Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lace Wrappings...

I was giving a card recently and decided the envelope was far too plain. So I wrapped it in some delicious lace and stitched the sides to hold all in place.

The back flap was now really too plain so I stitched some more lace onto it. Then as a closure I stitched a circle of lace to hold the flap closed by sliding it onto the envelope. No photo of this part but I added a name label to the front with some more lace. No more plain card envelope for this gift.

Now for the gift box. Wrapped it in gold foil paper. Then a sleeve of more delicious lace. And to mate with the card a band of lace to hold it all together.

Oh how can I stop yet? No. More lace. This time I made a lace flower complete with pin back that can be attached to the package and then removed for additional uses by the recipient.

Now you see the package completed with it paper, laces and flower. This is a gift I am proud to give.

What is your favorite style of wrapping a gift?

Happy middle of the week to all...


  1. Wow, what a beautiful gift presentation. If I had received that, I'd hate to open it and ruin the look.

  2. Very pretty! I love lace, and this would be an extra special gift, even without opening it!

  3. I admire folks who can present a gift like that. It is beautiful. It is also a talent I do not possess.

    I do not have the patience and have been known to wrap a gift in the comics section of the weekend paper, ties with woven lengths of bulky wool!

    Fox : ))

  4. I have to hang my head in shame and say I recycle those paper gift bags which are very plentiful in the thrift store. I have to say I've not seen any lacy ones! ;)

  5. How pretty and what a lucky recipient! Julie

  6. I really love what you are doing with lace. I treasure my little lace envelope!
    Received your email today. Thanks. So glad you like the "chick" card. It was lots of fun to make.
    Have a fun evening.
    The weather is over-the-top wonderful now that it has cooled off.
    Looking forward to seeing photos of your shade garden.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  7. Beautiful presentation! I think I'd be afraid to destroy all that lovely lacy-ness by opening the gift.

  8. How lovely this is. The lucky recipient can then use the lace in her own way too.

    My favorite wrapping is the common postal brown paper. You can dress it up or keep it simple, due to the neutral color.

  9. So very beautiful, what a lovely gift to recieve- this is special, dear.

  10. Lovely! I love wrappings lately seem to include kraft paper, and lace, and grays...

  11. I love lace...adds such a beautiful touch to most everything! Crafting is addictive~ :D

  12. Gorgeous! Lace is addicting. Ellen is right! xoxo

  13. Oh how totally gorgeous!!! Me? I use gift bags!! LOL
    This is breathtaking...and I'm so happy you're one of my special "blogging sisters."

  14. Delicious is right!
    Your wrapping is beautiful and elegant and so sophisticated and that is a gift in and of itself.
    My favourite is brown paper with black and cream check ribbon - very plain but I love it!

  15. That's such a gorgeous way to wrap a gift. I bet the recipient was giddy with excitement.


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