Monday, June 17, 2013

Mayhem, Sorting, Purging...

I love love love beads!  However, when I am in the studio and I am supposed to be cleaning and organizing which for some unknown reason is very hard for me to do as I get going down memory lane, I seem to have clumsy fingers.  I dropped this little open snack baggie of pearls (not precious) and my oh my how they bounce on a linoleum over concrete floor.  That really set me back a bit.  I will be finding beads for as long as I live here.  Of course I found a few tiny buttons from who knows when I dropped them while picking up beads.  Mayhem...   Of all the commercials on TV those are a few I like.  Mayhem cleaning the house as I can relate to that completely.

As for the I am sorting some little animal beads purchased long ago in a wonderful little antique curiosity shop that was very eclectic.  The shop is no longer in business.  I believe they are fetish beads.  I certainly do hope so for the price paid.

These are hard to see in the baggies but I don't want to expose them to the air too much.  They are antique coins that have been embellished and made into pendants.  Very pricey just to have sitting around...yet not so pricey for the work involved to create them.  I purchased these from a local woman who made them.

Here is purging of fabrics, punches, paper products and other assorted items.  It is all going to a good home.  It seems no matter how much I purge and eliminate I still have an entire studio overflowing with supplies and goods.  I shall continue to practice my mantra..."Use what I have!"

Mr. C looking dapper!  Or should I say, Mr. C looking fop!  A new word I have learned from Annie while she is doing her altered dictionary.  Check out her wonderful blog freezeframe.  I am always so happy when I am inspired by other's creative talents.
I am in full Summer lazy mode now.  I love Summer the best.  Our weather has been intermittent...warm, cool, yet dry.  Very dry with no rain at all.  I would totally welcome a good drenching.  My prayers are in full replay for no forest fires.  I am terribly saddened for Colorado Springs and all they have endured.  Healing Hugs for everyone affected.
I haven't been very creative of late.  However I am completing something that I will share very soon.  What are you working on?  Are you trying new crafts or sticking with your favorite tried and trues?
Thank you very much for the lovely comments you leave.  They really brighten my days and motivate me to continue creating.  Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


  1. I love purging and destasing from my craft room. I was feeling as the walls were caving in on me lately. So purging has been done and now ready for the crafting yard sale this saturday at our not so local scrap store. I will be getting a credit for what is sold, but thats OK, because then I order things I really have wanted but not wanted to pay so much for.
    I hope you get most of the rain we have been getting lately, I wish that to your side of the woods.
    Have fun finding beads just be very careful you don't slip with one when you step on it.
    Happy crafting to you. Oh, Mr. C is looks very handsome

  2. I no longer have a craft room or studio so purging is a daily action around this place, thats a very dapper fella indeed, new words, well how about that!I'm painting a cow, something different for me for sure ,

  3. Mr. C is looking very handsome indeed. I too am having a great purge around here. Been loading everything into flat rate mailing boxes....hopefully they will fly right out of here!

  4. Hi Sherry! I love to go through my stuff and organize. That may sound a little nuts, but I really think better when everything around me is in order! :) I love your fancy animal and coin beads. So unusual!...Your hubby is very handsome, and your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the white!...I'm in lazy mode too. I can't seem to get back into my felt work yet, although I have been busy with other things. I just finished a few scarves for Vicki. Maybe now, I'll turn my attention to other things! Enjoy your week dear girl! xoxo

  5. Sherry...I love all your 'finds'!! The little animal charms are adorable!!! Would love to be a little bug crawling around and looking in your studio! What great 'stuff'!!! And Mr. C. does look very dapper!

  6. I am enjoying your recount of your sorting and purging adventures and low and behold up pops your resident fop! Love it! Oh, lookin' good Mr. C! Enjoy your laze, Sherry!

  7. Well, it looks as if your purging is coming along, and the Mr is looking mighty dapper. so glad you were not in the fire zone, that is not the kind of purging you need!


  8. how true, the more you sort the more you find to pass on to a good home. I dropped a drawer the other day full of little glass bottles with beads in, three bottles broke and the beads went everywhere, like you I will be finding them till kingdom come! I seem to be working on bits and pieces, tula pink challenge which is 3 blocks a week and also doing a bit of EPP plus have some hardanger that needs finishing.

  9. Mr. C does look very dapper!!
    How can you purge your room? I try but everything I see I want to keep! Even though I haven't even seen it for 2 years!
    It is raining here in NJ. I hope it will blow your way!!

  10. Purging and destashing is good for the creative soul. I believe that it recharges you just to sift through supplies, gets you geared up for what you'd like to make with the things that you decide to keep. I need to do that as well. :-)

    Luckily my husband's co-worker, who lives in Colorado Springs, wasn't in the cross-hairs of this fire. It's so sad, especially after last year's horrible Colorado fires. The prairies are so dry. Even with the Spring snows we had there just wasn't enough moisture.

  11. Sorting and organizing - a neverending task. The purging, that's much harder! Good for the soul though!

  12. Hi Sherry, so glad you got some purging done. I'm all done cleaning and de-stashing. It feels so good. Hope you find all your beads. Your Mr. C is looking so handsome or should I say dapper, lol.

  13. Looks like you are having fun purging. I am looking forward to your project you are working on. I am re organizing my craft room, my kids bought me some furniture at a thrift store for my birthday so now I will be organized in style, lol. ~Diane

  14. Dear Sherry,
    Oh my!! I do that sometimes,too- and believe me ,they are still on the floor, NOT ALL , but many that I just can`t find like that!!!
    What a huge portion to organize- and sorting, The animal buttons looks sweet, and the coins are so special,aren`t we good at buying things me MUST have, and then they just lay there ,hehe.
    Wish you a beautiful end of June, Sherry.

  15. Like you, I have been purging my stash of creative things I've collected. In a smaller home, space is a premium. And like you, I still seem to have only made a little dent in it all. And after all that I've given away???? Darn! Only creative project for me is furniture painting. Painting my aunt's plain, but nice, chest of drawers. After that? there are four other pieces requiring my attention. Maybe by fall I will be back in the studio!!

  16. I have just done a purge on material that I know I will never ever use up but still seem to have loads left. Hugs Mrs A.


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