Thursday, May 30, 2013

Creative Ways Abound...

I often hear someone say they are not creative and I am hard pressed to remind them that being creative is all about so many different ways of doing things.  Recently Mr. C and I were enjoying some pretty hot summer days and working outside.  I love to watch cooking shows and one of my favorites is Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d'Arabian.  She had made white gazpacho and it looked really good.  This is my version and I called it Springtime gazpacho because I made mine a lot less white with more of a green color.  While we were sipping our lunch treat Mr. C says, "this would be really good with some shrimp!"

And that is how creativity comes to be.  The second time I made this delicious refreshing Springtime gazpacho I combined it with shrimp for a more filling and refreshing Springtime Shrimp Cocktail Gazpacho!
This is light and very easy on the calories.  The white you see is Vanilla Chobani Greek Yogurt sprinkled with dill.   I hope you try your version and enjoy a refreshing lunch on the deck.

Here is Mr. C getting creative.  Living here is always a challenge with plants, weather and critters.  Deer especially.  Our lawn takes a real beating every year.  Last Fall Mr. C re-seeded the lawn and the little black headed birds ate all the seeds.  No new grass grew!  After all the work he did and to have no results was not  a good thing.

This time Mr. C got creative and carefully hid each and every seed just perfectly.  So far with fingers crossed no birds have eaten the seeds.  It only took several hours to do a small little patch of lawn.  He still has the entire rest of the lawn to re-seed.  If only the little birds would just eat their seeds I so generously give them!

And of course, my favorite way to be creative is with fabric, lace, ribbon and buttons.  My sewing machine and I made this little fabric envelope for a dear friend who is making a very big life-style change right now.  Theresa dear I hope this is your first official mail you receive in your new home.  Hugs to you...
Theresa does not have a blog but she does read them.  Her generous mail art with beautiful handmade cards and ATCs always brings a smile to my face and I am blessed to have "met" her through an ATC swap.  Thank you my friend.
Our weather has been cold and drizzly.  We welcome the moisture.  Yesterday was my very favorite blue sky with white puffy clouds.  So very beautiful.  Another way to be creative is to view the clouds and really see them and the shapes they form...just like when we were children and had very few cares or worries in our world.  I hope you take the time to relax and enjoy your ability to be creative...
After all...Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts!


  1. Hello dear Sherry,
    Such wise words,-as I agree ,-there are so many different wayes in being creative! Your dinner way looks fantastic- and I`m sure it tasts ever so good, too!
    I hope your husbond is succesful in getting the grass growing-if not he could hide the spots under little white or see through plactics nets for some weeks till it grows !
    Your gift to your friend is veary beautiful, I love the colour tones you used.
    Hope your day is lovely, and sweet,
    here we have sun all day, but it is still cold- and no bare arms or legs for me, yet!!!

  2. Your Springtime Shrimp Cocktail Gazpacho looks spectacular and creepy.
    You didn't add fingers or fat pink spiders by accident, didn't you?

  3. That's so true, Sherry! Creativity lives in us all-we just have to let it out. Lovely gift for your friend.

  4. Oooh, that gazpacho looks so delicious! Creative cooking and baking is wonderful release. I admit that I don't cook as much as I used to when my children were young and still at home, but every now and then I do, and I want to be creative. I like your fabric pretty, Sherry...and all those sweet buttons. Have a sunny happy weekend! May your green grass grow!

  5. what a clever envelope, your friend will treasure it I am sure.

    Such patience DD must have down on his hands and knees reseeding, I think I would have taken the lazy way and got some turf laid.
    Gazpacho looks mouth watering have not come across this before.

  6. Lets start with the gazpacho, looks very refreshing. My husband and I are both allergic to shrimp and we both love shrimp. Mr. C is really a trooper on his knee hiding seeds. We just pulled a bunch of plants that were our hedge and planted new turf, well with all the rain and heavy rain, the following morning most of the pieces had floated to the street. I laughed so hard, at 5 in the morning we were out there in the rain picking the pieces up and laying them back down. Too funny. We had 4 pieces missing and could not find them so we had to go out and buy 4 new ones. I should had video taped this ordeal but it was too early and was still pouring. Actually it is still raining here. Non stop. YUCK.
    Love the happy mail you received. So pretty with all the buttons on the bottom. Love that picture.
    Have a fabulous weekend. Ana

  7. My gosh, when I saw your dinner creation, I just wanted to reach into my computer and grab one for myself! They look totally yummy!...I'm happy the birdies are not eating Mr. C's hidden seeds. They are crafty little buggers themselves at times!...I'm sure Theresa will love the beautiful envelope you've stitched up for her. You're just so thoughtful, Sherry, and such a special friend. xo

  8. That looks delicious, you are making me hungry! I agree, we have so many ways to show our creativity, cooking is one of my favorites too. The envelope for your friend is gorgeous, I love the lace! ~Diane

  9. Another lovely post to read as always Sherry. Your gazpacho with the shrimp and yogurt looks delicious. Our lawn and a couple of our cedars took a real beating from the deer this past winter too. Your friend will simply adore the fabric envelope :)

  10. Your gazpacho looks so good. Yes you are the creative diva for sure. I am off to weed as it is not raining! Have a wonderful day.

  11. I would like to know so has put all the daisies and dandelions in my font lawn!! I dug out 3 bucket loads in order to mow the lawn and hey presto they are back again.
    You could try putting green netting over the newly seeded lawn it might help to deter the birds. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. That gazpacho with shrimp and Greek yogurt looks delicious, perfect for a hot summer day. Hope those birds will stick with their own seed and let your lawn patches grow back.

  13. You are so very right about creativity.. we all have it. It just takes different forms! And I always say, give the same recipe to 20 different people and it will come out 20 different ways. And you proved it with your versions of that recipe! Looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Sherry! Thank you so much for visiting me! I haven't been a good blog friend lately. My children have had so many award ceremonies and concerts and dinners I'm lucky I remember to brush my teeth! I am happy about all of that of course, but it is super hard for me!! BUT, summer break comes soon and I have pleanty of time then!!!
    I too love Food Network!! Your gazpacho looks delicious! I thought gazpacho was thin sliced raw beef, served cold. That is the only kind I've had but your gazpacho definitely looks like a treat!!
    Poor Mr.C!! He is trying so hard!! Good luck to you both keeping the seeds in the lawn!!

  15. I haven't turned the tv on in months but I have watched Melissa D'Arabian before. Your gazpacho sounds refreshing.

    I hope the little birdies don't have grass growing in their stomachs now. Ha!

    The fabric envelope is a lovely gift. I haven't been very crafty lately. But school is coming to an end -- one more week -- and then I will have more me time. Yay!

    Best wishes, Tammy


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