Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beads and Blossoms...

Beads.  Beads.  Glorious Beads.  I am definitely cash poor but bead wealthy.  In my sorting a while back I discovered lots of beads I had forgotten about.  I love the feel of beads.  I love the look of beads.  And...I love to create with beads.

Here are some of my more sorted beads by colors.  These tend to be considered "bead soup" as they are mixtures of all types and sizes.  This is a great way to keep leftover beads from projects when you just have a few remaining.  Pretty soon you have a nice assortment to either use separately or use together in a project.

This container looks a little messy however I have my methods.  My organizing skills are a constant exercise in organizing.  Hmmm...that rather sounds like something I said to Mr. C recently, "If I felt better, I would feel better."  To me it makes total and complete sense.
So back to my beads...I thought I should have some new simple jewelry pieces to fill in my options.

Here is a pair of earrings I just made to compliment my necklace you have seen before.  The necklace is also featured on my blog banner.  It is one of my forever favorites.  The green stones are Chalk Turquoise.  I paired them with small vintage black beads and my very best Swarovski bicones in crystal clear.  The Swarovski beads really add just the right touch of bling.

Then while my beads and jewelry tools were out and covering my work table I decided I needed a simple set to go with the black casual clothes I wear in summer.  Earrings and a necklace.  I used gemstone black agate rounds with my favorite Swarovski bicones in crystal clear.  The earthy cool of the agates and the sparkle of the bicones really compliment one another.

I kept the design very simple so as not to scream attention.  This necklace has my favorite magnetic clasp.  The length is known as "Princess" and is 18 inches in total.  It falls just below my collar bones and therefore does not draw any unnecessary eyes to my "turkey" throat that Mr. C so graciously points out all too often.
Simple is very much my clothing and in jewelry.  

This is a photo of my Japanese Maple which is growing very slowly.  The dark purple is dramatic.  The bright green with the beautiful white blossoms is Mock Orange.  I originally planted six of these as a hedge but that never came to fruition as the deer eat the mock oranges down to tiny little sticks.  The plants are barely surviving from all the chomping year to year.  This one somehow was able to grow some tall shoots that the deer can no longer reach and that is why I am able to have these delicious orange scented blossoms for a few weeks each Spring.  I took this photo from the upper West side deck.
Prayers and Healing Hugs continue for Oklahoma and the devastation of such a massive tornado.
Our weather is once again much chillier here.  The sun is shining but the warmth is not being felt.  This year we have had so much more "Delta breeze" than I can ever remember.  I call it wind!  And it is cold!  I will try to save some up for when Summer is here and the temperatures are much in hot...the way I prefer it to be.  I am probably part lizard.  A nice warm rock to rest upon sounds pretty good to me.
Creative Bliss to each and every one.  Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


  1. I have never been a beader but I can understand the love of beads, they are beautiful, your Japanese Maple is wonderful!

  2. Your soup is yummy and has great variety. Makes for a blissful creation!

  3. Can you say heaven, what a collection you have. Keep making your beautiful projects and bead on.

  4. You have a wonderful bead stash! lol! I too have beads I have forgotten about. I need to dig them all out and organize as well.
    Your necklaces and earrings are fab! I love those stones! Gorgeous!

    I have been thinking that the next place I live in, I will have a walled garden. No deers or rabbits to eat everything up before I can even see it! lol! What do you think? Would that work? : )

  5. Oh, my, so many beads! You've made some beautiful jewelry with them too!
    Glad your Mock Orange (Syringa?) is growing well. Here it grows so well that it can "take over", as they say, but it is very pretty. Guess we need some deer instead of raccoons and possums wandering around!
    Hope to get back to my blog and checking in more often soon!
    xo Jane

  6. Simple jewelry pieces, you mean simple in design not execution...I could never do that...Gorgeous pieces. Oh I know those poor people in Oklahoma...Crazy weather


  7. I adore beads too.I love to fondle them.I sort,stack,sort again, but never seem to get it just right!Ah well, sorting gives us an excuse to play, and make something special like you have done.
    PS having a giveaway next week on my new blog.if you know any quilters they might like to's about making bindings.

  8. Cash poor, bead rich, indeed...the new jewels ROCK! XOXO Tanya

  9. I think you should take a photo of yourself surrounded by all your beads! :)( I love beads, too, but I love to see what you and other beading artists can create with them even more! :)

  10. your containers for the beads look wonderful but not sure they would work for me as I am know to be a dropper and if I dropped one all the beads would roll all over the place!!
    beautiful jewellery you have made.
    Japanese maple is glorious, I saw one yesterday that must have been growing a long time it was about 5 foot tall and a delight to see.

