Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year Ending Memories...

This is the week between Christmas and New Years and it has always been the week that brings these childhood memories back to my mind.  I have no vintage photos for this post however I am showing current time photos.  My laundry room as it looks right now, including me in the mirror taking this photo.  Lots of clothes to wash and then iron and fold and put away or hang in the closet.  Please note my new little rug that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas because it is so perfect for this room and it mimics my little hanging clothesline Mr. C put up.
 For the memories, my Grandma would never begin a new year with any laundry or ironing piled up.  So, every year before New Year's I make very certain that I have all of our clothes clean and ironed.  This little bottle stopper is actually from my mother who used it on a Coca Cola bottle to sprinkle the wrinkled clothes that she then would roll and place in the freezer to iron later.  When she did her ironing I remember her sitting on a chair in the closet door opening and ironing all the clothes on a mangle iron that sat in the closet.  I have never used one but I think it would be great for linens and flat things.  Fortunately I have always liked to iron.  Thank you Mom and Grandma for that. 
Looks like my supplies are all here and ready for my marathon week of laundry and ironing before New Years.  Midnight comes very quickly some years and I am still frantically ironing.  This year I hope to be finished and relaxing when midnight strikes bringing in 2012. 
Thank you Donna for hosting Memory Lane Mondays (which can last all week since I am late).
I am very thankful for this childhood memory.  I can only imagine how much would pile up and never get done if I didn't follow tradition and complete my laundry before the new year.
Gentle week to all...


  1. I can't believe someone besides myself likes to iron. My poor mom use to iron when she came to this country for people. She would charge 10 cents an item. I too have childhood memories of laundry and ironing. Laundry and ironing are the 2 things I look forward to weekly. I do all the laundry on sundays and then iron on monday mornings if not monday night while watching a program. Love your laundry room. I am hoping that this new year 2012 brings me a new washer and dryer. Not that mine are old but I want the front load ones that are pretty. We just need to paint the shelves and organize it a little more.
    Loved you post.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS...you have brought back a precious memory for me with that bottle stopper; my mother DID THE SAME THING with the SAME STOPPER!!! She had a plastic pillow case where she would place the laundry after the magic sprinkle..my goodness, I can even remember the smell...thank you dearest for your visit! My the new year bring you such peace and beauty! Anita

  3. First thing I noticed- the stopper! I hated ironing as a kid because it seemed every Saturday I was faced with this roll of dampened clothes. Now I don't mind so much, especially when it is fabric or quilt blocks!

  4. What a great tradition, I have never heard of that, so cute. I love to iron too, I think it is relaxing. Love the rug from your girlfriend!


  5. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sherry.It's good to get that laundry out the way.I hate it piling up too.We didn't have a family tradition like you, but my mother is a Perfectionist,and always had the housework up to date!!I don't know how she did it - she always worked as well. Judy xx

  6. Oh sweet friend what memories you have awaken for me too. My mother and grandma both had the coke bottle with the sprinkle top. They both loved to iron and I do as well. I love your tradition. Love the rug you received from your girlfriend. Too cute.

    Wishing you a wonderful new year and many blessings in 2012.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  7. Now you've done it! I'm going to have to empty hampers, run the machine and get out the iron before New Years Eve! lol (I really will, too!)

    My mum always had one of those sprinkler stoppers, too. I think Vermont Country Store carries them. I'll have to order a couple for around here.

    Thanks for joining my MLM. Happy New Year, my friend.

  8. That is very interesting about sprinkling the clothes and then putting them in the freezer. I guess having everything crisp and fresh for the new year is a great way to start. I have never liked ironing. I only do what I have to for me and the boys when needed. Hubby sends his to the drycleaners for ironing as it is very cheap here to have it done (.30 cents per shirt). So worth it! Happy rest of the week to you. blessings for the new year. Tammy

  9. I used to put my linen tablecloth in the freezer. But one year I forgot it and when I went to find it, well I spent days trying to find it. About 4 months later I went to get something from the freezer and there it was frozen solid. But it did press up nicely after it had thawed a bit. LOL

  10. Sherry, I love this post! I have always liked ironing - it's my way of relaxing and letting my mind drift away in a swirl of thought...
    It's traditions like this that make things special, and that help keep the memory of loved ones alive - having all your laundry done is the bonus!

  11. Hi Sherry,
    Oh my gosh--I've got to go do laundry--You just inspired me!!! xo Cindy

  12. Great memories Sherry. My grandma used to use one of those sprinklers to wet the cloths too and we had a mangle. It was huge! I even used it now and then.
    I remember making a patchwork skirt and ironing all the pieces together. Wish I had one these days!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year full of creative time!
    hugs Lynn

  13. I think starting the New Year with a clean slate in the laundry room is a great idea. How lovely that you are honouring the tradition laid down by your mother and her mother.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  14. My Mom had a sprinkler and ironed everything too. She still does at 84...I iron only when I need to or when I have a big craft project! ;)
    I do know that something about Christmas being over brings the "washer" out of me. Sort of spring cleaning! Hope you have a wonderful New Year and may 2012 bring many blessings!

  15. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year and may 2012 be a wonderfully creative year for you :)

  16. Hello - I've seen you on several of our fellow bloggers,' including the "other Cindy Adkins" so I'm following you now, too! Oh my gosh, you brought back memories for me, as I remember my Mom using a bottle and sprinkling the clothes before ironing them! I'd completely forgotten about that! Happy New Year to you!

  17. I've never heard of that! Will people shoot me if I say my dear husband not only cooks dinner, but does the laundry? I hooked a good one.

  18. Très bon réveillon du 31 décembre et je te souhaite une magnifique année 2012 pleine de bonheur. Bisous

  19. well one thing you have done that you have remind me and brought back a precious memory for me with blog.you i have created my self personalised photo books in which i have kept all my memories.it was same like in this blog which you have mentioned all the things. by the way thanks for sharing..


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