Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mother Daughter Bracelets...

I couldn't help myself.  Really I couldn't.  I made a bracelet for my daughter for her August birthday and she liked it.  Then I realized I left my beads all out on the table and they kept calling to me.  Since I had liked her bracelet so much I wanted one for me.  I never do the exact same thing twice so I searched through my beads and charms and found some similar but slightly different bits.  I set about and in short time had made myself a five strand bracelet with seven charms dangling.  I kept this one in the monotone shades of light and added both gold and silver tones as accents.

Here is the finished piece.  I adore it.  Some bling.  Some understated elegance of freshwater pearls and mother of pearl beads and leaves.  Some high end Swarovski crystal beads which are my favorite.

No velvet ribbon on this bracelet.  I tried a different idea and like it very much.  I used one half of a toggle clasp to gather the five strands of beads together.  This toggle actually has two loops which I attached the charms to.  I use split rings instead of jump rings for the added safety of them not falling off.  

I have hearts for love, one little crown for fun and a butterfly for 10,000 happinesses.  I must admit I am pretty happy with this bracelet.
Have you tried your hand at making one of these?  They are super simple and can be as funky or as simple or as elegant as you wish to make them.  Great gift idea as the holidays of giving approach all too quickly.
Our heat wave continues.  Mid 90sF is very warm for us.  Triple digits all around us just down the hill.  No rain and everything is so dry.  Trees and bushes are turning brown with lack of water. We keep our landscaped areas well watered but the huge forest trees are really crying out for rain.
I am off to volunteer hostess at my local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center today.  I love meeting people from all over...some close by and others from across the globe...who come here to our little town.
Wonderful weekend and I hope you do something special just for yourself that makes you truly blissful...


  1. Oh, Sherry, what a beautiful bracelet! I'll have to show it to my friend here who makes beaded jewelry!

    Hope you get some rain soon! After our earlier tropical storms, we had several weeks with everything drying out, turning brown, etc., but now have recently had some rain again. That makes us happy - a little cooler too!
    Enjoy your weekend! I'm enjoying puttering around my house, sorting books to give away.
    xoxo Jane

  2. It's nice to make something all for yourself once in a while.
    Gorgeous colours in this bracelet and love how you have collected l the charms to hang in one place. Hugs mrs a.

  3. Having handmade mother daughter bracelets is even better than just one! And I like that they are each unique, like you, like your daughter! Love the pearliness and mother of pearl, my favorites. Our heatwave seems to have taken a much needed break today! It is strangely cool... Good. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, kathy

  4. What a fabulous idea! I would have to make 5... 4 daughters and me... make that 8... 4 daughters, 3 granddaughters, and me. ;-)

  5. Dear Sherry, your new own bracelet is so beautiful, I love the white tones of pearls, and the crystals, and your dangling pieces.
    I hope you will soon have more pleasent weather,and wish you a wonderful day at the visitor Center.

  6. Gosh. So lovely. It makes me want to divert and break out the beads!

  7. What a fabulous piece of jewelry, especially LOVE the charms! This is really a super gift idea, I can think of so many friends to make these for. We're so dry here as well, just turned on the water to keep our little postage stamp of a yard from burning up. Hope you're having a great weekend

  8. Your bracelet is beautiful. I love layering bracelets -- the more the merrier, so this style is perfect. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  9. Love this bracelet! I'm such a bling girl myself, I covet the one you've made! And it is so wet here (Winter) I wish I could send you some of our rain! Julie

  10. Adorable bracelet!! Very you, I think! Our temp is wonderful today and no more rain...although we needed it! I'm sure you'll be getting some cooler weather soon!

  11. I wondered how long it was going to take you to create one for yourself. LOL
    Its Stunning Sherry!!

    How are those chunky wood pieces coming?

  12. Oh this bracelet is so gorgeous!
    Sure Sherry- re chores while I craft away.How soon can you catch a plane to Adelaide!!hehe!!
    Thanks for your LOVELY comment!! I felt Very creative this week.i am just getting my energy back after the operation! It has taken a little whi

  13. WOW! LOVE your bracelet and all the different strands and charms :) I'm sure your daughter loved hers and will cherish it always!

  14. Your bracelet looks very pretty. It is a pity I am not a bracelet/necklace type ;-(

  15. Sherry, it's simply gorgeous! And I've never tried anything like that but you have inspired me. I love the mix of pearls, metal and sparkle, and this is perfect. And it looks great on your arm!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, with some relief from the heat...

  16. Such a lovely bracelet! The variety of beaded strands is a beautiful touch.

  17. Sherry I love this. I want to try one too! Are the individual bracelets on stretchy cord and put through the toggle? I didn't see any clasp.

  18. Oh, I missed this, I love it....You do everything! That is so pretty and such a statement piece! I have no patience for jewelry making....Hats off to you!


  19. Wow Sherry, your beaded bracelet is soooooo lovely! Happy beading to you too SSD x

  20. HI Sherry,

    I'm here getting caught up on your life. I've been away from blog reading for most of the Summer and am now settling into Fall.

    Mother of pearl and pearls are some of my favorite treasures so I absolutely love what you've done with them!


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