Monday, June 10, 2013

Scarves & Pond Bears...

As I have blogged before I am participating in the Pink Scarf Project that Vicki is so generously hostessing.  You can read and see gorgeous scarves on her blog 2 bags Full.  This seems like a huge success so far.  If you would like to participate you still have time.  The ending date is September 15, 2013 (I believe).  To be certain my scarves arrive in time I am mailing them this week.  I like to be prepared ahead of time.

I didn't just want to wrap them in tissue and send them off.  So I purchased some lovely pink tulle and ribbon.  Then I stitched up individual bags for each scarf.  I also made a special hand written tag for each scarf and attached it with ribbon.

Here I am ready to mail off the five scarves I have.  I made four of them and a dear friend hand knit one of them with the most beautiful soft pale pink and white yarn.  It reminds me of cotton candy.  Thank you Bev.
Vicki will post photos of them when she does her next showing on her blog.  I cannot even imagine the time involved with coordinating this project.  Thank you very much Vicki.

 A few weeks ago these beautiful purple Iris's were blooming at our pond.  I really look forward to them each year.  We also have yellow Iris that bloom however they are not my favorites.

Here is a side view of one end of the pond with the Iris's.  A few weeks ago a large pond rock was missing. Mr. C and I upon inspection found some deep impressions in the gravel walkway.  We also found the rock at the bottom of the pond where it will stay until we get some strong helper to lift it out and back into place.  Damage was also done to the new retaining bender board that Mr. C just repaired earlier this year.  So we thought that this damage might have been done by a bear.  Deer do other damages.  Hmmm...

So about 8:15 pm last evening in the dusk I happened to look out the upstairs window and saw something.  I was so surprised I could barely tell Mr. C to quick come and look.  A very large brown bear was just getting out of the pond and sauntered off across our driveway and on down the lane.  From the wet trail I believe it was a mama and her cub.  I thought I saw a smaller one but wasn't sure.  This morning Mr. C and I took a walk to assess the damages this time.  Oh yeah!  Plants smashed down, pond plants ripped up and floating aimlessly, Lilly buds torn off and adrift, more edging broken and lots more large divots in the gravel walkway.  My green frog statues were tumbled into the pond.  And along the previously wet tracks across the driveway...dried muddy very large and smaller bear footprints walking side by side.  We have alerted the neighbors to be careful and keep track of their pets.  Life in the forest is certainly interesting.  We have had a bear for the last three years and know because it gets the trash and spreads it all over.  Our neighbor next to us had seen it and warned us.  I saw one run in front of my truck one day.  Somehow having them in the pond is very alarming.  I for certain will not be going down there to turn off the water or check the mail or whatever.  I like being inside with the doors locked.  Upstairs is even better.  I truly lost sleep last night for all the excitement.
Nighty Night and Sleep Tight my faithful followers...


  1. Oh my lots of excitement at you house and in you pond! Wow.
    Looks like some beautiful scarves going off to the wonderful Pink Scarf Project. Hugs, Cory

  2. So Mr. C is in charge of mail call is he??? I can't say I blame you one bit - it must be most disconcerting as we all know about Mama bears and their babies... isn't just a little bit cool though, to think of what it must have been like for them to have a cool swim? I wonder if she isn't just teaching the little one to "make do"...
    Me thinks your little piece of heaven in the country is also theirs!

  3. your pink scaveafs are going to a great project.
    So interesting reading about your night time visitor, wonder if Mama bear is going for a wash, drink or a swim, I can see it must be a bit frightening having bears so near but wonderful to see. As you say as long as you and pets are in at night it is safe or are they likely to venture out during the day too?

  4. How exciting to be able to live where you do and be able to see live bears. I am sure it is scary.
    Very nice of you to continue making the scarves for a great cause. I am sure they will be loved.
    TFS. ana

  5. Beauty and the Beast! ;^) The scarves will be very appreciated and the bags are sew clever. Wildlife! Yes, it does present problems! Stay safe!

  6. Hi Sherry,
    We have bear sightings every year, I myself, have not seen one, and am totally ok with that. About 10 years ago, there was a tiger rescue in town, and one had escaped. A couple of years ago we had baboons running loose, we have a wild life safari in our town. Makes us stop our complaints about the deer, for a little bit at least ;0)
    So wonderful of you to participate in such a worthy cause. Kudos!
    enJOY a sweet day,

  7. scarves beautiful
    packaging for scarves, beautiful,
    bears, not so beautiful, yikes!
    Take care,

  8. Kuddos to you joining in on a worthy project. And not just one scarf but four! Well done, Sherry! .....AND BEARS...OH MY!!!!

