Monday, June 24, 2013

Life's Unexpected Changes...

This post is not about photos or fabulous creative endeavors.  It is about life and thankfully LIFE!
Mr. C and I live a good life and will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary very soon.  We are do-overs and feel very fortunate to have found one another to be together for the rest of our lives.  In a flash things can change.
Mr. C and his good buddy Brad were off enjoying a lovely First Day of Summer riding their quads in the remote forest we are surrounded by.  Then I got the call no wife wants to hear.  It is also the call I got years ago no mother wants to hear.  My husband had a roll-over quad accident and had no recollection of what happened.  He was lying in the 4X4 dirt road for over an hour when I got to him.  Under all the dirt he was ashen and white lipped.  My heart just sank.  I can not imagine my life without him.  Thank goodness he was conscious.  I drove 2 hours on another 4X4 dirt gravel road to get him to the hospital.  No ambulance could get to us.  No life-flight could land near us.  I never thought to call Cal Fire for help.  Poor Brad was beside himself over this.  Did I mention that Brad is paralyzed from the chest down for the last 12 years?  He is very active and capable but this was more than he could manage physically and that is why he called me.  I cannot handle anything but somehow managed to maintain until I was alone about 3 am that night.  We spent 7 hours in our local ER and then they transferred my husband via ambulance to a trauma unit down the hill about 75 miles away.  Fortunately no surgery was required.
I was able to bring Mr. C home Sunday night.  He will recover but it will be quite a journey.  The doctor said thankfully he is very strong and tough and that is why his injuries weren't worse.  Yes, he was wearing his very sturdy race car helmet which now has a large divot in it.  He has a concussion, crushed but not broken left arm and ankle, contusions and abrasions from the neck down.  Swelling and bruising like I have seen once before.  Three badly broken ribs, a punctured lung and some sort of bleeding above his heart from the force of the damaged lung.
What is really devastating to him?  We must cancel our special trip we have been planning for the past two years.  We were to leave this coming Saturday however he is not allowed to fly for fear of collapsing his lung and getting blood clots.  He is heartbroken.  Our fifteenth anniversary was to be celebrated in Monaco.  Lots of touring the South of France and the French Riviera.  Then it was on to England for the 30th Anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed.  This is the nirvana for "gear-heads"!  Every fast car, motorcycle, airplane and more happens at Lord March's Estate each year.  Being the 30th year there are even more special events.
We will plan again for 2014 and enjoy it then.
Just having my husband is all I need.  I am truly thankful.
May I know that each of you will keep good prayers and healing hugs for his speedy and complete recovery?  He does not do well at holding still.  He accomplishes more in each day than I do in a week.
I shall be doing my best to tend to his every need.  I won't be leaving his side for anything for a while.
May you each enjoy every minute of every day as we never know what will be...
Oh we got some rain...thank you!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank God he is going to mend. I will be sending you continuous prayers and healing thoughts for both of you, as you'll be kept busy for a while.

    God Bless,

  2. My goodness Sherry. So glad that your hubby will mend. Sending lots of prayer and healing thoughts for you both. Big hugs too. Theresa

  3. Oh Sherry, what an awful shock.
    Quad bike accidents can be awful, but your husband was very lucky considering...
    I'll be thinking of you Sherry.I'm very sorry this has happened to you.
    Judy xx

  4. Dear Sherry:
    I almost started to cry when I read what happened to your husband! I know that he'll heal completely because you'll help ensure that he does. You two should get the same t-shirts we're planning to get. They'll say, "It's What We Do". When one of us needs to be cared for, the other is there to do it. We do it for love. Know that you're in my prayers, dear friend. I'm so sorry that your trip has to be postponed. It sounds like the trip of a lifetime!
    Love and healing hugs to you both.

  5. Sherry both you and Brad are on my prayer list and I pray for a speedy recovery.
    Time is a great healer and thank goodness Brad is such a healthy strong man that he came through this with non life threatening injuries.
    Your trip will take place I am sure but just 12 months later and you will celebrate your 16th anniversary in style overseas.

    Blessings to you both.thank goodness you have each other to care for and love

  6. My goodness how awful. I hope he recovers quickly

  7. Sherry, how very scary for you! My heart goes out to Brad as well....can you imagine the thoughts that must have gone through his mind at the accident site. Thankfully there were no lasting injuries and all will heal. Will be holding you in prayer. Mr C, GET WELL SOON, your girlie Sherry, needs you!

  8. Hi Sherry,
    I am so sorry to hear about Mr. C. I know it will take time for the healing but he is strong and with someone that loves him next to him, he will recover quickly.
    Big hugs to you and I will keep you and Mr. C in my prayers.

  9. Sending very good wishes/vibes for a speedy recovery back to full health for Mr C. Such a shock but your pulled through just great. hugs Mrs A.

