Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Memories Framed...

Hello.  These are little plastic army men that I have saved for many years.  They belonged to my daughter's father when he was a little boy.  He had painted the helmets...some red and some blue so that he could tell which side was fighting the other side.  For some reason I had always thought that was so clever.
He and I have been divorced for many years and lost contact with one another.  My daughter and he were not in contact either.  Then I got notified of his passing.  It was very unexpected.
My daughter has learned a lot about death and fighting for her rights in the past many months. She was his only child and he left no will or trust.  He died in another state and she had to handle everything necessary.
She gave me some of his important papers and photos and asked if I would put them together in a frame.  It was a daunting task and took me a long time.  I decided on three frames as the content flowed better that way.  I am not sharing much of them as they are very personal and contain personal data.
This frame is a shadow box and contains his Army dog tags, immunization record and honorable discharge certificate.  This is where I felt the little plastic army men belonged so you can see them along the bottom inside edge of the frame.  The rest I placed in their cigar box bunker for safe keeping.
I have now given her these framed memories and she was very surprised.  She never knew I had his army men.  She will hang the frames in her office behind the door for her personal remembrance.  The little army men will be kept on a shelf safe and sound.  Maybe they will help fight for her as life can be such a challenge.
Our weather is becoming more like Fall everyday.  The days are warm but the evenings are cooling off fast and the sunshine is shorter each and every day.  Leaves are already dropping...partly from the horrible dry conditions we have had.  I would welcome a wonderful long rainfall.
I read that some of you are Fall deep home cleaners as opposed to Spring cleaning.  I think we are doing a bit of both.  Mr. C is busy washing windows on this very treacherous two story house.  Our window washer moved to Thailand and we did not realize how long it has been.  We also did not realize what hard water we have when it comes straight from our well.  Oh the water spots on glass!  Mr. C is a very hard worker and he is getting them clean but it is a difficult job and I am thankful he is doing it.  I am his helper.
I signed up to participate in Kimberly's artjoystuff Halloween tag swap.  Please check her blog link for details and maybe you will want to join the fun.  I am ready to get creative.  I am also recommitting to making my FW QAL blocks that Donna of Brynwood Needleworks is hostessing.  Please check her link for this.
Now I am off to clear some space in my studio.  Where do these piles of stuff come from?  Oh!
Thank you all so very much for the wonderful birthday wishes.  I will be sharing some of my gifts in future posts.  Bloggers are the most generous people honestly.
Blissful Creating Friends...


  1. What a wonderful and generous gift you gave your daughter by helping her protect and save the mementos that belonged to her father. It must have been difficult for you on many levels. I'm sure that God smiles on you for making this effort, Sherry.

    I'll send out an email tomorrow with more information to kick start our QAL after this summer hiatus. I'm really looking forward to creating more blocks for my (queen size) project.

    Hugs from FL,

  2. How nice to be able to keep all those memories from her Dad. She must be very thankful for you helping her out in being able to save the memories.
    Our weather here in Florida is horrible. It is either raining or hot 100 degrees. The humidity doesn't help either. HAve fun creating and can't wait to see what you create next.

  3. The shadow box is such a thoughtful and wonderful gift for your daughter! I hope it brings some closure in her life.
    Yes, we have hard water, too, and it does leave spots! I use vinegar to clean my windows. It works wonders for removing the spots!

  4. The shadow box is amazing SSD, the little army men look perfect at the bottom too - that is such a wonderful thing to do for your daughter.

    Window cleaning isn't one of my favourite jobs. We have a local window cleaner for the outside (he came today acutally), but the inside is left to me. We're having some lovely sunny weather at the moment - now the children are back at school! Wonder how long it'll last though.

    Happy creating as always xxx

  5. What a kind and thoughtful person you are. This must have been difficult for you on so many levels but what a wonderful gift for your daughter. You know Sherry you are the real gift and I hope your daughter realizes that. I am sure she does.
    Don't mention window washing. In our great room we have 4 windows that go up twenty nine feet. It is really scary......

