Monday, October 14, 2013

Preparation Is Key...

Here is another Market Bag that I recently sewed.  I felt I needed to have an Autumn colored bag to brighten my shopping chores.  I was also making a Market Bag for Sisty for her upcoming birthday.

Most projects need lots of preparation.  Painting a room is one that comes to mind.  Clear the room, clean the walls and woodwork, mask everything with paper and tape, etcetera until you finally get to the painting.  I find sewing is also something that requires lots of prep work.  My projects always go much smoother and come out much nicer when I take the time to prep.

After all the cutting and pressing and labeling I sit at my trusty machine and sew.  When I have items that can be "daisy-chained" that is what I do.  It saves on thread and makes the process a lot quicker.  Just sew a seam on one item and keep sewing until all like pieces are completed for that step.  These are pockets.

I really like the process of selecting coordinating fabrics from my stash.  I have lined this with muslin.  This combination really says Autumn.  This is the bag I made for Sisty.  Her birthday is in November.  I included a large side pocket and this one has pockets on both front and back.  I also put pockets inside.  One can never have too many places to organize coupons, glasses, wallet, small food items and such.  The large side pocket holds a wine bottle or a stalk of celery or ???

Another view of the other side with pocket.  These are good sized bags and very sturdy.  I put a separate bottom sturdy piece that is covered in vinyl cloth and removable for cleaning...just in case the milk drips.  I have fun coordinating my clothes with my Market Bag when I go shopping.  My friend makes similar bags and sells them for $20 each.   These are a lot of fabric and even more time in cutting and preparation and sewing.  Her customers are truly getting a bargain I feel.  Yes, one can buy market bags for 99 cents and up but they are terribly generic and boring and not very sturdy.  I prefer to be unique and create my own.  I also think they make extremely nice gifts.  Please tell me your thoughts...
We had a sprinkle of rain but nothing measurable.  Gorgeous Autumn weather continues.
Thank you to my newest followers.  I appreciate each and every follower.  I read every comment and truly look forward to them.  Mr. C says I am addicted and I say that is not a bad thing.  Blogging opens my world and connects me with such talented and creative and generous souls.  I am very grateful.
Now where did I put all those lists I actually wrote out?  I really should get busy.  I am so far behind on so many things.  I owe some very serious thank yous to some wonderful gifts I have received lately.  Please know I have not forgotten each of you.  I am working on these this week.
My daughter invited us to her First Halloween Party and listening to her plans it will be epic!  We won't be able to attend but I am certain I will hear squeals of delight and horror from 500 miles away.  I am so thankful she is enjoying life and living it fully.  My granddaughters will be helping her and enjoying also.
May you be enjoying BOO-tiful days and Creative ways...


  1. Love this tote Sherry.yes bags take quite a bit of prep, but the result was worth it eh?
    Hope you have fun at that Halloween Party!

  2. Those are very smart bags in so many ways. I agree about the prep and you have done a great job!

  3. Oh; your market bag is beautiful! I love your fabric and color coordination. Fabulous! xxoo

  4. Oh Sherry, I love your market bag. So perfect for fall in those gorgeous colors!
    enJOY a sweet week,

  5. Your market bag is a beauty! Be careful what you might put in it prior to paying. You could get arrested for shoplifting...that bag is gorgeous enough to be a purse! What a bummer n

  6. hey, let me finish blogger!...What a bummer not to be able to attend the Halloween party. It sounds like it will be FAB!

  7. Your bags are so pretty. Definitely alot nicer than the ones they sell at the stores. Love the Fall colors.
    Our weather here is just so weird. One minute its so hot that you feel the sun crispying your skin and the other it is raining like mad. Today was an alright day, but the skies were gray for a long time, but no rain. Hope tomorrow is a better day to head out and exercise.
    Happy crafting. Ana

  8. What a gorgeous bag!!! I love the colors you put together! You are always up to something fun! Sorry you can't go to the Halloween Party, see if she will share pictures, we would love to see the party


  9. love this bag, where can I find the pattern please, I feel the need to have at least one like this, using vinyl in the bottom is a good idea, will remember that.
    Like you I love reading all the blogs I follow and commenting, it is the first thing in the morning job for me, usually up around 5am, make a coffee and then computer! When this contraption needs replacing I will have a lap top then can stay in bed to blog!