  9. How lovely to wrap each scarf in that special way. That you for giving so much to this project!
    I, too, would be very leery of going out knowing a mama bear and her cub might be near......Take care.....I wonder if they were washing up after their teddy-bear picnic......

  10. I am sure your scarves will be appreciated you sweet soul. Do stay safe with bears roaming about, I hope you will be able to deter them so you can again enjoy your beautiful yard. ~Diane

  11. You really make everything you do so special, Sherry! I'm sure Vicki will be thrilled with your scarves and how beautifully you've wrapped them. xo

    I can't imagine having bears in my backyard, but I would have loved to have seen them. Especially a mama and a baby! Be careful now that they seem to have found a new swimming pool!


  12. You are on time for sue wirh your scarves!! How awesome of you to make so many. You are so inspiring!!
    We too have bears in our garbage or our yard. The first time, we heard something on the side of our house. My husband puts the outside light on and looks out the door and a HUGE bear head looked right at him! Like 10 feet away! he shut the door and the light and we were so thankful that it didn't try to follow him!! They can be so dangerous. NJ has been known to have bear hunts to keep the population down. I just wish they wouldn't be so close to our house!!
    Glad you are unharmed!!

  13. Love your idea of making the bags! And what a wonderful, generous person you are!! But we knew that didn't we!!

  14. Oh goodness, I would be freaked if I became the owner of the bears swimming hole!! Yikkes, like you said I guess it comes with living in the woods, I would be terrified to go outside. On a happy note what a sweet way of packaging your scarves!


  15. Pink scarves and irises and bears! Oh my! What an exciting springtime in the woods for you, my friend! Thank you for sharing such wonders. I love our visits...I haven't been in blogland as much lately, but my busyness will dwindle soon and I visit when I can...and am so glad. Hugs to you. Stay safe...and create!

  16. I really admire all the care you take to wrap up the scarves.

  17. What a great project, I didn't know about this one, thanks for sharing about it. And oh my! A do you get rid of him? It's no fun being too afraid to enjoy your lovely pond area!

  18. Lovely idea with the pretty packaging of those scarves Sherry.
    I can't think what seeing a bear in my garden would feel like. (shudder).

  19. I can't bear it! Did you have any fish in that pond of yours? I bet there are bearly any left!! Good luck with any future encounters. Maybe Momma just thought it was a bathtub??

  20. O my heart goes out to you. We too have bear but as you know I have a elk with a nasty attitude. We have had 19 resident elk for years with no problems. But now we have one that has hurt our dog. I use a boat air horn to scare them away and so far it SORT OF works. Have yet to see the bear this year, but know he or she is just around the corner. Im with you upstairs doors locked.
    Thanks for your kind words about Teddy. He is doing much better.

  21. Gorgeous scarves and yes they do look like cotton candy! I also love your gorgeous is breath taking! My encounters with bears were in the Pocono's...never want to relive that again. Be safe!Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Love the Trader Jo paper sacks also, I covered a star foam wig head with a trader jo sack

    she sets in the studio

  23. Oh the iris, you should see what they look like here! We have had so much rain; we have had at least 5 days out of 7 each week when it rains, but the colors this year are so vibrant! And thank you my dear for coming to visit. I hope that one day indeed I can write a masterpiece, or at least get SOMETHING published! Anita

  24. I can't wait to see the scarves, what a wonderful way to share! Love your little gift bags. Interesting bear story, I can almost see them! Love the Iris, one of my fav flowers, but they don't grow in the far south part of FL. TU for the smallish fairy idea.....I would not have thought of that.

  25. Sherry-
    We have been out of town and just got home tonight -- waiting for me were your incredibly beautiful gifts of love. They are absolutely gorgeous and I can see that they were made with love. How can I ever thank you for this amazing gift of love and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    The scarves are wrapped SO beautifully --- I have ever so gently unwrapped them to touch how soft that they are (sigh~~) and then returned them to their beautiful packages.

    Please thank your friend Bev for her gift of such a lovely scarf -- will you please email me her name and contact info so that I can enter her in the contest also?

    Your gifts will touch lives in perhaps a way that you never thoght possible. I love you dearly for these wonderful and special gifts of your heart ~~



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