS!!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING and one day I have to figure out how to record my harp!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  18. Oh, your bunny is so precious! And I'll bet that Margaret just loves it! And oh my goodness, I can't believe your weather--I hope you will be safe and sound.

  19. What a sweet, sweet little bunny and I'll bet your friend will love it!
    There is snow in our forecast this week and all I have to say is NO!!! LOL! So ready for warmer days :)

  20. sooo sweet. Big Hugs!
    P.S. added you to my blog love page today :-)

  21. Hopefully the weather in your parts will soon clear up...wishing you sunny skies.

  22. What a sweet sweet bunny! I am sure your friend Margaret will adore him. :) Theresa

  23. Oh I just love this bunny! So super! Love the lace. Love the music sheet. Your friend must love it too. keeleyxx


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