Monday, August 22, 2011

Charms Received...Amazing...

I was thinking of doing a swap as I follow quite a few blogs that participate in swaps and it always looks so fun to see what everyone makes and receives.  Well...I did participate in my very first swap that was for charms.  It was hosted and organized and completed by the very talented Roni of I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with this swap.Thank you to Roni and everyone who participated.  Here is a group photo of the box I received.  I was like a child filled with wonder and excitement on Christmas morning when I opened this box of charms.  Each and every charm is lovingly handmade and so clever and precious.  Thank you to each artist I was lucky enough to get one of your charms.
 This is one of the three sets of charms I made and submitted.  I used black O-rings, copper wire and beads.  I attached a lobster clasp to each one for easy use.
 This charm is larger and I wanted it to represent the beautiful pine trees I live amongst.  I added beads, fancy yarns, some copper wire and a lobster clasp. 
Each set of charms (I made three sets) were five per set.  This set is double sided with truffle pictures and small beads for some bling.  So far I think this charm was very popular because who doesn't like chocolate...even if it is a photo of chocolate!
I will definitely be participating again early next year when Roni hosts this swap once more.  It truly was a delightful experience. 
Now I must get busy and thank each of my charm makers.  We did include our info and I have already received some emails thanking me for my charms. 
I spent my morning at my local Chamber helping visitors.  Our weather is just perfect.  Then Mr. C came along and took me to lunch at my favorite Beach Hut Deli for my California sandwich.  Life is good.
May your week progress with all the wonderful things that make you happy...


  1. Looks like a wonderful swap! It's nice when you receive items that you love. Have a lovely week.

  2. Now that was a fun swap. I love what you made and the thought you put into them.

  3. You make these little guys sound so easy. Yikes. But they do look wonderful.

  4. a bounty of charms for a wonderfully charming art-gal!! you will have a ton of fun using all those new goodies! and who wouldn't LOVE those delicious choco-charms you made?!! absolutely yummy!! xox

  5. Wow, I have never participated in a swap either, that looks like fun! What a great haul of charms. I bet the box was as cute as what was inside, bloggers are great people!


  6. Now that is a beautiful collection of charms! Love the ones you made :)

  7. Looks like your first swap was a good one! Love the charms :)

  8. What a wonderful swap. Love your charms and your right who doesnt Love chocolate!!
    hugs Lynn

  9. Beautiful charms. You have such a talent for creating beautiful things.
    Thanks fro sharing.


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