Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Magnetic Bracelet Closure...

Here is a bracelet I bought several years ago.  Trouble is I could never wear it because I couldn't get it fastened without help.  I very much dislike closures that are not one hand friendly.  What do you prefer?

Here is the original clasp that is the lobster type.  No matter how much I tried or how much help I had the clasp was just difficult.  The other morning I wanted to wear it but got frustrated.  So...

Into the studio I went with just a few minutes to spare before I had to leave.  I got out my trusty jewelry tools and findings.  I selected split rings as they don't come apart easily.  I also selected one of my favorite magnetic clasps.  I used a silver toned because this bracelet has all mixtures of finishings.  Also I have yet to obtain any copper colored magnetic clasps.  In just a couple of minutes I had attached my new magnetic clasp and was able to wear my bracelet.  Super easy and now super one handed friendly.
I have used these clasps for lots of applications.  One of my dear friends who has a difficult time fastening a necklace with a tiny little closure was very happy when I easily replaced it with a magnetic clasp.  Now she can wear her necklace any time she wishes to.
Just a note:  Anyone with a pacemaker should not wear the magnetic clasps.
The magnet on these I like are pretty strong.  In fact, while at a restaurant one day I moved my arm and had a fork attached to the clasp.  Then a spoon and eventually the butter knife.  It really was quite funny and got lots of attention from the table next to us.  I also get attached to the handle of the grocery cart.  I have not yet lost a bracelet to any of these attachments so all is good.
What type of closure clasp do you prefer for your bracelets?  Inquiring minds want to know...
Lots of yard maintenance to do around here.  I am spending many hours on my hands and knees weeding.  Our Winter was so dry and mild that now we are already being warned of high fire danger.  That is my worst fear living in the forest.  We are also having lots of wind this year...more than ever before.  Not a good combo to be certain.  May we all stay safe and be spared.  For those of you still experiencing Winter with Snow and Rain...I will try to send you some of my sunshine.  In fact a trade would be ever so nice as we could use the moisture.
May has arrived all too quickly and my month is filling in to be quite a busy one.  What are you looking forward to this month?
Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts and I do hope you are all getting to be very creative.  Sunshine Smiles...


  1. Hi dear Sherry,
    Oh you made me laugh, telling about forkes ,knives and ...being catched from your magnet closure :-)
    How fun- and how wonderful a solution on bracelets and necklaces, too- I have had bad words in my mouth, when not being able to close those things, !!!
    I will look for magnets from now... thankyou..
    I dearly hope the dry weather, will not end in a fire in your surroundings, and will hope for some rain for you.
    Hugs Dorthe

  2. Funny story about the fork, spoon and knife.
    I don't mind any of the closures. I have 3 pandora bracelets and i don't mind taking them off and putting them on.
    Our weather is just yucky. Rain, rain and more rain. It poured so badly yesterday that lots of the mulch is on our driveway now. I hate the rain. It puts me in a bad, lazy mood.

  3. Funny hearing the silverware is attracted to you too! I have allergies so I don't get to enjoy jewelery unless it is on an elastic. I can wear rings as my hands are not as sensitive and they are gold also. Was a time I could wear 14k earrings or necklaces but those too will cause a break out now. ~Diane

  4. Timely as my girl and I did bracelets with toggles this afternoon and they are not so easy to do up. I do like the magnetic ones and if they are that strong lol then that is a good way to go. I shall look for various finishes. I'm blowing rain drops your way but the snow may be mixed in as well. vbsigh I'm hoping to turn a creative corner this May! :)

  5. LOVE that bracelet, Sherry - was figuring you made it, but it ROCKS, just the same. HAPPY MAY DAY - hope all is well and you're getting lots of sun now! Spent the morning at Carole's - you're gonna' love meeting her next weekend! XOXO Tanya

  6. what a beautiful bracelet! I prefer the magnetic clasps and i also have never lost one!

  7. Must admit I am paranoid about loosing bracelets so the clasps have to be very secure for me. I use hubby. Been in the garden this week too as the weather has been a little nicer here and the dandelions are beginning to be a bit of a nuisance. Hugs Mrs a.

  8. What a talent to be able to make needed changes to a piece of jewelry! I am still in the collecting everything needed to make jewelry but have yet to venture any farther. Want to come over and play??!! I had to laugh at your incident at the restaurant. Didn't Carol Burnett do a skit like this? Too funny! You asked about May.. mine is filled with a huge garage sale this Saturday.. the baby's graduation from college the following weekend.. moving furniture to two locations and one into storage. Phew!! Taking one day at a time around here!!

  9. Some problems are so easy to solve, the only thing you need is a bit of time. I have no bracelets, not a single one, no closure problems either.

  10. problem sorted so quickly, what a great idea I struggle like ou did now I know the answer. , thanks for the tip

  11. That's so funny SSD, so you acquired a few new charms for your beautiful bracelet then (albeit rather large ones!) I too find the fastenings very fiddly. I've recently discovered stretchy elastic for bracelets, can't beat it, although of course it doesn't have the same look. Other than that I'm very naughty and try to ease the bracelets on without undoing them!

    Hope you're well, sorry I haven't been visiting much - our weather has now become Spring like (it was even like Summer today, hot with blue skies) hope it lasts! xx

  12. I love the bracelet and the idea of the magnetic clasp. I always find bracelet and necklace clasps so frustrating. Sounds like a pretty powerful magnet -- your experiences at the restaurant sound pretty entertaining. I'd imagine that wearing a bracelet with a magnetic clasp would be the perfect "tool" for beading, when using all those tiny little metal pieces like bead covers and jump rings -- you'd never have to worry about dropping them on the floor since they'd probably end up hanging on to your clasp.

  13. Oh you had me laughing at you in the restaurant with your silverware dangling! Isn't it funny how we will work around stuff for years and in a few minutes solve a problem. We just had 4 days of rain here in Orlando, so needed...Oh I am wishing it comes your way!


  14. We have had a ton of wind as well, and it is very unusual for this area as well.... hot dry weather has arrived as well - you and I have much in common with that as well.
    I love your bracelet and the clasp sounds both wonderful and amusing; how funny to have the cutlery jumping to join you - right out of Beauty and the Beast!
    My favourite bracelets are bangles... no clasps, just slide them on and off - the path pf least resistance will always be my favourite when it comes to jewellery!

  15. What a lovely bracelet! I've only used magnetic closures on a couple of the beaded kumihimo bracelets that I've made. My MIL wears hers almost everyday and says that it's so easy to put on and take off.

  16. Love your "inspire" bracelet, very pretty!
    Enjoyed your funny "magnetic" story!
    I'll have to try these clasps.

  17. You are clever...and funny too : )
    I can just see you with a butter knife dangling off your bracelet! lol!
    I love to make bracelets, but I almost never wear them. I use a toggle clasp most of the time. But the magnet seems cool!
    Except for the tendency to pilfer nearby silverware!
    Spring is beginning here too, a little late, but it is happening.


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