Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Charmed I'm Sure...

My little studio has been a very busy place of late and for that I am grateful. It is where I like to spend time and it makes me happy to create things.
I decided several weeks ago to participate in a charm swap that Roni is hosting. I am certain you all follow her escapades with ink and such. If not please visit her.
I actually made three sets of charms and sent them in for swapping. I am not showing them here as the swap is in the process stage and soon to be sent out to all participants and I certainly don't want to spoil any surprises.
This photo is of a single charm I did for Roni herself. Super simple using a chipboard letter (lower case r with glitter), jump rings with beads attached and a lobster clasp for attaching to anything desired.
I must say I am getting excited to see which charms I receive. Roni has been giving hints of the charms she is receiving and they all sound amazing.
What swaps have you participated in? Any favorites you have enjoyed?
I am thinking of some I might join in the future. I know time must be set aside just for each swap so that the items are the best possible. I think this would be a great way to expand my art and sharing is something I love to do. Hmmm...
Summer is marching along. Our local county fair is happening this week. I think I shall avoid all the traffic and crowds this year. If only I could attend just to see all the handmade items that people show. No, I will spend my precious time in my studio and sewing room making my very own handmade items.
Enjoy your days doing something that makes you happy...


  1. Oh, I'll bet she just loves it!! How fun to do a swap--I'll bet it was so much fun. I hope you're having a creative week!! (It sure looks like you are!)


  2. Such a great charm, can't wait to see the rest of them! I'm working on The Artful Bag swap hosted by Frosted Petunias, this month is an ATC.

  3. You made a wonderful charm, for Roni- must have been a fun project.
    --I had a beautiful vacation,-

  4. Hi! Happy, peaceful, summer creating to you!

  5. What a nice idea, and I'm sure Roni will love it. I've been involved in a couple swaps lately, and have enjoyed the challenges. Looks like you've been having lots of happy studio time.

  6. This is a great idea for a charm and I like how you added the lobster claw clasp, so she can attach it to anything. Wouldn't it be great for embroidery scissor?!?

  7. Happy days of puttering! Lucky you!
    The charm is delightful, simple and yet special - lovely.
    I can be a crowd dodger too and often will forgo things like that. Last year we did go to our fair on the rainy last day so crowds were non-existent. We had a great time looking at the cows and all the handwork and photography. It was very inspiring, and we got to stand in one place as long as we wanted without worrying about holding people up!

  8. I'm in Roni's swap too - so I may even be lucky enough to get one of yours! Love the one you made for Roni herself. I love the excitement and anticipation of a swap and this one is no exception! Have a lovely day x

  9. That is a lovely charm! I have enoyed the Match box swaps that Heather of Speckled Eggs hosts and the international Swaps organized by LaWendula. Swaps are such fun!

  10. Shes going to Love it! It really is fun doing swaps, I only wish there were more hours in a day so I could play more!
    hugs Lynn


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