Monday, March 14, 2011

Sorting Jewelry...

Apologies for these fuzzy photos. I believe I am feeling as fuzzy as these photos. This is the second set I took and both times the images were not clear. I understand I have no expertise in the photography department and further understand that I do not wish to learn photography as it seems to be far more complicated and time consuming than I have patience for. Mr. C is an expert and we never agree on my need to learn and take my time to photograph things. So I am posting these lovely fuzzy photos because this post is not about the pictures but the object of them.
Over a week ago I decided to gather all of my costume and semi-precious and general jewelry. I thought it would be a good idea to sort it all out and then organize it so it would be quickly recognizable and usuable for my crafting.
What was I thinking?
I started out strong. Then I lost the momentum for sorting all of this stuff! I decided to purchase some clear medium paint pails from the local craft store. This way I could see what I have and access it easily.
Okay so far so good.

Now I have some of it sorted. Earrings in one container. Bracelets in another. Pins separate from tac pins. Broken pieces of jewelry by themselves. Necklaces...oh far too many to fit...Oh yes a very large glass container that was only holding ephemera. Jewelry is so much prettier to view and inspire my creative ventures.
But wait...I'm far from done...
I have run out of steam yet I have so far to go to complete this task.
What happened? Well, I began straying down memory lane with some of the pieces I was finding in my stash of jewelry. Some of it brought me great joy and some pieces brought me great sadness. With my Grandma and my Mother both gone it was bittersweet to come across a piece of their costume jewelry I just cannot dispose of. And with the rain and very gray days it is not a good time for me to become sad. So, I have officially put this project on hold until the brighter days of summer when the sun shines and I feel so much happier. In the meantime I shall merely gather up all of this and put it in a bin which I can set aside.
In gratitude for the pieces I am finding I have been thinking of some wonderful ways to honor my Grandma and Mother and leave bits of memories for my daughter and granddaughters. Knowing that none of them would ever wear any of the pieces I shall create some sort of mixed media pieces. Ahh...that will be for future projects. Already I am happier just knowing I shall be able to create some sort of legacy to be handed down to the next generations.
Now for getting my vanity back to normal.
What would you make with costume jewelry?
May you have a wonderful week and enjoy the celebration of St. Patrick's Day and wearin of the green...


  1. You have so many pieces! I know what you mean about suddenly being immersed in memories. I think waiting for a brighter, sunnier day sounds like a good idea.


  2. Humm! Looks like there's lots of inspiration in there. I'm sure the possibilities are endless of what you could make with costume jewelry! Just depends on the piece and what you can take out of it. Re-purposing is so much fun! As for losing steam, that happens to me... currently my craft room is in some kind of organized chaos!

  3. I know what you mean. I would probably wear a lot of it, put it on coats and hats and scarves. I love funny old costume pieces, some are quite collectible.

  4. Steam! I made myself finish the vacuuming before my steam ran out. But I only did the floor (again) in the playroom. I, too, will blame it on a grey day. My mum never wore too much jewelry. You have some great treasures. I'd probably make mixed media pieces with any I had.

  5. I have some strings and piles of costume jewelry from family, too! I play with it every now and then...Your piles are pretty and girly and fun. I don't create using my jewelry, but I reminice with them...Happy creating!!

  6. You have a some very beautiful pieces here. I'm loving it all. I need to do the same thing.

  7. Oh happy sorting! I am sure you were smiling all the time.
    Hugs for a happy Tuesday xoxoxo

  8. Oh what fun. I love old costume jewelry and use pieces all the time in my art, But yes the pieces from your mother and grandmother need to be really special to pass on.

    I need to do some organizing of my own, Great job so far!
    hugs Lynn

  9. What a marvelous collection of bling!!! My first love is paper arts, and I have seen many pieces adorning decorated hat boxes and containers, so I think that's the route I would take if I were making something. But of course, you are also a fabric artist and I could see some of these pieces adorning a fabric collage or even a wall hanging -- or a fabric purse with some bling on it. I am sure you will do justice to them when the time comes Sherry!!!

  10. WOW! Some beautiful pieces of jewelry and I can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  11. You are off to a good start. I know I cannot part with my mother's jewelry. I look at the pcs. and memories come flooding back. I have been thinking a shadow box with her photo and a few of her lovely things would be nice.


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