Monday, May 20, 2013

Inspiration Monday Thank You...

Not only is today Monday and the beginning of a brand new week (unless you begin with Sundays) it is known as Inspiration Monday on a wonderful blog I follow.  Lori of elviestudio is uber adorable and has the greatest talent for drawing and watercoloring.  I have linked to her inspiration that shows us how to make a journal.  I thought I would never make this but it is one of those little projects that keeps you awake at night until you actually make it!  And I don't even all.
So off to my local art supply store for the suggested paper.  The cost here was $9.99 for one sheet.

Lori made two videos showing just how to make this little journal.  Upon viewing it again I realized I will get two journals out of one sheet.  Hooray!

One half I tore and one half I cut with a rotary blade.  I wasn't quite certain I like the ragged torn edges so thought I would like to see the smooth cut edges as well.  The paper has a beautiful deckle edge made into it and my torn edges were not as beautiful.  This shows the first half prepped and the second half ready to fold.
Yes, I already owned my Martha Stewart scoring board.  I also own the original scoring board from Aleene "The Queen of Crafting".  If you remember Aleene you will know that Martha is nothing new or original.  Sorry Martha but you do not get all the credits.

Here is a view of my 5 x 7 watercolor journal finished with its 5-hole stitch.

Here is a view of the interesting folding pages that add lots of creative space for drawing and watercoloring.

Another view just to get you excited about making these for yourself or for gifts.  Because I am so not able to draw or watercolor I am making these as gifts.  It will be fun to add some coloring pencils and assorted items for those fortunate people who can draw.
THANK YOU LORI DEAR!!!  I am so happy that I was able to make your little journals and they look beautiful.  Your videos were perfect in showing and explaining just how and what to do.  I am always inspired by you!  Chocolate Hugs...

This is our view!  From our property and home this is our view!  Fifteen years ago this coming Memorial weekend we found this place and stood on the central landing of this home and I looked up to see my very favorite blue sky with white puffy clouds and knew I was home.

Cedars, Pines and Oak trees abound.  The air is fresh and clear.  Not like the brown smog I grew used to in Southern California for most of my life.  I am a native Californian.  My mother was a native Californian.

This is heaven here on earth.  I have been spending my time outdoors blissfully weeding and taking time to view my favorite sky and white puffy clouds.  Life is good and I am blessed.
Please share your little watercolor journals you make after watching Lori's videos.  I will be intrigued to see how you decorate them.  Oh and you will want to view Lori's newest themed journal of Downton Abbey she is drawing.  Oh Yeah!!
Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts and my heart is happily creating...
Prayers and Healing Hugs for all affected by such horrendous tornadoes throughout the midwest.


  1. as you know ( from reading my blog) I made two journals now and I wish I had saw her blog before, now I have know where to find this talented lady I will do mine this way, Thankyou so much for sharing this with us, very exciting!
    Best wishes, I can't wait to see your journal pages if you chose to share with us, I know pages are personal I like to keep somethings just for me, lol,

  2. Well aren't you the clever one to think of those you know who CAN draw. That's really a great gift idea along with pencils or watercolors or even a gift card to an artsy store. Well done Sherry!

  3. Exciting for you.Looking forward to seeing what you do with the journal.There is so much inspiration out there.Thanks for the link.Kind people sharing their knowledge.

    Trees are beautiful, and make us feel a sort of peace that nothing else comes near.

  4. These will definitely make great gifts. I can't draw a stick figure, but can certainly appreciate all the space for an artist's creations. Love all your pretty pictures, from one California native to another:-)

  5. hello, journal chickie! you've done a fab-u-lous job creating your journals!! how nice you are to think of making a handmade journal and packaging it with some nice art supplies.....the perfect gift for all your artsy friends!! and you couldn't get any sweeter if you tried....thank you SO much for your kind words and the linky love! you are such a precious, thoughtful saucychick and it's such a blessing to know you! enjoy your beautiful weather, my friend! choco-hugs, xox

  6. Oh, I can't pass up anything Downton Abbey, i will have to go take a look! You are always so adventurous in trying new projects! So glad you are enjoying being out doors on your gorgeous propery!


