Monday, October 28, 2013

Cabaret du Monde...

Thank you Miss Lilla.  I am overwhelmed with the beauty of this book you have created.
Miss Lilla is Just Lilla on her blog.  I never refer to her as Just Lilla due to the amazing works of art she is always creating and sharing with all of us.  Her talents are many and very varied.  This book is dreamy!!!

The book as viewed from the back.  Don't you just have to peak inside?  I did!

There are pages and pages of French ephemera and little tags and labels and delicious papers.  Add vintage lace bits to the top and bottom of the cover and you have a divine treasure handmade by Miss Lilla herself.

This is the envelope Miss Lilla stitched around the edges to contain the beautiful French ephemera book "Cabaret du Monde".  I was very ecstatic to receive this and I am truly grateful.  Please visit Miss Lilla and her shop to see what amazing things she offers.  Miss Lilla also teaches at art venues which I have yet to be able to Art and Soul in Portland.  Her YouTube videos show how she creates many things and listening to her and the wild exotic birds that surround her home in Hawaii is a treat indeed.
Miss Lilla I am humbled by your gift of such beauty.  Thank you deeply.
Our weather turned cold and we are having soft rain falling.  The trees are denuding as the leaves drift downward awaiting raking and picking up.  Today is a lazy day for me and I am quite relishing my lack of energy to be productive.  Last evening we had a visitor.  Hearing of the impending rain Mr. C and I quickly brought in the patio furniture cushions and sunbrella.  We set them downstairs awaiting storage containment.  Later last evening in the dark we were watching our favorite program and something darted past my eyes.  "What was that" I shrieked.  Mr. C hadn't seen it as he was tending the fireplace.  We happened to be in the kitchen a short time later to eat a bite of dinner.  Oh how I screamed...just like it was Halloween!  A good sized black bat flew around the kitchen and all through the house.  We opened the french doors in both the kitchen and great room.  I gathered my full head of long hair under my sweatshirt hood and kept screaming each time he flew near me.  I finally saw him fly out the doors and ran over to shut them tight.  Mr. C closed the others as I yelled.  Not ten minutes later I was relaxed and let my hair down only to scream again as the bat flew right past me.  Up went the hair and Mr. C told me to exit the room and stop screaming.  I ran to the master bedroom and closed the double doors.  No bat with me.  Mr. C kept searching but never found him again.  I stayed behind closed doors all night.  Upon Mr. C inspecting every room this morning and declaring no bat I came out.  Why do I scream?  Out of sheer fright and the perception that my sound is my sonar and keeps them from landing on me.  I always scream when critters jump, fly, slither, or any other method of motion towards me.  We think the bat must have been in the closed sunbrella and came in with it. And my daughter had called me last week because she was afraid of four little bees in her house.  My bat trumps her bees!
Have a wonderfully creative week my friends.  Happy Halloween and BOO-tiful bliss to you...


  1. oh yes mam, bats trumps bees everyday!!!!!
    That is an amazing book, I love treasures like this,

  2. That's a lovely book that Miss Lilla sent you. I'm right with you ... I'd be screaming my head off if a bat were in the house flying around. Glad it didn't make a reappearance. :-)

  3. What a gorgeous Giveaway prize you won!!How lovely!
    Bats out of Hell I reckon!!
    But, I think big black spiders and black snakes are my biggest fears!One huge spider once walked on the inside windscreen of the passenger side of the car while driving(in front of me), and that was too much.I had to get out of the car.Luckily we could pull over quickly and safely!
    It's the time of year for wee beasties that go BUMP in the night eh?
    Judy xx

  4. Good morning my dear! YIKES! A BAT IN THE HOUSE? What a perfect Halloween experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spiders for me are enough to scare me, oh no...wait! Those centipedes are worse!

    Lovely book my sweet friend, and thank you for visiting me, as always, I am so thankful for people who are willing to read my work. Anita

  5. Love the Miss Lilla book!
    Poor mr bat was probably terrified, too. I'm glad things have calmed down now. Happy Hallowe'en!

  6. I love Lilla's work and the book is beautiful. I a scream is just a natural reaction...especially to a bat flying around in your house!!! I think he just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween!

  7. Dear Sherry,
    thak you so much for your loving comment, to me. I`m still not well,but hope to be soon,
    The book from Miss Lilla looks so beautiful, as all other things she create,- how wonderful a present for you, my dear.
    About bats, we have them here too, but not more than about 7 inches with wings ,also had one inside ,some years ago,-- I screamed too, Sherri !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous book!! The details are stunning!!

    I almost screamed just reading your bat story!! I would probably still be screaming if it flew near me!! I hope he is gone for good. Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. Your book is so gorgeous and something to treasure forever. Awww... poor little bat. They really are such cool little creatures. I saw this really amazing documentary on them a few years ago about how Hollywood made them out to be so awful and scary and they are quite the opposite. However, I would be screaming if one came near me too. Ha! Have a great day.

  10. Thank-you friend for your review of the give away.
    I like the nice comments, always blush and stammer a bit.
    Now as for bats, I did live in Texas thousands under bridges there.
    Spent a lost week on a remote Island in Fiji once, never forget the huge sugar bats that came out at sunset, an amazing sight.
    Now your bat, was it a Vampire bat?
    Teehee, Lilla

  11. What a stunning book! Oh; I am not a fan of bats although I know they have a purpose in this life. xxoo

  12. What a beautiful book...a real treasures! I'd be screaming and ducking for cover too. Hope your visitor is gone for good.

  13. Oh my! I would be screaming as well! Cannot stand the thought of a bat in the house! Glad all turned out well. Your book from Miss Lilla is very lovely indeed! I love all the goodies she is always making, she is a very gifted artist.

  14. What a lovely book from Lilla! I have always admired her work!

    As for your little bat, ewwwwww! Last Summer, we had bats in our belfry (chimney)! My husband was out on the deck at dusk and all of a sudden, he saw them fly out of a tiny hole about 1/2 way up the chimney. He said there had to be about 40 of them. The next morning, I stood in the window and one by one, watched them come back and go into the little hole. It was unbelieveable! The following weekend, when we knew they were all out for the evening, my husband got on the ladder and plugged up the hole.


  15. Bats definitely trump bees! I'd scream, too. Love the book! xxoo

  16. Hi Sherry, your gift is just gorgeous. Such beauty and details. What a talent your friend is to create such a treasure.

    I would have been screaming right with you if bats were flying around my head too. Oh my gosh, this truly trumps bees.

    Have a great evening.

  17. What a fabulous creation! A cherished gift for sure made with love for a dear friend. Aren't those the best kind of gifts!
    Big hug, (Hope the bats stay away!)

  18. My goodness, that is such a beautiful book! All those pretty pages...I know you'll cherish that special gift always. Your bat story was so funny!!! xoxo


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