Monday, September 24, 2012

Mouse House Memories...

My Mouse House memories are fond ones for me.  Ever since I was a very little girl I have adored mice.  When I was about two years old my mother and I lived in a house and I called it the mouse house.  I remember it being very small.  There was no other reason to call it that as I certainly never say any live mice in it.
So with my love of mice I have always collected them.  Forever and still to this day.  Oh I try to be selective about my choices now as my tastes have refined...actually that should read as I have run out of room...or maybe it should read as I might be growing up and maturing.
As you can see my mouse house is full to overflowing but I still manage to fit in the tiniest little new ones here and there.  Mr. C tells me that I must eliminate in order to get new ones as they must all fit into this one curio cabinet.  As you can see I do not listen very well.  I have them sitting on top of the case and you would probably find a few more in some other rooms in my home.  I do adore them all.

This shelf is dedicated to my Franklin Mint mice.  Each one came with a name and a story.  I like to put my own mouse tales to them from time to time.

This shelf is dedicated to my Disney themed mice.  Mickey and Minnie are priceless to me.  I grew up with them and love them so much.  The Mickey head is actually a camera I bought for my daughter when she was little and it used to work but somehow through the years it quit working.

Here you can see more mice than I can count.  I even still have the tiniest little gold mouse nail charm that my teenage daughter bought and gave to me long ago.  I think it was the eighties when long fingernails were all the rage and you drilled a little hole in the fingernail tip and inserted this little charm into the hole.  I wore that mouse for a very long time and am so thankful I still have it.
So as I stroll down memory lane on this Memory Lane Monday with Donna of Brynwood Needleworks I am smiling with joy at seeing my lovely little mice all snug in their mouse house.
As "do-overs" Mr. C and I blended our two homes and contents.  When it came time for me to move in with him he didn't want me to bring much STUFF!  Finally he agreed that my mouse house could come as long as it was in a back room where no one would see it.  So on moving day as I was back to my home to get some more things he moved the curio cabinet.  When I got to his house I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to enter the foyer and find my mouse house proudly resting against the wall separating the entry from the formal living room and the family room.  There it was for all to see and enjoy.  I just knew Mr. C and I would be happy and together for a very long time from that point on.  He had also ordered some new custom glass shelves as there were only three and now I have six.  Mice are small you know and they do not need 12" clearance between shelves.  Mr. C is quite the engineer and I am a lucky girl.
We are Falling into Autumn here and it is delightful.  We still have zero rain so still very dry everywhere.
May your memories keep you smiling...


  1. Oh, what a beautiful collection, and a great display! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful mice. I really love them!

    Thanks for joining in Memory Lane Mondays, too, my friend.

    Hugs from FL,

  2. OG my goodnes dear Sherry,
    what a fantastic collection, so wonderful you have collected for all those years, and that they are still all in your cabinet :-)
    Hugs and happy week-Dorthe

  3. such a collection, no take no notice of Mr C you cannot get rid of any.You must keep collecting, maybe they are keeping the live variety away!I had a mouse a few years ago that got in and overnight destroyed a whole toilet roll, think it was building a nest, soon went as my daughter came with her cat!!

  4. Hey Sherry, That is too funny. I too love mice. I did have 9 live ones in a bird house when I was in 6th grade. When my mom found out she wanted to kill me. I had to give them away. I have a tattoo of Mickey on my lower back which I got when I turned 31. I love it and anything Disney. Can't believe how much we both have in common. Mr C seems like a wonderful man. Any man that puts up with us women and our hobbies (which can become very expensive) are keepers. Still hoping the rain goes your way. They predict rain today and tomorrow again. Is it ever going to stop here? They are also predicting a cold front. I can't wait to see what cold will be for us here in Florida. Ana

  5. Hi Sherry,
    What a sweet collection, and I love how your Mr. used it to welcome you into his life.
    enJOY a lovely day,

  6. You have a great collection! I have an aversion to mice, other than Mickey and Minnie. I guess I've seen too many of the real deal here on the farm!

  7. I love your Mouse collection, Sherry, but I love your stories even more. Sentimental...sigh.

  8. Magpie posted about this, and I thought you might be interested. ;-D

  9. Mr. C is sweet. Reminds me of my Rooster, nothing in till something goes out and then he brings me something new! We gotta luv the good guys!

  10. How did I miss this!!! I love your mice and am racking my brain trying to remember, but I honestly don't...
    Your home is so lovely though it might just have blended in to all your other beautiful things. (You should tell Mr. C that it's obviously not too obtrusive!)
    This collection is adorable Sherry, and how many wonderful memories you have because of have crafted a lovely tale of mice and men...

  11. A mouse house will always be special to me, (it's the name of one of my blogs). So nice to visit yours.
    Smiles, Angela.

  12. What a sweet story of mice and men! Or should I say "man"!! You are a lucky lady but I'm sure he would say he's just as lucky!

  13. Another lovely and entertaining post Sherry. I'm a recent do-over myself but we have yet to blend houses and stuff. Should be interesting when it happens :)

  14. That is quite a collection of mice. I used to collect teddy bears but then decided I needed to curb that desire and weeded things out, keeping only the ones that really meant something to me. Sounds like your little mice definitely have lots of memories attached to them. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  15. What a fabulous collection, I am sure it always keeps you looking when you are out and about...What a fun! Ok, the Mr., well I was mad at him for shoving your curio into the back of the house, but he redeemed himself...OK, he's a keeper!!



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