Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nature, Halloween, Gifts...

Our day trip Sunday was not the best.  Up at 4:30 am too early with not enough sleep.  No sooner had we begun the twisty winding road and I got motion sick...really sick!  We stopped for me to walk around in fresh air.  Lots of roads and curves and unknown territory and we were getting closer to meeting up with the car club group.  Oops...where did he come from?!!  Mr. C got a speeding ticket and I felt really bad for him.  He was only going 73 mph and had just passed a truck in a passing lane.  DRAT!  The day never got any better and we skipped the two wineries and paid for lunch to make the long drive home.  Thankfully we came home via less horrible roads.  I went to bed and lost the rest of the day.  On our way home we stopped at our favorite bird sanctuary and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. Nature and Fall in glorious splendor.

Here are my Halloween "Pretty Witches" I received in Kimberly's ArtJoyStuff swap.   These are fabulous. Thank you to (L to R) Michelle, Kimberly, Carolyn, Sylvia, Kimberly.  These are displayed with my table decorations.  I adore them.

I received very happy mail.  I commented on Becky Shander's  blog post about beach finds and she offered to share hers with me since I don't live near the beach.  How very generous.  This is how she cleverly packaged my treasures.

These shells and tiny driftwood pieces are beautiful.  They truly mean so much coming from a dear creative soul and friend.  I have never met Becky however I feel very close to her and her muse.  Thank you dear.

This is the amazing surprise she created and gifted to me.  With my love of needle and thread and sewing and how she put together this tiny collage I am truly smitten.  Becky you have made my heart sing with joy and love.  Thank you beyond words.  If you are not familiar with Becky's art just get a copy of the latest Somerset Handcrafted magazine.  Her sweet simple necklaces are on the cover.  The cover!!!
A new week is rushing along.  I am so far behind I really must re-prioritize my to do list.  I have not forgotten the thank you's I owe and have yet to accomplish.  I did take a day last Saturday to go down the hill and visit with my sister and my niece.  I had not seen my niece for about a decade.  Megan you looked beautiful and I very much enjoyed our visit.  Marie and Meg and I tried a new place for lunch and it was delicious.  Gave us lots of time to chat and catch up.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful sister and niece.
Where was I?  Oh yes, more than behind...yet here I sit at my computer posting my blog.  Well, you see I feel blogging is very important and I enjoy it very much so for me it is not time wasted.  That's my story!
This is our last of perfect weather.  Colder temps are on their way.  Winter is sneaking in on the remains of Fall.  Safe and Happy Halloween celebrations this weekend.
Christmas creating is in full swing on the blogs I follow.  Here not so much.  I will catch up...I will...I will...
Blissful days and nights to all...


  1. so sorry your trip was not a success but look at the lovely gifts you received and from such a loving friend, thats the best!

  2. Oh dear, so sorry your trip was not a success Sherry.Hope you are feeling better now.
    Love those gifts though!

  3. I'm so sorry your trip wasn't the best :( I hope you are feeling much better. The gifts you received are gorgeous!! Feel better and have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. I was disheartened to read of your trip. But; in turn, the gifts you received are amazing! Hope all is well. xxoo

  5. Oh sorry you got sick and hubby got a ticket! Yep, I would call that a crappy day. Glad you salvaged a little of the day and love all of your great gifts!


  6. I'm with you girl, I still get car sick. Love scenic by ways, but I have to look forward and not hit too many winding roads. Love your swap gifts! Very creative! What a sweet gift from your friend. I love Somerset magazine. Wow, to be on the cover. What a talented gal!

  7. Well, not all can be bliss all the time. So there you have it. lol But, a shame anyway. I think you were thinking fast, and typing fast and I was trying to read fast all so that you could get on with all your catching up. hahaha Fun! LOVE the Halloween witches you received too.

  8. I sympathise with you, twisty roads are not good for motion sickness, thank goodness I say for all the straight motorways we have these days, get you there much quicker, even quicker when you exceed the speed limit!

    Good to get together with your sister and niece, I am unable to do that as my sister lives in Australia and her daughter is in Pakistan!

  9. Twisty turny roads are not too good for me either...sorry about the ticket. Catching up...you are not behind, just really early for next year!

  10. What a shame about your trip, Sherry, but what lovely beach gifts you received. Hope this week is a good one!

  11. Oh No Sherry so sorry to hear about your getting sick on your trip and Mr C's ticket. Ouch!!!
    I suppose it just makes the good trips even better.

    Enjoy the last of of beautiful fall weather, supposed to cool off on Monday here.
    Christmas? YIKES!!! How did that happen already? LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  12. Sorry to hear that your day trip didn't turn out very well. At least the mail cheered your spirits. All the Pretty Witches make a great display for Halloween.

  13. Greetings to you, and thanks for exiting on Kelley Highway for a spell. It was my pleasure to have you.

    Your spectacular blog is going to take me three days curled up in bed with a variety of hot teas at the ready on the nightstand. Oh, my goodness, lady. I'm gonna learn SOO much from Createology! Thanks for the introduction...

    Your quilts are positively amazing. The only quilting I've done is yo-yos... and my husband bought me a magnificent yo-yo quilt that was likely made in the '30s or '40s (3,000+ yo-yos!).

    Recently though, I nearly threw away at least a dozen of his plaid short-sleeve cotton shirts that were DONE. Then I thought, Wait. I could make baby boy quilts with "Grandpa's" shirts (our married daughters have no children yet). I simply cut them into 5" squares and put them aside for now. Actually I'm still cutting them out! They will be the basic of the basic of baby quilts, but who knows. Perhaps they'll be some little guy's "night-night" blankie that is cherished and worn out with love. *wink*

    Keep on creating, and happy weekend to you. We're off to Guam until Tuesday! I can't wait!

    Your new follower,

  14. So sorry you got sick. I don't like curvy roads either unless I am driving. The ticket doesn't sound fair. I got my very first ticket on my birthday for going 4 miles over the limit. I found it hard to believe as I was following a truck that was stopping for a red light. I fought it and won. PS Love your mitered border quilt. You do the cutest things!

  15. Sorry to hear the day didn't go so well. I used to get car sick all the time when I was little. Curvy roads still do it to me if they are way too curvy or do a sudden drop. Speeding ticket. :( I got one of those while in the States a few years ago. Everyone else was going even faster than me but I was the one to get caught. :/ I never seem to catch up these days. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Tammy

  16. sorry to hear your trip was not fun. I get trave lsick too. all those bends would have done me in as well. Hugs Mrs A.


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