Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Time...

I just love this photo of an unknown (to me) little girl. I have posted this before and unfortunately know not where I came across it so no credit is given...however, thank you. Somehow I relate so much to this little girl sitting patiently. I always wonder what she is thinking...

For me today is about the last minute cleaning and grocery shopping for you see company is coming. The fresh flowers are set out in the guest quarters. All appears ready for a nice relaxed visit. I will be welcoming my sisters as we have a reunion of sorts this weekend.

We may take a walk along the NID canal and do some laughing and chatting...

We may stroll through the back yard and do some remembering. Maybe we will sit by the pond and blow some bubbles and tell more stories.

We will definitly do some eating and reminiscing.

So if I am quiet on the blogging scene I shall be the noisy one in sister family time. I have always been the noisy one who gets shushed a lot.

I look forward to seeing my sisters and getting to visit. Let us hope "family dynamics" have taken a far away cruise and won't be here this week. As I age I find time with family is so very precious. Let nothing spoil this time together. Lets laugh and cry and share our love together.

May you each have a wonderful weekend...

Please be safe in the extreme heat some of you are experiencing. Keep hydrating...

Now I am off to finish up the last details...


  1. How absolutely sweet and heartwarming! I often wish I had sisters...but I have wonderful you! Enjoy! Be happy! Reminisce! Your relaxed plans sound so perfect! Kath

  2. Hope you have beautiful weather for outdoor activities. It's hot here all year round so if I waited for cooler weather in order to crochet I might never get anything done. :) Enjoy sister time. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Sherry, she is the cutest little girl. Somehow she reminds me of my sister but then she's not so patient but posed for an angelic photo once. Have a super blessed time and we, your blog sisters, will try not to get too far ahead! LOL

  4. I love old cabinet cards, and am particularly drawn to the facial expressions. I love that one!

  5. That was beautiful! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend in which peace and love reign. Family is hard but worth the effort!

  6. Yep, I bet there will be a lot of laughing and chatting! You have a great time! What a cute picture, so unusual as everything was so posed in those days

    Have fun


  7. We all have family ups and downs - I'm going through a downer bit right now with one of mine!! Have a spectacular time with your sisters.........I don't have any so am envious!

    110 here today and impossible to stay outdoors for long - off for another water bottle right now!

    Happy weekend - Mary

  8. Hi Sherry,
    The photo of the little girl is so sweet. She looks so darling waiting for something or someone so patiently.
    Love the pics you share and the story of company coming and the anticipation of the fun times to share.
    I hope you have a glorious time together and enjoy every minute.
    Life is so short, each moment must count with loved ones.

    Thank you for stopping by my studio and your kind words. Your encouragment blesses me more then you know.
    Love to you from Texas, Celestina Marie

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I know you will have fun. Enjoy!

  10. Have a wonderful time with your sisters! May you share love, and laughter, flow on happy memories, and make new ones.

  11. That is the sweetest little girl picture I have ever seen! Adorable! Tee

  12. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of family time. You are so right about setting aside family dynamics, especially as we all grow up and older.
    And I do love the bit about bubbles - I think perhaps today I shall buy me some as the rain has stopped and there is sunshine...

  13. Enjoy!! family is so important! I know I'm looking forward to my sisters visit in Aug. Have fun!

  14. Wishing you happy family fun...enjoy the reminiscing.

  15. eating, reminiscing, fresh flowers in the room......what's not to love here?!! there's nothing better than sister-time......enjoy yours!! xoxo

  16. I love that photo of the little girl. Her expression is so wistful. Would you mind if I borrowed her for a future blog post?

  17. Sounds like a perfect way to spend some quality time, I hope you have the most wonderful visit with your sister!
    Enjoy every precious moment!
    hugs Lynn


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