Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Squeezing Summer Sunshine Cards...

 I recently went into the studio with nothing in mind and this is what was created.  I took some fabric given to me by Sherry of http://sherrysimpleblog.blogspot.com/ and some card and envelope stock and began cutting, gluing, stamping and adding buttons and lace.
Our weather this summer has been so perfect that I just wanted to "squeeze every drop of summer sunshine" possible. 
I made seven sets and then mailed them out to some of my followers as a surprise.  I put the card and envelope into a larger envelope so they were receiving an unused card that they can either send along to someone else or put in their handmade stash of goodies.
I had fun and love spending time in my studio.  It is always extra nice when I have no preset notion and then the end result makes me very happy.  I smile each time I see these photos.  Of course I didn't keep one for myself.  You know how it is...make for everyone else and send them along.   At least I thought to take a photo. 
Very simple, very quick and very Summer!
Hope everyone is enjoying the remaining days of sunshine...For those of you with extreme heat I wish you cooler weather to enjoy.
In true Summer style I made potato salad for dinner tonight along with cold roasted chicken in pure picnic mode.  And of course watermelon for dessert!  What's for dinner at your house?


  1. Beautiful cards!! I just love the summer citrus squeeze theme. I too am trying to squeeze every last drop of my summer vacation now...enjoy your yummy dinner. I'm not cooking. K

  2. Summer and citrus= a perfect pair. Lovely cards. Your supper sounds great. Ours? Salmon in a sweet garlic sauce, garlic rice, and mixed veg. Enjoy every last moment of summer.

  3. I love my Squeezing the most out of Summer" card! Thank you so much. Such a creative idea!

  4. Great cards! I can almost smell the citrus!
    Super creative!

  5. Oh wow, these are totally adorable!! I love the colors and the joyful designs!!!

  6. Dear Sherry, they are so sweet, and fresh ,and mouthwatering -:)
    and I just recieved mine, -what a sweet surprice, dear- thankyou so very much-

  7. They are just summer perfect. You really are creatology perfect yourself. Meatloaf! And I burnt the green beans checking my 'puter! awk!

  8. Mmmm, wish I was coming to your house for dinner! Your cards are So pretty! Such a kind gesture. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  9. Thank you for always leaving such nice comments on our blog. You are very kind Thanks!
    Love the colors of the cards.

  10. Awesome card design! Summer picnic on a card!

  11. Sometimes having nothing in mind is the best way, and these sunny citrus cards prove it!!! These are wonderful!!!

  12. My my, you have been busy in the studio of late... I on the other hand, no longer know quite where mine is!
    I love the summery-ness you put into your cards and feel as you do, that the last days of summer are upon us and I don't want to miss a thing!
    I have enjoyed looking at your past few posts and love the charms you did for the Swap. And the chocolate charms? Adorable of course!

  13. I love your cards and this fun post~
    Yes, we do need to squeeze out the last days of summer~ :D

  14. These are just so super happy and full of sunshine. Love the yellow and black, just beautiful!

  15. The followers on your blog that will be receiving these marvelous cards ware so very lucky. Your work is wonderful. Love the cards.
    Thanks for sharing.


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