Friday, June 21, 2013

Harden the Hare...

This adorable wool bunny is one I purchased from Shell of the Rasberry Rabbits blog.  However Donna of Brynwood Needleworks actually created and stitched this bunny.  Much to my surprise Donna has recently announced the availability of her pattern to make such cute bunnies.  I immediately purchased my pattern from her link to Craftsy.  I had my pattern faster than I could imagine.

Sew...I went searching for some appropriate wool.  I don't have a huge selection (this is only a shoebox sized container) but I have some very small pieces from making flower pins.

I selected my favorite blue and a soft pink to line the ears with.  The British themed scissors and felt flag tag that I am using as my pin holder I purchased from Donna also.  She has a lovely shop on her blog.

In no time at all I had my little bunny all cut out and ready to assemble.  I must say Donna's pattern is excellent with photos and precise directions.

Here I have blanket stitched the pocket top and then machine stitched the pocket to the body back.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is to be making one after purchasing one.  I absolutely love handmade!

Taking shape with the proper stuffing and crushed walnut shells which are recommended for sharpening pins and needles.  The back pocket holds a small pair of scissors.  How clever is that?

Here I am stitching the lining to the ear.  Sew easy and the result is quite nice.

The finished bunny side profile.  I love his fluffy cotton tail!

I am pleased to introduce Harden the Hare.  Harden actually means "from the valley of the hares".  This was such a fun and quick and easy bunny to create.  Thank you Donna for such a superb pattern.  I believe there are more bunnies in my future.  In fact I was certain I had some brown wool but didn't see it in my little stash.  So I went searching and of course it was in a "special" pile that was on the sewing table.  I also have some other ideas but need to work out some logistics.  Even Mr. C likes this bunny.  Harden makes me happy.
Today is the first official day of Summer and yet it is very cool here with the Delta Breeze.  This year we have had more wind (oops I should say breeze) than I can ever remember.  I am still hoping for rain to keep the fire danger down.  The days are longer and I love the sunlight as it gives me more energy and time to enjoy my days.
Creative Joy to each of you...


  1. OMG, this is absolutely adorable. Love him. He is so stinking cute. Great job. Now if only I could sew.
    I have been busy watching the basketball finals and now I can actually get on with my crafting. Our Miami Heat have won the finals and are the world champs again for the second year in a row.
    happy crafting to you and thanks for sharing your adorable bunny.

  2. What an adorable bunny you received and made, they are both so cute! You did a beautiful job hand stitching on the ears. I hope you get some of that needed rain. ~Diane

  3. So very nice to meet Harden...he is a cutie! May need to have a friend!

  4. Harden is adorable! The necklace is so cute with the heart!

    Yes I remember that pink yarn you used for the scarf, I went to the website you sent me too ...That is exactly what I want!!! It does not appear that they sell it, it is just a store locator. did you buy yours online or in a store they sell to?

    Thanks! Carol

  5. Harden is absolutely adorable. I can just see him multiplying like ..........oops! lol

  6. I can see Harden will be getting plenty of play mates joining him in the not too distant future he is lovely

  7. Oh my goodness! Harden makes ME happy, too!!! This is so adorable, Sherry...and handmade by you for extra goodness. Have a sweet weekend, hugs, kathy

  8. That is definitely a joyfully created rabbit!

  9. Two bunnies together is that safe!!! Love the little back pocket for sissors or baby bunnies dare I say. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. What an adorable bunny Sherry. I have a feeling they will be producing quickly with a little help from you of course! LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  11. Love the bunnies; both the one you received and, of course, made! There isn't anything you cannot do and you create so beautifully with wonderful detail.

    Enjoy that delta breeze! We are in the thick of heat and humidity. xxoo

  12. Your wool was perfect for that bunny project! Great idea, a pocket for scissors! I sewed on Saturday, remade a long jersey knit dress from Target into a long skirt for my daughter. Much easier than starting from scratch! Turned out cute....

    Your sorting and purging is coming along nicely!
    ~ Violet

  13. What a darling bunny. Love the name too. I know a few young ones who would love one.
    Thanks for the visit. I am on the mend and soon back to my old cantankerous self. Dr. put me on some meds to help and they seem to be working. Just a little stiff.

  14. Harden the Hare is adorable! I love how you made yours. He is full of character. The stitching really add so much. I am looking forward to seeing more of your bunny creations.
    Fab project!


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