Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Multi-Beaded Bracelet...

After lunching with some friends last week we just had to visit some of the local shops here in town.  I was intrigued with a bracelet one of my friends bought.  I wish I had taken a photo of it but didn't have my camera.  It was multi-strands with different beads and some charms dangling from them.  I really liked it.  I even went back to admire them again.  I didn't buy one because they were approximately $40 plus tax.  That is just out of my budget.  So for a few days I obsessed about those bracelets.
Finally I realized I could check my bead stash and make something similar.  Here are some of the beads I pulled out to use.

 Here are the bracelets before I put them together and finished them off.  Each one is made on stretchy cord...just like the store version.  Here I have used some lovely mother-of-pearl beads, some fancy cut glass beads, silver lined beads and some fresh water pearls.  I wanted to have the monochromatic look yet have some glimmer and bling.

 As I usually do the finished bracelet is different from the ones shown above.  I took out the mother-of-pearl strand and replaced it with a much more blingy silver toned laser cut beaded strand.  Here I have grouped the bracelets together with velvet ribbon and added the charms.

I believe my version of the coveted store bracelet is every bit as fabulous.  I can honestly say it didn't cost me nearly as much and I have the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself!  The charms are all hearts and one crown with bling.  I actually made this bracelet special for my daughter's birthday and it is on its way to her as we read.  She is an August Leo and all about the BLING!  Happy Birthday my lovely daughter who has grown into a wonderful woman.
Our weather is Summer Sunshine and brings lots of smiles to my face.  I love Summer!
Blissful creating to each of you as you enjoy your days...


  1. Beautiful project, Sherry. I need to do something with all the beads and jewelry supplies I have stashed away, thanks for the inspiration.
    hugs & JOY,

  2. Beautiful! I'm going to ot remember this one as it is such a great bracelet, especially with the clump of charms.

  3. Your bracelets are gorgeous. I bet they are nicer than the ones that were 40 dollars. I have so many beads but have never tried using them on making bracelets. Maybe I will pull out my stash of beads that i hoarder until I make pins and try making some bracelets myself.
    TFS. Ana

  4. I love that bracelet. I love jewelry and the more the merrier when it comes to bracelets -- I like to wear more than one, on each wrist -- so having several strands all together like this is wonderful! Very nice and of course your daughter with love it. Happy birthday to her. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Happy August! Tammy

  5. You are such a smart creative cookie! I love the bracelet you designed...all those pretty beads, and bling, really look fabulous! What a lovely gift for your daughter. Congratulations to her : )

  6. What a wonderful gift your daughter will receive...and to know it was made with love makes it all that much more special!

  7. I'm a bit of bling girl myself and that bracelet has me wanting one! Julie

  8. What a beautiful gift, from the heart, to your daughter, Sherry! I am certain she will love it. I have never had the jewelry making talent...i admire it, though! So glad you have summertime warmth and sun. How is your deck? are two or three hours from San Francisco, huh?! Are you going to go?! I loved the city, and the coast. I miss it. July went so fast... Peace and happy creating to you, kathy

  9. You have been so busy my creative friend!!This bracelet is awesome, and the store's couldn't possibly hold a candle to yours! And your book is wonderful too!! The ATC's you got are beautiful! I see someone has summer on their mind too with the seahorse one!!
    It's not just us!!!

  10. oh it's beautiful Sherry! You are so clever to have made this beautiful bracelet, and how wonderful to have the satisfaction of making it yourself.
    I would have loved to have gone to that store but I am glad I didn't!

  11. Hello dear Sherry,
    So well done, -your daughter will be ever so thrilled, and you have a wonderful satisfaction of having done it all by yor own hands. It looks beautiful.

  12. I love your take on the bracelets Sherry. I like the elegant creamy white colors you used. The little piece of velvet ribbon, just beautiful. I'm sure she is going to love having a piece of her mom's art.

  13. Very clever, Sherry, and very beautiful, too! I'm sure your daughter will love it! Nicely done.

  14. Your bracelet turned out beautifully! Love the neutral palette you have used as it can be worn with anything. I'm betting your daughter is going to love it.

  15. Happy Birthday daughter! The bracelet is wonderful, I love that it is a grouping of different bracelets, it looks like a million bucks!


  16. Oh Sherry, what a gorgeous bracelet you created! Your daughter is going to love, love, love it! xo

  17. such a lucky daughter and bet she'll love the soft pink!

  18. How beautiful! Your daughter is lucky to have such a talented mother!
    hugs Lynn

  19. AND you will love it all the more while knowing that you made it yourself---( and saved all tgat money!!!) I agree that your version is fabulous and beautiful! Love the bling!!

  20. Sherry, you are so creative in so many areas - you amaze me! Beautiful bracelet!
    xo Jane


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