Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Her Heart & Hands...

I am continued to be amazed at the creative talents and generosity of such gifted people here in blogland.  This very special gift arrived in my mail box just the other day.  I couldn't imagine what it was or who had sent it.  I had even seen it on her blog post and commented how lovely it was.  Me?  Mine?  For real?
Suz of Suztats is this generous gifted lady.   Thank you deeply from my heart Suz.  I love them.

Blogging for me is about sharing.  Sharing the love of making things.  About people I am drawn to.  Things we share in common.  I love reading comments on my posts.  They are for me a confirmation of someone who shares creative interests.  They are also a source of constructive criticism.  Things that can help me grow and learn.   I love it when people really get me...follow who I am and what I do and like.
Suz did just this.  She follows me, reads my blog, comments and shares similar creative interests.  I had no idea how much she "got me" until this surprise beautiful handmade gift arrived.  I adore her art and this flower is hand drawn and water colored by her.  I love blue...all very favorite color.  I love flowers.  I love thoughtful handmade gifts.  This card is all of these things.

This is an ATC and if you read my blog you know how smitten I am with this little art venue.  Only 2.5" x 3.5" yet so much creativity in such a little space.  Blue hand dyed fabric...beautiful.  Lace flowers and a lace butterfly...gorgeous.  And the finishing touch...tatting!  I am so overwhelmed by this lovely and thoughtful gift.  Suz knows how much I love tatting and am trying to learn...without having success.  She spent her precious time to tat for me.  Thank you Suz for not only hand creating each of these beautiful and thoughtful gifts but for connecting with me and sharing our love of creating, gardening, nature, beading, stitching and  more.
I am truly blessed.
P.S.  Happy Birthday Suz...we also share the same birthdate and she paid attention and waited an entire year to surprise me!
Our world would be such a better place if we had a lot more Suz's to care about people and pay attention.  Now I shall do my very best to be a caring and thoughtful person in return.
Happy August Summer Sunshine Smiles...


  1. Well, happy belated birthday! What a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail!

  2. What a generous, thoughtful and BEAUTIFUL gift this is... She is very talented! I feel the same way about all the people I have been blessed to come to know through blogging..
    Happy birthday... wishing you a wonderful weekend coming up.

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    What a lovely gift to get in the mail!

  4. Suz is so very talented. How wonderful to receive such beautiful, thoughtful gifts from her. They are absolutely gorgeous! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  5. Hey, did I wish you a Happy Birthday? I commented on a blog once that I liked a piece of glassware and said oh "Please leave that in your will for me" She wrote back and said "You don't have to wait for me to die" and she sent it to me! Your right, we get it each other, that is our common bond!


  6. How lovely Sherry.Suz does gorgeous tatting!
    Thank you so much for my sweet little surprise yesterday!!What a darling little thread catcher!

  7. Happy Birthday Sherry, and to your sweet friend Suz too. How beautiful her gifts are. I started drooling as soon as I saw that gorgeous card! What a lovely post! xo

  8. To beautiful gifts to have received.
    Happy Birtday to you. Blogland is such a wonderful place filled with many liked minded people. Enjoy your treasures. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Happy birthday sweet Ms. Sherry. I so agree with you, glogging is aabout sharing. What a lovely gift, the beautiful detail in the flower, beautiful.
    Your ATC is gorgeous.

  10. Awwww, happy belated birthday! I am sorry to have missed it...

  11. Dear Sherry ,
    Suz, made you the most lovely gifts, and in gorgeous colours- her painted card is so beautiful.
    I think you wrote me your birthday is the 27?? and hope it is right, and that my little gift will be there for you then!!
    Happy weekend from me.

  12. Happy Birthday!!! Your friend certainly creates lovely treasures.

  13. Happy birthday, my dear friend. I had no idea.
    What a very pretty surprise from Suz.

  14. What a wonderful gift for a wonderful lady! You too share SO much with us!!! Enjoy your latest gift and weekend!

  15. It's a beauty Sherry - and just like Suz to be so generous.
    And... a very happy belated birthday wish to you. I hope you had a wonderful day full of all things that bring you joy!

  16. Bloggers really have the kindest hearts, What lovely gifts!
    hugs Lynn

  17. Hi Sherry, What would we do without blogging? What would we spend our hours on if not connecting to people from all over the world. Suz's really out did herllef with the ATC card. So much beautiful detail went into this tiny piece of art. Gorgeous. Love everything about it. TFS. Ana

  18. Hi Sherry ---
    I have been trying to reach you by email without success. Your Harvest nest is ready and is listed for you in my etsy shop!


  19. What a gorgeous card and atc from Susan!!! I've been trying to learn to tat but for the time being have given up. Perhaps I'll pick it up again when gardening season ends.


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