Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farewell July...

Farewell July as we end another wonderful Summer month of perfect weather and lots of outdoor activities. Time spent with family and friends enjoying good conversation, fun and food.

This is probably the last thing I made in July. My friend Cindy lost her cell phone and had to get a new one. She was sad because along with her phone she lost her charm I had made for her. So without hesitation I have made her a new one for her new phone. I know it isn't exactly like the previous one but I do think she will like this one even better.

This time I incorporated her favorite...a dragonfly bead. I still had to add a heart charm as that speaks to how dear she is. I shall give it to her this week when we see one another.

As for July...I didn't experience Christmas in July like others celebrated with handmade gifts. I have been thinking ahead to gift making and am always preparing. Maybe I shall celebrate Christmas in August...we shall see.

Mr. C and I have been working in the yard...still cleaning up and repairing from last winter's devastation and of course preparing for this upcoming winter. I shall take some photos and share with you our progress.

May each of you have a fantastic amazing August. I know I will...


  1. I love cell phone charms! Unfortunately, my current phone has no place to attach a charm... such a shame!

  2. How sweet of you to send her a new charm!
    Glad youve had a nice summer so far Sherry, and the work really never seems to end does it, just finsh up in time for another winter!
    hugs Lynn

  3. Lovely spot to sit and chat etc.
    Sweet charm.

  4. Yes, indeedy. The year is moving along. I'm expecting great things of August!

  5. Such a good friend you are. I love the charm as I cherish dragonflies. Don't work to hard.

  6. Happy August, you sweet girl, you! I am 13 days away from one of the most special moments in life, my daughter's wedding...ah August! July went way way way too fast, though. It's my favorite month and I am sad it's over already...though it was rather hot and humid this year! Ready or not, here's August! Enjoy! Kath

  7. Oh wow, her charm is gorgeous!!! I love it!! I make those too and they're so fun, aren't they? I hope you're having a beautiful summer, my friend!!!

  8. Sounds like your friends charm is going to be better than ever. I am just starting to think about working on Christmas projects, it would feel so good o get a head start


  9. The cellphone charms is fabulous!

    I am so sad July is gone (that means school starts next week for us!).

    Here's to a fabulous August!

  10. Love this piece! Looks like some good ole relaxation going on :)

  11. I love what you made and how thoughtful you are! I hope to make Christmas in August for you. I still have your PIF gift! Summer of Color is almost over and then I will finish it up~ Thanks for your patience! :D

  12. I so dread Summertime...and then hate to see it go. It is 109 out there in the shade...but I will complain of the cold soon.
    August..a month to be delt with.

  13. That's a lovely thing to do. Hope your August is filled with sunny and creative days.


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