  7. I love your journal and I shall have to visit lori. She does do amazing things. I love her lettering too.
    Your property is amazing and I hope you will show more wonderful pictures. Sweet weeding!

  8. Very nice idea to share this clever journal with those that can draw and to include the water colors or pencils. Very nice gift.
    Our skies were nice and blue this weekend but as of yesterday afternoon, rain has come down like crazy. My poor Roscoe doesn't know where to stick himself with all the thunder and lightning. Poor thing. Hopefully it will pass soon and we will get sunny days again.
    hope you have a great week.

  9. Hi Sherry! :) Your journal turned out just perfect! What a great idea you had to made them as gifts! Lori's videos are wonderful. She's sooo chock full of amazing talent...her Downton Abbey journal just took my breath away!...Your yard is so, so gorgeous. Like a slice of heaven...truly! Have a great week, sweet friend! xo

  10. Hello hello, I'm still alive ;) it's just that days, weeks, months fly by. Enjoying every minute with my little monkeys to the fullest. I know you are enjoying every creative moment to the fullest my friend. Love always xx

  11. Love your water color journals and thank you for sharing the technique. I also loved seeing the beautiful trees. I have never been to California (hope to see it one day)!

  12. I had to chuckle that you had the bone folders from Martha and Aleene. Thinking of Aleene brings back Carol Duval too! The original Queens of Crafting.
    Thanks for the link to the journal that paper is expensive but for 2 journals, worth it!

  13. Look forward to seeing what you do with your journal. Looks as if it was a lovely day yesterday, hopefully today will be just as nice.

  14. Love your idea of gifting these journals! I will be checking Lori out...I don't claim to draw but do get surprised what comes out with some guidance :)

  15. How beaytiful are your photoes dear Sherri, I love the sky high above the talll trees and your white cotton clouds!!
    Also thankyou for the link to making the lovely little watercolour book- I have some papers back, from creating my nature journal, so I might try my hand on this one, too :-)
    Hugs and enjoy your beautiful summer!

  16. Love the pictures from your 'view'!!! Just beautiful...can't wait to see finished journal!

  17. So where is your Heaven? I have not been following you that long and I did not see it in your bio, where is home? Your trees and sky are beautiful and I love your journal, great idea too! ~Diane

  18. Is there anything better than tall, green trees, blue sky, and crisp, fresh air? I have been saved from smog living in the wwods, and so I understand how much you adore your home's setting.
    Great watercolour journal!

  19. Congratulations on making your first journal! Bookbinding was what got me started creating years ago. Many a weekend was spent at Minnesota Book Arts in Minneapolis where I learned all sorts of different bindings. Sheer heaven! Of course, I haven't made many since as I really think what enthralls me about classes is just being around like minded people! That was so sweet of you to share who inspired you to get going on this medium!

  20. Can't wait to see your journal filled - I'm sure it will be as beautiful as those blue skies and pines! Gorgeous, Sherry - hope you're all mended and feeling better! XOXO Tanya

  21. Hi Sherry, your sky is beautiful, all filled with big trees...aaaah. One of the many plans I have for my summer is to make more of my own journals. I did make one very similar, or maybe the same as this, from Teesha Moore's 16- page journal From One Piece of Paper. It was my travel journal last July, when I was in San Francisco. I sure hope I get to make more. You have reminded me and inspired me, and lori from Elvie does make amazingly beautiful things, doesn't she? What a sweetheart too. My first journals from etsy were from lori's etsy shop! I think I own six!!! She did the coptic book binding stitch...ah, my dream! Enjoy your gardens and blue skies, Sherry! kathy

  22. If I had one half of a second to spare, I would check out that video. Those journals are so cute!!1
    Love those pictures! Such beauty around yoU!!

  23. Hello Sherry,
    I am loving these journals you are making! They are just gorgeous. I think you are going to have some fun with this project : ) I know what you mean about a project getting in your head until you do it. lol!
    I am so glad to hear how much you love where you live. I haven't been to your city, but nearby many years ago. Does it get really hot in the summer? I can't remember. It is beautiful here too.


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