  6. You have created such a nice keepsake for your daughter. It is amazing you have kept those army men all these years. I remember my brother playing with some of these, but he didn't paint them. (That was actually pretty clever!)

  7. That is a wonderful gift for your daughter, you are a better person than me, I am afraid I would not be so generous. my son and I also have no contact with my EX, his dad. It has been in the back of my mind a little while planning this wedding, He has such a fabulous son....How can he walk away?


  8. I'm sure your daughter will cherish the frame..and how sweet of you to do that for her :)

  9. Sherry, that story of your ex and his, unfortunately, negative impact on your daughter is heartbreaking. And he hadn't seen her in a long time, left her a huge mess to clean up and she still wanted you to put his things in something sentimental. I have tears in my eyes. I know the feeling too well and it is awful. I wish her the absolute best! You spoke of her having a hard time, I hope it isn't too hard.
    You are such a wonderful person to do what you did!! I understand you did it for her, but it couldn't have been easy. You are amazing!
    Tell your husband to be careful on the second story windows!! And you, take care of yourself!!!

  10. What a wonderful gift you made for your daughter. The idea of the army men continuing to fight this challenging life we live really struck home. It's been dry here lately too and the leaves are beginning to the fall and the gold finches have left. Fall is in the air.

  11. I think that painting the soldier's helmets was very clever of him, as well. Your daughter will treasure the things of her father's...sorry she had to go through that. As always,looking forward to your upcoming projects. :)

  12. Bless you, Sherry. Of course, the army men need to march in the shadows of the army. Hope the sun chases away any shadows for you and your daughter. Some of my windows aren't being cleaned this year. We are replacing the upper story windows. Whoo hoo! But I will still chase away any fall dust bunnies that will be trying to hide. Our leaves are starting to turn also.

  13. What a wonderful gift for your daughter. You've triggered an idea in me - I still have my son's Hot Wheels cars. I think some of them in a small shadow box frame would be awesome. :) blessings, marlene

  14. Very touching memory box, Sherry. I can't imagine the feelings that must have gone through your head as you remembered and created for your daughter. You are such a good Mom. (I remember playing with these green army long ago...)

  15. I have been taking a break so I am here getting caught up with you. What a wonderful post and a wonderful thing to do for your daughter. Love the thoughts about the army men.

  16. Hi Sherry,
    First off I want to wish you a belated birthday greeting. You looks fabulous and can not possibly be 64. You and your gorgeous daughter look like sisters. What a fun party you had with your family.

    This post is so wonderful and I am sorry for the loss of your daughters dad even though they lost contact. The shadow box you created is perfect and a great idea. She will have these treasures always and a sweet remembrance of his life brought to her from your very talented hands. What a labor of love from you.

    Sounds like you and your hubby are busy with Fall cleaning. I clean both Spring and Fall and clean the windows too. We have hard water also and the sprinkler system leaves water spots that annoy me greatly. LOL It takes a lot of elbow grease to get them off with a srapper.

    So glad you are starting to see fall. We are so ready and hopefully this weekend we too will start to see and feel the changes. Anything is better then 105. LOL

    Have a great weekend and don't work too hard. Happy Creating for Fall and your swaps.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  17. Sherry your gift to your daughter is such a precious thing. Its to bad she never got to know him, It really was his loss as I imagine your daughter is a delightful girl in every way. Love how you added the Army men.

    I'm doing the tag swap too. who knows maybe we will get one of each others!
    hugs Lynn

  18. That's tough stuff. Losing a father that you really didn't know that well and now won't be able to find out. I can understand why the small bits of information she does have would be so precious. You are a good soul to see her need for this and I'm sure it was hard for you as well.

    The army men are just plain GREAT. The preciousness of a memento is seldom linked to its value. You couldn't buy those plastic men for a million dollars...or all the strength and history they contain.

    This is a beautiful and bittersweet story Sherry. I hope it all works out for Shelby. xo Susan

    P.S. Why am I not surprised that Mr. C does windows?


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