Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Treasured Keepsakes Display...

 I am sentimental.  I love everything I have.  I keep everything ever given to me or made for me or found by me.  Here is the top of an alcove built-in dresser Mr. C hand built for me.  Mr. C hates clutter!  He does not like horizontal surfaces to be covered with stuff.  However in this instance he likes this display (as long as I keep it neat and not let it get too out of control).
This is a display of vintage purses and hats that belonged to my Grandmother's Aunt Flossie.  Some of the hats are mine that I used to wear.  I still love wearing hats.  I have used the vintage handbags for different events however they are getting rather fragile so I prefer to view them only.  Several are hand beaded.
 Do you like to have your keepsakes out where you can enjoy them?  I used to keep everything safely tucked away in boxes or drawers but then I never saw them.  Now that I can see them everyday I enjoy them all the more and think of the lives that enjoyed them and the travels they must have taken.  I do know Aunt Flossie was a world traveler so there is a lot of history and stories to tell by these treasures.
These treasures make me smile.  I truly adore each and every item.  Sometimes I add and sometimes I edit but mostly I just admire all of it.  I can only hope my daughter and granddaughters carry on the sentimentality of caring for these treasures.  I am very fortunate to be the keeper of them for now.
Our weather continues to be in the extreme heat pattern with no rain in sight.  We have forest fires burning in so many areas near us (not scary close at this time) that our air quality is very bad, the sky is smoky gray and ashes are falling from the sky.  I can only pray that all are safe and the fires are put out very soon.
I have been able to play (gosh it has been a while but my faithful 2012 word has been patient with me) in my studio and I am working on a couple of things I will share in the near future.
Summer Sunshine Smiles as we enjoy the remainder of favorite month!


  1. Dear Sherry, I also love hats,
    but am not so fortunate to have any from my grandmother, or mother- my mother never wears a hat!
    Your many different ones and bags too are so wonderful, and lovely displayed on the built in dresser.
    wonderful gifts from the past.
    Hugs ,-Dorthe

  2. oh No!! Not the forest fires! I will wish for rain for you, and that you stay safe!
    I love showing off collections. I also love things that are handed down from generation to generation. I collect depression glass for 20 years, and even have some that my grandmother had. But she had lace and hand made doilys and post cards that were my great grandmothers between her and her sisters. I love them all and display them where I can!
    You know I have an extensive Hello Kitty collection too, and that is on display in my studio!!
    I love your hats and bags!!

  3. I don't appreciate clutter but I do like vignettes of favourite things. This is indeed lovely. My mum wasn't much for hats but I do remember the one she kept for those occasions that called for one.

  4. Unfortunately, I am like your hubby, I don't like clutter and I have never saved anything! I regret that now, your treasures are so fabulous, I can't imagine having a hat from my childhood!


  5. It is so hard to balance "clutter" with little display areas for treasures.Love this little display of your family treasures.

    Gee we have been hearing of the drought in America, and bush fires. I feel for you. We had 10 horrible years of drought due to El Ninyo(??) weather pattern, so we can empathise.

  6. Mr C and my husband seem to have so much in common. They will build anything for us but do not like clutter. Funny, when I read this post I thought I was reading up on my husband. Great bags and hats. Such a nice thing to be able to pass them on from generation to generation. Our days are muggy and hot. TFS. Ana

  7. What a beautiful collection, I love vintage purses! How fun to have such treasures! One day when I don't have a 5 yr old boy bouncing around everywhere I'd love to put some pretty things out like that.

  8. My Grandma's name was Flossie. Gotta love it. I keep the rest of my house neat a tidy too, but the craft room........ugh. My hubby is not allowed in here. It's all mine to do whatever I want to in here. Love your vignette....

  9. Hi Sherry! Your hat and handbag collection is so incredible. Much better than any museum!! What a great idea, to display and love them daily. Now that is brilliant! My mom was not really sentimental about "treasures", so unfortunately I do not have a lot of the items that I probably would have cherished. I do have some really wonderful love letters and photos and little gifts from my Grandmother, that her husband sent to her from Japan, during WWII. And I have a pile of old, old photos that I love. I can easily imagine you wearing those beautiful hats. Our weather is cooling off, finally, after a blazing hot, dry summer, but the drought continues. Hope you continue to be safe from fires, so scary. Thinking of you, kath

  10. Hi Sherry,
    Oh this is a fabulous vignette of special treasures. Your grandmother and Aunt would be so proud to see you displaying these pretties and giving them a place of honor.
    I too love to view my special keepsakes like this around my home.

    Prayers that the fires will be out soon and your air quality better. Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation. Santa Fe was amazing and the weather so much cooler. It was a nice break from our heat of triple digits.

    Looking forward to your new creation. Have fun playing and have a great weekend.
    Hugs and blessings, Celestina Marie

  11. I to love wearing hats but have none that are vintage. I have a glass display cabinet that has 3 generations of china keep sakes from my G. Grandmother, Grandmother and Mum. None of it expensive but nice reminders of family. Hugs Ms A.

  12. Lovely treasures. Nice display.
    I am in San Francisco for a few days so staying cool. Take it easy in the hot weather. When I was in Truckee two days ago, there was a wild storm of rain, lightening and thunder! Kind of scary but sure would like some wet weather in GV for our gardens!!!!
    Smiles to you...Cory/Dogwood

  13. Sherry I have all of my mothers beautiful things and I should have them out like you have done. I love your display. What a nice husband to make that for you.
    Fires. The heat is really on here.Just East of us is on fire and thousands of trapped animals have died. Homes lost and they say it will be bad this weekend. We have the Snoqualmie pass between us and are quite safe for now. But I water the perimeter around the house often. Everything is tinder dry.
    Stay safe and have a nice creative weekend. Hugs Sharon

  14. As I've gotten older I've given my children many of my treasures. I used to keep them all out but it became such a chore to keep them all dusted that I decided it was time to let many of them go. But the ones that I've kept are out where I can see them! blessings, marlene

  15. Oh what a wonderful way to blend Mr. C.'s building skills and passion for order and your wonderful passion for collectables! THANK YOU MY DEAR for coming to visit with me! It is so nice to see you! I hope your summer has been one of creativity galore!!! Now for a creative fall! LET'S GO! Anita

  16. Hello, dear friend -
    Like you, I have all the gifts displayed from my blog friends. They (and you) are always so generous! It's a reminder to me to always be humble and grateful.
    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday.


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