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  12. Your soup with the different colored veggies and noodles looks delicious. Beautiful collection. I too love my beads and love to make stick pins with them.
    I don't know how to make jewelry. Maybe one day you can do a tutorial and teach us how to loop. That is the hard part for me.
    Love the small piece of your garden you showed. We have had lots and lots of rain these few days, which is great for the grass and plants but horrible for my poor Roscoe. He is petrified of the thunder and lightning.
    Have a blessed day and Happy Crafting. Ana

  13. I have a thing for beads too...glad to know we share this addiction.

  14. I'm with you! Love beads but I'm beginning to consider myself a collector as they are accumulating faster than I can use them. Oh darn (being sarcastic here - love all the piles of beads). We would be dangerous together in a bead shop ~ lol.

  15. Sherry, I see we share a love of beads and beading, too! I was broke for many years adding to my bead stash. It's such fun!
    Your jewelery is lovely.
    I had 2 double mock orange bushes at my former home, and loved the scent of the blossoms each spring. They look so pretty in bloom.
    Happy beading!

  16. Beautiful jewelry you have so many beads too! Your bushes are lovely, have you tried scattering human hair clippings around your garden area? I keep the deer out of my garden with hair scattered outside the perimeter of the garden, they can smell it and it does a good job of deterring them and other animals. ~Diane

  17. I really had to giggle at your post today. Your comments about feeling better just sounded like me. Your beading is once again gorgeous. I had to shoo the deer out of the garden last night. Our weatherman said yesterday was the coldest May 22nd in history for Seattle. One just does not have any idea what to wear in the mornings. LOL From one happy heart to another!

  18. I love beads too, dear Sherry, but have no real time for using and creating as long as I have the shop, where I am every day, creating mostly dolls !!
    Your first necklace is ever so beautiful, and so are the earrings to follow it!
    Also the black-crystal one looks lovely and elegant!
    Sending hugs,

  19. Gosh I think I have just come across bead heaven.! What a lovely selection you have . Love the first set you have shown. Hugs Mrs a.

  20. Hi Sherry,
    I love your bead stash. Makes me want to start creating jewelry just to have the beads. Lol. Love your new sets. So pretty. Love the black set.
    Gorgeous garden blooms too. I read what Diane said and its true. We used to brush miss b and then place her fur around to keep critters away. It does help. Wishing you warmer days. Hugs, Celestina Marie.

  21. I read your post on a day where I promised myself to have a bead sort out. I need to organise my collection.
    Love your pretty garden shots.
    it's still pretty cold here in England but my home county of Somerset is looking beautiful too.Sending you warm smiles,

  22. I love the look of all your beads organized in the blue tray. I tend to organize and re-organize as I always find things during my organization bouts! Lovely pieces inspired by your endeavours.

  23. Your designs have such a classic look.

  24. Oh how I love a box full of beads, trinkets and shiny things....just call me a magpie!

    Dearest one, thank you for coming over to leave a comment and yes,this year's France link party was sensational. Oh how I love to organize FUN! I wish I could find a job just organizing fun!

    Our weather as well has been oddly cold. Granted, I do live in the midwest and we do tend to have shorter warm periods, but WOW! This cold snap is dragging its feet! May you be well and be able to enjoy the lovely days of spring and summer. Our garden is giving us much pleasure however, with all the neon greens in the boxwood hedges!

    Much love,Anita

  25. All those yummy beads! I like how you have them organized and if you are having to organize them again periodically....well then that just means you get to play with them more!

  26. Dear Sherry,
    First I would like to thank you for coming over to meet Chester.. Your kind thoughts are truly appreciated.

    These beads! Oh do I love beads, you have such a beautiful collection, and the necklaces you have made are stunning... You are a gifted..

  27. I too have a bead collection.... and yet rarely make jewelry. But when I go to eliminate some, I realize once again how much I like them and uh oh put them back!!! Before I can make anything there's some repairs I must make myself do.

    Your necklaces and earrings are so pretty!

    ~ Violet

  28. Your jewelry creations are beautiful :-)

  29. I can see you love beads :) So do I!
    Oh how much yummieness, all those beads in beautiful colours... And you make beautiful jewelry out of them. Hugs and happy day, Wendy

  30. Ha, ha.. love the analogy of "bead soup". I agree with your love of beads. Just to run your hands through them is so soothing! And the green and black necklace is gorgeous. Love that pairing of colors.

  31. Your earrings and matching necklaces are so, so pretty, Sherry. You must have a lovely selection of goodies in your jewelry box! Your creations are always beautiful! xo


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