Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Santa Fe Feeling...

Happy Sunshine to those of us who finally have some. And wishing sunshine for those who are experiencing rain and tornados and flooding and horrible weather. Prayers for recovery.
Thank goodness I have a few photos of some projects I have completed in previous months. My creative time has been very much lacking with this long dreary winter.
My mother had this pendant pin in her jewelry when she passed away and I liked it. I wore it many times on a blazer as a pin. Now I am honoring it as a removable pendant on a necklace I created. This way it can be removed and still worn as a pin. You can see the time and wear this piece has enjoyed. The stories it could tell would be wonderful to know. Where did mom get this piece? It had to be on one of her many travels. What country? She had to have met the artist and gotten a lot of talking time with them as that is who my mother was...very friendly and personable.

When I began to compose the components for this necklace I naturally started with the pin above. Then I gravitated towards a Santa Fe feeling with silver, red coral and turquoise. My mother loved these elements especially turquoise. This red coral heart bead really speaks to me as it appears to have an energy vortex naturally created right into the stone.

This is the finished necklace and I love how all the elements just came together and look perfectly Santa Fe in my opinion.

I made this piece to sell. Well, as you have probably already surmised I just cannot bring myself to offer it for sale. I wore it to quality check my work and it simply felt right on me and is one of my most very favorite pieces. I even have another very similiar pin/pendant from mom so I could make another necklace. Somehow this one is just the perfect piece that speaks to me.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and that creativity is abundant in your muse. I just cleared off my studio table and feel a new surge of creativity coming forth as this glorious sunshine brings energy to me. What? No time to create now? I must go to a meeting and do my volunteering which I do love to do. Oh how I need to do it all!

What about you? What do you like to do? Do you feel like you are being pulled in too many directions? Is there a balance so we can do it all?

Thank you for joining me along my journey...


  1. Lovely piece and lovely memories. Too many projects to do and not enough time to do them all!

  2. What a smashing necklace. Luv it! Blogging has helped me to 'do it all'! Well, at least identify what needs doing and motivating me to get it done so I can 'show and tell'. Thanks for the motivation, Sherry, with all your creative treats!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous necklace! I have always LOVED turquoise, especially with the red. What a loving way to remember and honor your Mother! I feel pulled in way too many directions, expecially this past year. I do try to do it all, and will most likely continue, despite fatigue,'s me I guess. ♥kathy

  4. Beautiful, love the red. I want to do all.

  5. That is a beautiful piece. It just all comes together exactly right. The wear on the pin is wonderful ("wabi sabi" in Japanese) and the heart is an incredible work of nature.

    My jewelry muse has left me for awhile so I am playing with paper! I am doing the postcard swaps that Natalie from Kandeland has been hosting, as well as some international ephemera swaps.

    I am really stretched and really tired. Cutting pieces of paper helps keep me sane. I treasure the beautiful pieces you gave me. Almost too good to use...but the point was to use them ;-)


  6. There is no way you can sell that sentimental piece. I'm so glad you are keeping it. Very pretty!

  7. What a lovely necklace - it definitely has a nice southwest feel to it. Can totally understand why you kept it for yourself! Theresa

  8. I love hearing about your creative process with your mother's beautiful pin. This, to me, is what creativity is starts with a vision that has a feeling attached to it and then moves into form (IMHO). You did this so lovingly and beautifully! The Santa Fe look is perfect, and I love the heart shape bead too. What wonderful meaning this piece has for you! No wonder you could not part with it.
    I love to get my desk cleared off too and have that fresh start feeling! I too, have so many ideas in my head that I can feel pulled in many directions at once. Then it is time to breathe and remember that enjoying the creativity is the only thing that matters.
    Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  9. Hello my sweet bloggy friend. I love this. The heart bead is the crowing touch to this earthy piece. Big hugs!
    P.S. thank you for having my button your blog, unfortuantely it's not working :-(

  10. what a gorgeous necklace and a special story to go with it.
    i wish i could do it all too, darn job just keeps getting in the way, though it's a good time to relax a bit and re-energize for creative time in the studio! ha.


  11. Beautiful necklace and love your "Walking down memory Lane" :)

  12. I wonder the story behind the necklace, I guess you get to use your imagination, it's lovely!



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