Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Weekend???

This is a canal from the mining days. It is on part of our property and is owned by NID (Nevada Irrigation District) and they have easements to the canals and flumes as they maintain them.
Many people walk along the canals with or without their dogs. The walks are very easy as the canals follow a 1% slope. As you can see they are also extremely picturesque. We are fortunate to have this so close to us.

As a matter of fact that is our home in the background. What on earth is happening? A very large project to replace the old wooden flumes with new pipes which are much safer and easier to we are told. This project should be completed by now but with our wet winter there were delays. Now this part of the project is on hold as the contractors are working backwards to address some sort of settling issue on the previous flume completed last year. We don't mind the delay however having a port o'potty and lots of debris and equipment as our entrance to bliss is getting a little stagnant.

The pipes don't look so large but as you can see both my husband and I had to venture in and walk through them. Kids will be kids as they say...

This is a view of the project in process before the delays. The old wooden flume built in 1928 will be torn down and the new pipe will remain. Oh the controversies that have ensued over this. Not to mention the lawsuits hampering all of this. Our entire county is rich with old mining history. I cannot even imagine the work and struggles the men and pack animals had to endure back in the olden days.

Here is my engineer, Mr. C, overseeing the entire project. He is completely able to understand every bolt and structure that is being used. Me...I just like to enjoy the progress.

Here is another view of the scope of this project. I like to call the excavator "Robisorus". It is an amazing machine that can do so many different jobs including tree stump removal. Yes, we have had loggers that came in to take out a giant pine tree. That is an entire story all unto itself.

And like all boys who love toys and adventure...Mr. C says, "Can we take it for a spin?"

I must admit I have been consumed with watching the happenings. Not much creating going on here. We are having the most glorious weather. Not too hot, blue skies and perfect temperatures. Just the right atmosphere for pulling weeds and triming and pulling weeds and planting some new shade plants and pulling get the idea.

What is going on in your neighborhood?

Wonderful weekend to all...


  1. That is some project! Wow. I imagine the port-a-potties are losing their appeal right now. You live in such a gorgeous part of the country!


  2. ...progress and green countrysides...beautiful! Enjoy your weekend, Sherry! And thanks so much for visiting me! It made me very happy...! ~k

  3. well, mr. c would love to oversee all of the goings on in our neighborhood! we've got every "bulldozisaurus" and "crane-isaurus" known to mankind!! i don't envy your construction.....but it looks like mr. c is having a ball!! have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!! xoxox

  4. I have so enjoyed catching up with your last three blogs. I have felt your absence very much and am so glad you are back.

  5. Wow! Fascinating. Hay is being made in our neighbourhood. The bales are significantly bigger so that means bigger equipment. Progress they say!

  6. Oh my goodness that is some project. Your property is beautiful minus the port-a- potties! I went through a similar project in our woods (new water line) some years back. Was VERY happy when that was done.

  7. Wow thats some project, I bet its really interesting watching the progress all except the port a potties.
    Mr C. looks right at home with all the equipment.
    hugs Lynn

  8. Wow - what a project! I've never seen pipes that big that you can stand in them! Everything is quite quiet in our neighborhood, thankfully. The most exciting thing is our next door neighbors are repainting their house!

  9. I hope the project gets done soon so that you'll be able to fully enjoy your tranquil surroundings again.


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