Friday, October 18, 2013

Sewing Mitered Borders...

For as many years as I have been sewing I never learned so many things.  I am wanting to finish a project and will share it in the future (when it is completed).  I purchased my fabric.  Then I began to think about how it would look.  I decided to really put thought and effort into my finished project and not just do a Q & D (Quick and Dirty) finish.  Sew...  I decided to do a trial run with test fabrics.  Here is a panel I bought just because it was cute.  I selected a couple of coordinating fabrics from my extensive stash.  I like the look. Then I YouTubed a solution to my method.

Aha...the mitered border corner.  Thank you to YouTube and Fons & Porter for this excellent method. Very easy to follow.  I also learned that my Nook Color ereader works as a tablet and allowed me to watch the video right at my sewing machine as opposed to running back and forth to the computer office room to view the old desktop.  You see I am not current with anything remotely i...iPod, iPhone, iPad.  I keep begging but Mr. C knows I am not technical.  Mr. C is old school and that is just fine with me.  Okay enough pity party...

Here is my trial piece.  It could become a pillow top...or a small wall hanging...or a cheerful tote...or...
I realize you get what you pay for.  This panel was purchased from "table yardage" that is not on the bolt and therefore less expensive.  The actual panel square is not square!  The panel ends at the striped border.  I adjusted for the out-of-square by cutting precisely 1 inch of striped border all the way around.  For a test piece this works.  However I would not use this in a fine project.  Just a note of caution...

Here is my added floral and red border that I strip pieced and then finished in a mitered corner.  I am very pleased with my results.  After doing the four corners I believe I am ready to tackle my real project.  Even Mr. C was impressed with the miters.
Falling into Autumn Bliss weather continues as the leaves are all shades of glorious colors and falling fast.
This weekend we are taking a road day trip which should be lots of viewing and enjoying Fall and friends.
Projects are awaiting my participation.  I don't understand why they don't finish themselves after I have gotten everything out and ready.  Where are those studio elves?
I have the smell of cloves in my studio and the aroma is pure JOY!  I will also share why soon.
Welcome to my new followers and Grateful Thanks to my faithful followers.  Your comments keep me motivated.  Creative Bliss and Happy Hearts...


  1. Patchwork is tricky, but you're doing well Sherry.Love these bright cheery colours. I am about to start a Dresden Plate placemat project!You can make so many terrific projects with patchwork! Well done!!
    Judy xx

  2. Panels are never square and you did what all of us do, square up the surrounding border! ;) It really looks great. I was at a Bernina event at my dealers today and while I do mitres she showed an easy and very cool tablecloth mitre. Slick! We are always learning! Blissful Blessings! ;)

  3. Wow, wow, wow, this look amazing!! I love the beautiful colors!! It looks fabulous!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Amazing is the word! I'm in awe of what you are doing here. Wonderful colors and patterns! xxoo

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments you always leave for me Sherry! Love the fabrics in this piece...

  6. It is so much fun to learn new things...and to actually take time to create a project the right way. I did not know that the panel you bought for the center would not be square....I also thought all fabric was created equal..not so. Love all the bright colors and thinking about the cloves.....oh I love that smell!

  7. Sherry, I so love your color play! I have bins filled with beautiful, colorful fabric, I have to be brave and get to it.
    hugs and JOY to you,

  8. This project will definitely make a beautiful tote or pillow. Love the bright cheerful colors.
    I wish we had some Fall colored leaves around here. I would love to see pictures of the trees in the different colors.
    Have fun on your trip. And I agree about the crafting elves. Where are they when you need them?
    Hugs, Ana

  9. Goodness, you are always learning new techniques, this looks great I am soooo impressed...Cloves....Let me think!


  10. What cute, cute panel pieces. And you've just cutened them up that much more. Your miters look pro! Looking forward to the "real" project.

  11. this has worked perfectly, you must use it as a wallhanging. Sorry the elves do not visit me either so I can`t send them over to help you.

  12. I'm amazed at what I can learn on YouTube! When I get back in to sewing, I'll be sure to check out metered corners. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Oh, that's looking so pretty, Sherry. I love the happy design, and the colors in the pieces you're using...and your corners look mighty fine also! I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to with this. Have a fun fall weekend with your friends sweetie!. xoxo

  14. You did a great job on your mitered corners. What a world we are now living in. I too am not very technical and I am shying away from anything except my computer but know once learned an ipad or phone would be great.

    We should both get brave.


  15. Lovely! I think this is very cute and would make a cheery wall hanging. I have seen that miter tutorial and it is very helpful.
    I am not caught up with techy stuff either. No nook, ipad, or anything for me.
    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  16. Dear Sherry, it seems so long ago I visited,- and things have also been upside down here!! and then this week my grandkids and their mother ( my daughter) were all her for fall vacation!!:-) I have been so happy to see them!!
    Your wonderful happy coloured so callled trial piece :-) - is beautiful!!!! and so perfect sewn. I have never had the skills to sew so correctly.
    Here in this house, tehre are also no I-things.....even I like you, have been wanting an Iphone !!
    Hugs and happy fall, dear.
    Dorthe xxxxxx

  17. Mitered corners! You do such fine work, Sherry!

    I haven't done any real sewing recently, but sewed a couple hundred paper houses for my school librarian daughter's K classes the last couple of weeks. Each house had its own little mouse!Hmm, making little crafty tie-ins for the books for her K & 1st grade classes might be what keeps me from doing any real crafting just now. Or it could be that I'm too lazy!

    Enjoy your Fall! I think it's my favorite season!
    xoxo Jane

  18. Wow on your mitered corners, Sherry. They look perfect! Well done.
    Hope you had a marvelous road trip!

  19. Your skills are amazing! I can't sew a thing, but have great admiration for those who can. I just know your project will turn out great!

  20. I love these bright and graphic fabrics and I am always impressed with sewing, as it's not something I do at all. Your mitered corners are perfect!! Thanks for sharing this project in progress. Can't wait to see what it ends up being!!!

  21. Beautifully done Sherry! You may not think you are technical but that type of border is not a simple, easy one, and you have done it so well. Congrats!
    I hope your road trip was a great time, and that one or two little sprites hopped into your room and sewed a stitch or two for you...

  22. Sewing is not my thing. I would definitely go for the Q&D :) But you did a splendid job. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  23. Hi Sherry. I'm happy you visited me again and like my fabric idea for bookmarks. I also like your description of your thinking process for your new project. I spend plenty of time thinking before picking up my materials...the thinking is usually done between midnight and 3 a.m. I have to force myself to stay in bed.

  24. Sherry you are just amazing. How wonderful your project is and the way you did the border is beautifully done.
    I have never quilted and you inspire me to try one day.
    Happy Sewing.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  25. Your project is looking great and so nice and colourful and the corners turned out beautifully! Looking forward to seeing it finished. Have fun :)

  26. A lovely bright and cheerful panel. Your corners look perfect to me. I have lots of sewing projects to get finished in time for Christmas. Hugs Mrs A. .


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