Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Minute Block...

 I am such a creature of habit.  I see a tutorial of something I like or am inspired by and think I would love to make that...some day.  So into the tutorial folder it goes.  And then it sits.  I never seem to get back to that folder nor do I ever seem to make any of those wonderful things.  I must do it right then or forget it.  But...this time I kept a link in my red urgent box.  Come on...10 minutes?!
We all know of Suzanne McNeill if we have been in the crafting world for any length of time.  She is a wizard of all things crafty and sewing/quilting.  Here is her link to 10 Minute Quilt Squares.
Here are two that I made not to her sizing but out of some squares of fabrics I already had in my stash.
 Really?  Yes!  Only 10 minutes and here are my quilt squares.  I finished the centers with her suggestion of the Cathedral design and stitched the bias of the square inward.  I love the look.  Fast and simple and easy.  That is my kind of project.  These will make good pillow toppers...except that I have no rooms that allow for these fabrics or colors.  I could finish them into pillows and donate them to a charity which is exactly what I think I will do.  These quilt squares would also make fun book or binder covers.  Maybe for a quilt class you are taking and need to keep your notes in a notebook.

Here is a close up of the center.  This one is machine stitched however you could also hand stitch this for a softer more hand-finished look.  That would take more than 10 minutes though.
Now don't you want to try this 10 Minute block?  Small or large they are super simple and fast to make.  Thank you Suzanne McNeill for being such a genius in our creative world.
Our weather is cooler and definitely feeling Fallish.  The past two days Mr. C and I have spent all daylight hours cleaning up the property.  He chain sawed a couple of trees down and then split the wood and stacked it in the wood shed. Tons of weed-wacking and picking up of fallen tree debris.  Raking numerous piles of pine needles, leaves, trimming debris, acorns and what ever else is on the ground.  Loading the pickup truck to overflowing we have made three trips to the dump today alone.  Exhausted and filthy I am looking forward to a wonderful shower and relaxing evening.  We still have fire season and terrible drought so doing all this cleanup of the property is a very good thing.  Less fire fuel for certain.
My head is filled with thoughts of the upcoming gifting and boutique season.  My Zumba studio will be hosting a boutique and I signed up to have a table of gift items for sale.  My Merry Mystical Muse will need to get busy.  This weekend I better make my Halloween Swap Tags and get them in the mail.  The days are passing very fast.
Creative Bliss to each of you my clever friends...


  1. I love that you just give things a try, your quilt square is adorable! That is why we totally love blogging,,,We learn so much and stretch ourselves!


  2. Love the idea of a stress free 10-minute project! Anyone can do that right? I do a lot of that too... holding onto ideas and not always getting to them. I'm glad you did this one. Looks great!

  3. Pretty quilt, Sherry. I know for a fact, though, that I couldn't do any of that in ten minutes...! You are a hard worker in everything you do.

  4. hi Sherry,
    I think we all have a folder or 2, maybe even 3 with projects we all want to work on some day. Problem, we hardly ever get back to them and when we do, as least for me, I think to myself, whey did I even save this. Because now I have seen other crafts that I like better or prefer doing or making. LOL.
    Well, hope you are able to get all your tags done this weekend. Happy crafting. ANA

  5. Dear Carolyn,
    they are so pretty both,- and lovely fabrics you used.
    I am sure I would never make it in 10 minutes, but that is me.......when it comes to acurate work, I`m not that great,lol-
    It will be wonderful for you in winter to have those stacks of wood, to save on the fuel bills.
    Happy weekend to you ,

  6. My gosh, that is brilliant. And I don't even really like cathedral windows! lol I think I have my idea for a baby quilt do this winter. THANKS! Sherry. Like you I save so much stuff but this looks like a doer!

  7. That's great. Love your idea of a stress free 10 minute project!
    Your fabrics are beautiful!

  8. Oh you sound so very busy Sherry! Your 10 minutes blocks look fabulous. I'm just the same, full of good intentions but unless I do it there and there it don't get done - lol!

    Your property clean up sounds like hard work, bet you enjoyed that shower afterwards.

    The boutique sounds like a lot of fun - look forward to seeing what you make.

    Happy creating to you too SSD x

  9. i think your post was written in Japanese until the bottom. I on't know a thing about sewing!!
    I wish my Mr. would do some house things!! He is really behind! Thankfully I have someone who does my lawn. And how awesome you are going to have a table at the boutique! i can't wait to see what you make!!

  10. Love the idea Sherry of the 10 minute project. Your cathredal window is beautifu. I wish I can quilt like that.

  11. I've never tried quilting but if I did, the 10 minute block would be the perfect thing to start with! Yours are really pretty!

  12. I know exactly what you mean by saving all those wonderful tutorials and hardly looking at them again. You are so right to do it right away. And the results are wonderful, so many possibilities for those blocks.

  13. Thanks for the link. I have to make some childrens quilts and I think this idea would work well. Quick and easy.
    We had smoke here for 2 days from eastern WA. I feel so sorry for those people over there. I am also clearing up around the property as I fear the fires. Our woods is tinder dry. I can't believe I am going to say this but we could use a good rain. That coming from a Washington native is serious! LOL

  14. 10 minute blocks sound great and yours look lovely, will check out the blog. Love Cathedral windows but they take up so much fabric, scrooge coming out in me now.


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