Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Swap Tags...

 My Halloween Mystical Magical Muse did not let me down.  She came through once I began gathering everything I could relate to Halloween.  This photo above shows how I used some Dutch Boy paint chips to make some tags.  The colors were already put together so it was very fast and easy.  I merely cut them to size, backed them with some construction paper and will cut them out individually.  I have yet to use these.

 I am trying to "use what I have" instead of going to the store and buying more supplies.  It is astounding the amount of supplies I do already have, including these perfectly Halloween orange tags.  Here I am auditioning the placement of some fun elements.

Thankfully I did not forget to take a photo of my finished tags for the artjoystuff swap this time.  I hope everyone enjoys what they receive from me.  I had lots of fun with my muse making these.
Now that these are completed and mailed to Kimberly I am trying not to rush Halloween.  First I want to savor every day of September and enjoy Fall that is taking place all around me.  We do not have any vibrant colors as of yet but we do have cooler mornings and nights and leaves are falling off the oak and maple trees.  Squirrels are gathering acorns for winter nourishment.  The lawn grass is growing slower so it doesn't need mowing quite as often.  My colorful pots of flowers are waning.  The roses are blooming fewer and fewer.  The pond Lilly pads are ending their stay.  Soon it will be time for the pond to hibernate for winter.
Life is good and I am enjoying every moment.  I wish for you to enjoy your moments as well.
Being creative in my mind and gearing up for a very busy season ahead...


  1. Hi Sherry, Very cute tags. I am sure whom ever receives them will love them. Super cute. I have been busy with layouts, but have not blogged at all since Roscoe's last diagnosis. HApp crafting to you. ANA

  2. Oh, Sherry, I do hope I get one! Very cute and Halloweenish! Love the idea of using what you have! I'm working on that too - and I do have plenty!Hoping to get back to my craft blogging - keep getting distracted - probably have enough for 10 posts!
    xoxo Jane

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Adorable! Thanks for joining the fun again!
    enJOY a sweet day,

  4. Your tags are adorable! Of course, when I first looked through the pictures (before actually reading anything) I thought you had made some fabulous bookmarks. I think your creativity is rubbing off.

  5. Nice work on the tags. Halloween isn't a holiday I get excited about but the time of the year preceding it is often a slower reflective time and the wind down of colours makes the few that still bloom show up even better. I appreciate them more knowing the season is slowly changing.

  6. Your Halloween tags are amazing, Sherry! I used to make and load my PPumpkin shop with paper and tags and cards...and Halloween...now I miss it! I love your details. Your autumn description made me smile and sigh...the pond settling down to hibernate, the squirrels gathering. Fall is such a beautiful season with so much busy but sleepy life happening. Enjoy your new day! Love, kath

  7. Hi Sherry, Your tags are way cute. Love how you used paint chips samples to get the colors you wanted for the perfect Halloween mix. Your swap partner is going to just love these.
    Yes, it won't be long the gardens will begin their winter nap after this long hot summer. We are cooling down enough that the blooms are giving a wonderful show at the moment. We are so enjoying it.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. Your tags are sure to be enjoyed by the recipients!
    I no longer get excited about Hallowe'en, since we've not had trick-or-treaters coming to our door for the last 37 years, and there's no reason to decorate the outside as we live in an isolated area with no immediate neighbours............but I do enjoy the fall colours, and the crisp air of autumn, gathering pine cones in the woods, and feeding the birds.
    Wishing you a wonderfully spooky All Hallow's Eve!

  9. How very clever!! These are adorable...and what a great way to 'use' up stuff!

  10. More delightful creativity from you. How fun are these. We are still gathering up our firewood after chopping all day on Saturday! These are from trees that fell last year so they are good and dry. No rain yet. Lawns are all brown. So sad. We really need rain. Had winds from the East and smoke from the fires, but today was clearer. The leaves are getting some color now.

  11. These get me in the mood to create something Halloween themed! Great job...

  12. I love the paint chip tags...Very clever! No sign of fall here in Orlando yet...Hoping in and dreaming. Life is good here too, my son arrives tomorrow for a 1 week visit yahoo!!


  13. Your Halloween tags are gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Sherry,
    Those are so cute! Good for you for using what you have. I will try to follow your good example!

  15. Your Halloween tags are great! Always a good thing when you can use what you have. Weather sounds nice where you are. Early mornings here feel okay but afternoons are still too hot. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  16. No tricks with these adorable tags Sherry, just treats! Maybe we will get one of each others!
    Things around here are the same ,color changes just starting ,the leaves falling from the trees already. cool crisp mornings.awe I do love fall!
    Enjoy these beautiful days.
    hugs Lynn

  17. Hello Sherry, yes! Your muse really did show up! Your Halloween tags are fab and fun! I love your creations on each one. Especially the tiny skeletons!
    I too am trying to "use what I have" or do without! lol! I can't believe how many craft supplies I have.

    I too want to enjoy each and every day of September! I love this time of hear when things begin to change, temperature, leaves, the smell in the air....all just lovely!

  18. Really neat tags Sherry! They look like they were a lot of fun to make :)


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