Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby Its Cold...

We now have a white Christmas and with the extreme cold temperatures this will probably still be here for Christmas day.  Our highs are around 32 degrees F with lows around 8 degrees F.  We got about 10 inches overnight.  Here is Mr. C with his snow plow clearing a path on our very long and very steep driveway.  It is 16% slope and that is bad when it is snowy and especially icy!  Fortunately we have a 4x4 truck but it is still extremely dangerous when the roads are covered in ice.

I tried to get the perspective of the steepness of the driveway.  Mr. C is working very hard coming uphill.

Interesting pathway I see Mr. C.  I do know there is method to your plowing.  A path to the wood for the fireplace is a must.  Good idea.  I think he is getting tired.  After all we are talking several hours of doing this just to barely get the minimum space cleared.  Then any snow left on the asphalt will make a treacherous layer of ice overnight.  I did try to shovel and broom any excess layer.  I felt like a tiny drop in a bucket!

The beauty and silence of the snow is ethereal.  I am keeping my mantra front and center this winter..."Cheery not Dreary"!!!  I am a summer girl and love sunshine and warm temps of around 80F.  

I took a moment to put together this crystal blue charm with enamel blue bow.  I hate to be empty handed when gifts are being given.  This will be a nice extra to give.  I am also busy wrapping some fun unexpected gifts.  Nothing serious.  I like to surprise people.
With all the icy roads I have not gotten my mailings to the post office.  Hopefully in the next several days.  So far I have been able to cancel or rearrange all of my holiday activities.  Mother Nature is very powerful and thankfully we are safe and never even lost our power.  I am keeping everyone in my prayers as this winter storm causes so much havoc for so many people across the states.
Warm holiday hugs for all.  May you be enjoying December Delights and see the magic that surrounds us.
Blissful Creating and Decorating...


  1. Your snow looks beautiful! As we get older, I worry about snow removal. I do hope Mr. C. takes care and doesn't over do it.

    As a recipient of some of your creative pieces, I'm positive that your card will be received with great joy!

  2. Fresh white snow can be so beautiful, yet I know exactly how treacherous it can be also.

  3. Well you surprised me! lol! I got a gift from you today...and I am keeping it in my stocking for Christmas morning : ) Thank you sweetie!

    I am sorry for all your snow! Oh my! I hope you get a reprieve soon.

  4. Wow, you do have a significant driveway. My Rooster is looking for a snowblower. Not for the driveway but for the walk , and the paths to the chicken coop and then one out to the granary. Lots of snow this year. Stay warm and upright, Sherry!

  5. that is a task and a half clearing paths from all that snow, it looks so pretty but is not much fun unless you are a child with a toboggan!

    Wrap up well and try and keep warm.

  6. 85 in Orlando today....I know it is just not fair!! I grew up in Minnesota though so I lived it for many years. Holy cow that is one huge drive way the Mr has to plow!!!! Love your charm card!


  7. Hi Sherry, I love your "cheery not dreary" mantra, I am going to borrow it this winter. Stay safe, warm and Merry!
    hugs and JOY,

  8. Thank goodness you have a snow blower! We too have a steep driveway and if it is not cleared, it is impossible to drive.
    The mailman was very good to me yesterday...he brought a lovely gift from you! Thank you again my friend!

  9. It's pretty, but I remember from our old house the shoveling and snow blowing of a large driveway. Between that and driving in it, I would rather a Winter without any snow {or ice}! Here in Ohio we are dealing with ice, although we got more snow overnight. On top of whatever refroze last night. I'm not much of a winter person either ~ can you tell? : )

  10. It looks like that here, too, with snow covering everything. I'm a summer girl, too and I miss it :( Your blue charm is gorgeous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Hi dear Sherry,
    That truly looks like a lot of snow, you have.... nothing here yet!!
    It looks beautiful, but -yes-cold, so stay safe inside to keep warm and cozy.
    Hugs, from a grey day here in Denmark.

  12. Winter has definitely arrived in your neck of the woods.

  13. I miss the snow - we were hoping for a dusting in Vegas, but alas, it stayed on the mountains! Stay warm, my friend - Tanya

  14. I'm a snow lover but cleaning it is not fun. Hope Mr. C. takes care. Lots of work there.

    Thank you for the lovely sachet! You are amazing! xo

  15. What a dream! Such pretty pictures. I hope my parents still have snow when I go for Christmas. It's very rare that they get it there time of year as they live in the foothills. Merry Christmas!!

  16. Oh my goodness. I do not miss the midwest right now! Stay warm!

    Love your pretty blue charm. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  17. The snow looks amazing...but this comes from a woman who has never lived in the snow and had to do all the work. I hope you enjoy your white Christmas.

  18. Love your crystal blue charm - so sweet and precious. Please continue to keep yourself and your family nice and warm this holiday season! The snow looks gorgeous!

  19. snow is beautiful to look at...that's about it for me:) pretty blue--lovely gift idea! stay warm!

  20. Can I have some of your snow please, it's so beautiful. I grew up in Chicago and now in Miami, so you know I miss the snow. No chance of getting any here, lol.
    Love you crystal blue charm, beautiful. Stay safe.

  21. Oh my - I know that driveway and it is a steep one - can't imagine what a job that is, even with a snow-blower!
    It's lovely to have a pretty white Christmas, and hopefully it will be a safe one, with all the lights ON!

  22. Wow, that is a lot of snow, pretty but lots of work to remove it.

    Hugs Diane

  23. Hi Sherry, the snow is gorgeous although it does not fall without work involved to clear the way.
    Love your blue charm. Just stunning. Enjoying catching up with your adventures.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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