Sunday, March 20, 2011

Altered Spring Bird...

In lieu of Spring weather I made this altered lace bird. With all the snow and sleet and slush and rain and more snow I just had to feel like I could help Spring arrive.
The base is canvas I cut freehand. Then I layered muslin and various laces which I sewed randomly. A muslin heart and yellow feather for the wing. A small brown button for the eye.
Now I have a lovely Spring Bird to help me await the songs of real birds when the weather permits.
I think I shall make some more altered lace birds. I love how tweet (sweet) they are.
Happy hearing of all the wonderful warm weather most of you are experiencing.
Our local newspaper headline actually said, SNOWPRISE! We usually get snow into May but this winter has been especially harsh. We have had storm after storm after storm.
Happy week ahead my bloggy friends...


  1. What an adorable little reminder that spring is on its way!

  2. Oh what an adorable little bird. My goodness, snow until May?! It's hot here already and the Azaleas are in full bloom. Thanks for your comment on the twins.

  3. What a sweet way to deal with all that snow! Your little birdie is adorable. I love all the layers you added and the feather.

  4. This little guy is just too cute. Great depiction of spring!

  5. Sweet birdie made by you.
    Soon Spring will be here and warm days but for now rain and snow.
    Oh no. Stay cozy and warm and enjoy your crafting.

    Happy days to you...Cory/Dogwood

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Well, I just love this little guy, so super cute. You have inspired me to try and make one too. I love the yellow feathers.

  7. You seriously have to know how cute that bird is, don't you? It's great. Love it!

  8. Prekrasna ti je proljetna ptičica.
    Nadam se da će ona pozvati proljeće koje toliko željno izčekujete..

  9. I hope your sweet bird will soon bring you some warm and wonderful sunshine...hang in there.

  10. Your little Spring bird is such a sweetie!

    We've had a really harsh winter too and have lost so many plants to frost - it looks as though two of our trees may not have survived either - we keep looking for signs of new buds, but nothing yet!

    I like that newspaper heading - you have to laugh sometimes! Hope your weather improves very soon x

  11. I like your cute bird a lot. The textures you used fit perfectly together!
    Have a great start into Spring, my friend xxxx

  12. I love the bird, I love lace what a great idea, something I have never seen1 Thank you for entering my giveaway, good luck!


  13. That is a very sweet bird!

  14. This is so enchanting and charming....lovely always!!

  15. So sorry the coming of spring brought for you more snow! But look at you created! Love that sweet little bird. :) Theresa

  16. Oh WOW!!! So fluffy cute! You have it all summed up in this gorgeous creation. Hope you find some glorious Spring weather soon. keeleyxx


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