Monday, August 8, 2011

Butterfly Bag Sewn...

Do you sew? Are you passionate about fabrics? Do you adore bags to put things in?
Oh Yeah! I do love to sew and I am passionate about fabrics and yes, I love bags to put things in. This is a fabric called Fairy Frost and has a silvery shimmer to it.

This is one of my favorite butterfly fabrics. I have owned this fabric for a long time.

Being part of this amazing blogging community is one of my greatest joys. So many talented and generous people all sharing like-minded hobbies.

While reading one of my daily blogs I check I found this little bag Diane had sewn. Instantly I knew I just had to make one. Luckily Diane gave the link to a tutorial.

Thank you so much to these kind and generous people who love to create wonderful things.

Here is my sewn pouch with a beaded charm detail. I love butterflies and use them whenever I am able to. Butterflies represent 10,000 happinesses.

This little bag is also referred to as origami pouch as it has a wonderful way of sewing and folding to create it. This photo shows the inside lining fabric and the outside pocket. Both sides of the bag are this way.

Here is the completed bag with the flaps down over the outside pockets. Drawstring cords pull the top tight and close in the contents.

I am so thrilled to have sewn this little bag. Now I am planning on sewing many more as I can think of lots of gifts I can give.

Fabric choices are endless. Embellishing is endless. Diane used buttons on her flaps and that is very cute. I already have a lot of fabrics which will be excellent choices for these wonderful little bags.

Thank you once again to the generous sharing of knowledge and information and talents that blogging affords all of us.

May you have a wonderful week of creativity and enjoy these waning days of summer...


  1. That's a very cute bag. I think I have fabric similar to that if not the same.

  2. I love your bag! I think I used to have some of that butterfly fabric. In fact, I may still have it somewhere in the deep, dark recesses of my sewing room. I'll have to go on an archeological dig!

    I saw an idea on another blog, where the seamstress had gone around the square with decorative stitching before doing all the folding... an idea that could lead to all sorts of possibilities!

  3. I know that fabric and I love your little bag. Thanks for the link.

  4. Wow! How gorgeous your bag is! You must have loved creating it, using all that beautiful fabric!

  5. Hi there, first of all I want to thank you for visiting my blog during the Summer of Colour and leaving such encouraging comments.
    Your bag is beautiful and your sewn items are lovely. I do sew but haven't in years, only to mend or sew paper for cards. LOL
    Take good care and I shall keep coming back to see what you are up to.
    Lesley xo

  6. Oh that is gorgeous! I love bags and totes, I am headed over to check it out! Thank you!


  7. ok, that came out super cute! I love butterflies.

  8. Your bag is beautiful, and I love the fabric you've used.
    Blogland is wonderful for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and skills.
    Happy sewing!

  9. That is beautiful fabric and the bag is so neat with a unique design!

  10. That is a great looking little bag! The flaps add so much interest! I am on my way to visit Diane!

  11. What a beautiful bag! I love all your beautiful details and the photos are great. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment and PLEASE do plan to join us for The Summer of Color next year. We would love to have you! Thank you, Kristin xo

  12. Gorgeous bag! You've selected fabulous fabric and done a spectacular job sewing your bag! I love it!

  13. Your bag turned out so cute especially with that fabric. I think I remember seeing that around here some years back. The detail makes it with that cute little butterfly! Handmade is sooooo much better than mass produced. Happy Birthday Month!

    xx, Jaime

  14. What an adorable bag!! I too love fairy frost fabric although I don't have any in this lovely blue/green colorway. But I DO have some of that butterfly fabric in my stash. Isn't it a fantastic print?

  15. I like this bag. I agree that as bloggers we have so many more resources than those that do not blog.

    Stephanie Suzanne ♥

  16. Wow..!! OMG..such a brilliant and beautiful bag!! the whole idea itself of being all of symbolic-butterflies makes me tink of a magical coccoon.. this magical bag..with the gifts of butterfly !! The colors are outstanding..i am in love with this!!


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