  10. Great looking bag! I love having totes like this in the car, to grab for a project on the go, returning books to the library...the uses are endless. Of all the teacher gifts I made throughout my daughter's school days, tote bags were the ones the teachers liked the best.
    A couple of layers of mat board covered in contact paper, slipped into a cloth sleeve makes a nice sturdy bottom. The cloth cover can be removed for washing. Pockets....really can there ever be too many? Nice job coordinating the fabrics.

  11. Your market bag is very smart, and seasonal! The sewing prep work does take time, but, as you say, makes for a nicer end product.
    You'll be doing the shopping in style. (and so will your Sisty)

  12. Very beautiful bag, and so very organized!! A wonderful gift indeed!
    I've been looking around your blog because I haven't been here in a long time! I have been terribly busy! ugh.
    I enjoyed your "family time" post very much! But the "gasket" post had me, literally, laughing out loud!! When you said "busted" I cracked up!!
    I have to hide my wire cutters and needle nose pliers because someone, my husband, keeps stealing them and losing them! I even got pink ones because I thought that would keep them safe but no. He took them, and lost them. When I get them back, I am definitely going to hide them!!

  13. Oh my gosh, your market bags are absolutely gorgeous!! I'd love to have these to take shopping!! I use the generic, cheap 99 bags and they are boring. This is just super-duper fabulous!! Love them!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  14. A fun bag!!! So nice!!! And we do have to be organized don't we! I can't work any other minds!!!

  15. Oh, Sherry, your handmade autumn tote is wonderful, gorgeous, sweet and beautiful! Like you... I love the warm colors. Happy creative Autumn to you!! Hugs, kath

  16. Hi Sherry, Yes, I think preparation is the key to a wonderful project completion. I know first hand how special your bags are owning one of yours too.
    This market bag is gorgeous and the fabric colors are perfect. You have such a talent of knowing what to pull together.
    Sounds like your daughter's party will be great.
    Happy Creating.

  17. I love your name 'Market Bag' instead of plain old shopping bag. Makes the chore sound so much more trendy. Your designs are lovely. I think I would put an umbrella in my side pocket. It is pouring down with rain here today and I need to go into town later today. The car park is right the other side of where I need to be so I'm going to get s bit wet I think!! hugs Mrs A.

  18. Market bags are a wonderful idea. Yes, those you can purchase aren't nearly as nice as yours and are very generic. Yours are just lovely and your choice of fabric is perfect for them! I don't know why your comment about sticking a stalk of celery in the side pocket made me giggle.

  19. Sherry, your bags are ALWAYS beautiful and so well thought out. I think I'd find a reason to go to the market with one of those in hand, even if I didn't need a thing! xoxo

  20. Hi Sherry, loving your bag, beautiful. Love the colors of the fabric that you used. I so agree with you, so much prettier to make it than buying it. I wish I could sew from scratch like that. All the preparation in the world won't help me, can't even read a pattern.

  21. Hello. I just stopped in to Lilla's blog and noticed you liked her paper flower centerpiece, too. What an idea, to sew your own market bags. Mostly I paper craft with the odd stitch added. I'm dusting off my jewelry making skills in prep for a clinic. I find it very fiddly and not sure I enjoy the process. I'm not patient with preparation either; you are "sew" right that it leads to better results. Charlotte

  22. Your Bag is truly very beautiful and the colors are wonderful. Hugs Judy

  23. Hello Sherry,
    You are a very smart seamstress. Preparation really does make for a beautifully done project.
    Your bag here is really wonderful. Really! The colors you worked with, the patterns, the whole entire thing is perfect. I love this much more than the bags at the shop. I think I would pay at least $30 for a bag like yours. Considering the time and quality work plus materials I wouldn't think you could do it for any less. I have seen bags like yours in art shops and they are over $50.
    I am so glad you are enjoying your projects.

  24. your bag is very pretty and great colours for Fall. I have one my sister made for me and she has since passed away. Every time I use it I think of her.

    I too think 20.00 is too little. We always under price our own work.


  25. Your bag is wonderful Sherry - I do love the fall colours! And I agree with you about the prep being so important - it's hard though, when you're itching to get at the fun stuff!


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