  10. What a scary ordeal for all three of you! I wish Mr. C a speedy recovery, and I will keep each of you in my prayers.

  11. Oh my dear Sherry, I am so very sorry to hear. I know you were so looking forward to the trip. Good for you, keeping things in perspective. Thank God you still have your husband, and the anniversary may not be the one you were planning, but I am sure whatever celebration you have will be even more meaningful. You always have my best wishes, my dear friend, and now, you have my prayers too.
    hugs and blessings,

  12. Prayers are being said, Sherry. Oh my goodness. So grateful to hear that your Mr. C. Is with you after such a trauma. Oh my goodness, my heart almost stopped as I began reading. I am sending you love and friendship and prayers and a shoulder if you ever need it. Hugs galore, kathy

  13. Oh, Sherry, what an awful time you've had, but thankfully your Mr C is on the mend. Prayers have been sent up for his complete and speedy recovery. Stay strong. Sending you a big hug.

  14. You may know that you are both in my prayers. You did what you had to do and you will also be able to do what you need to so. Be blessed! HUGGGGS!

  15. OMG...I was afraid to continue reading! I'm so happy he's okay...really banged up but still okay. What a terrible flip! Thank heavens he's so strong and he was able to come home so quickly. I can only imagine how terrified you were on that drive to the hospital. You will both stay my thoughts and prayers for sure. So sorry you had to postpone your wonderful trip, Sherry. Sending healing hugs.
    xoxo Paulette

  16. I am so sorry to hear about your husband's horrible accident. It must have been terrifying for both of you. I hope he continues to improve every day and you can start looking forward to your vacation for next year.

  17. Oh my Sherry! My heart is full of compassion for your dear hubby and you! And for his friend too!
    I am keeping you all in prayers of healing. May your husband heal well and more swiftly than could have been hoped.
    Sometimes we don't know what the day will bring. You met this challenge with courage!
    I am sending you a big hug of love,

  18. Oh my!!! Glad to hear that for the most part he is okay!! sending lots of hugs and positive healing thoughts your way

  19. Oh my goodness!!!! My heart goes out to you both, Sherry! I am so glad it isn't worse but it's still bad!!!! Do take care of yourself as well or you won't be any good to your BFF!!! Take care!

  20. Dear Sherry, that's horrible. I'm happy to hear though that it wasn't worse. Of course you'll be in my prayers. Take care! Sending you warm hugs. ~ Wendy

  21. What a scare Sherry! How truly fortunate and blessed you are that he will be OK. You may not get your trip of a lifetime this year but you still have your lifetime to share together and that is way more important! I will keep you in my prayers. ~Diane

  22. Oh my dear Sherry,
    How awfull, and how terrible, I`m so sad for you and your husbond,and for his friend!!! and in the same time happy that he will mend and be well again!
    Fantastic that you could react so strongly and clearly there !!!
    I know your tour has been ruined ,but he is safe and you will find time and place for another one, some day!!!
    I send you hugs and warm thoughts for you both!!
    Dorthe, xx

  23. OMG!! What a scary thing to go through. I am so glad your sweet hubby will recover. You have the right spirit & attitude... having him is what matters not the trip but, stil.... DARN IT! Take care of you too while you nurse him. Nursing is hard work.

  24. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of Mr. C's accident. Thank goodness his injuries weren't worse than they are, which are bad enough. I'll keep you two in my thoughts. I'm sorry you'll miss Goodwood but that happens every year and has fun events even on non anniversary years. The more important thing is that you'll be able to spend your 15th anniversary together.

  25. Oh Sherry!!!! What a story! only this was real life...Goodness, congratulations to you for holding it together and completing the rescue, yes hubby will be miserable with broken ribs for about 6 weeks, then he will be good as new! So sorry you missed the big vacation, but.....We know what could have been. Can't believe his friend was 4 wheeling and he is a paraplegic...Holy cow! Sherry do keep us up to date ...Oh yes, saying a prayer right this minute!


  26. Sherry
    My heart goes out to you and Mr. C. I am so grateful he is ok -but I know it will be a long time mending. I am also sorry to hear your vacation plans must be put on hold. I guess your 15th will be a celebration of life and how lucky you are to have each other. We all take it for granted and this post shows that we must be grateful each day for everything we have! BIG HUGS!

  27. Sherry, as soon as I started reading this post my heart sank. I am so HAPPY that you found the strength to do all of that to get him to the hospital! And forget things like trips, without your husband you wouldn't want to go anyway! Tell him that he is the best 15th anniversary gift a girl could ever want!
    You are in my thoughts always and many blessings to you both!

  28. Oh Sherry, I'm so sorry! But on the other hand I'm so happy for you that this wasn't worse. My heart and prayers are with you both!

  29. Oh, my goodness, Sherry, I had no idea all this was happening! Where have I been? I am SO SORRY about your husband's accident!!! I have no idea what a Quad is - some sort of "off-road" vehicle? Glad he was wearing his helmet and was not more seriously injured than he was! How in the world did you manage to get him into your car to take him to the hospital? You are truly AMAZING!!!
    Praying for full recovery and peace for you! xo Jane

  30. Sherry,
    I am trying to get ack to blog world. I am so, so glad your husband will mend. I read this all backwards but with great relief. I hope the bruises fade soon and he is feeling better. I am so sorry you did not get to go on your trip but mostly, relieved.
    Big hugs,


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