Monday, December 2, 2013

Sewing Elves Arrived...

My efforts paid off big time.  Remember the little felt elf shoes I made hoping to entice some little elves to come and help me with my lists of projects?  I am happy to say the elves arrived and definitely helped me!  Thank you elves.  We made bags...several bags.  Great for market or any shopping.  Great for running errands and delivering packages at this time of year too.  Great for gifts.

Lots of pockets to hold all those small items.  Fabrics that are serene yet pretty and sturdy.

Soft colors that coordinate.  Ribbons tied to keep the sides contained or they can be untied to really hold larger items.

I think pulling together the fabrics is a fun part of the process.  Cutting all the pieces is not my favorite part but the elves didn't mind so much.  They were so helpful knowing how much I needed to get these done as they are gifts for dear ones on my list.

Each bag also has the removable bottom for wiping any spills that may happen.  Strong and sturdy.
The elves really enjoyed eating my pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for energy.  Thank you elves.  You have saved my sanity.

I post this tip every year as I begin my process for wrapping gifts.  I use a pallet knife for cutting my rolled papers.  This is the safest way I have found that actually works and makes a nice clean cut edge on my paper.  I share this because my mother who could wrap fabulously used a pair of large scissors open and ran them along the folded paper edge.  I still have a deep scar between my thumb and forefinger from the scissors gouging my skin while I was cutting paper decades ago.  NOT SAFE at all.

So far I have never been cut with this method.  Do you have a tip for wrapping gifts?
Our weather is supposed to turn cold and snow is predicted.  I will be thankful for the water table.  Mr. C and I are still raking and picking up huge piles of leaves and pine needles from Fall.  The trees are almost done dropping.  Mr. C also did his rooftop gig of cleaning out the gutters.  I was so nervous the entire time but he did really great and wasn't dizzy or off balance at all.  Thankfully he is greatly improved and well.  Our roof is very high...three stories high...and fairly steep and slippery.  You can understand why I was a wreck.
December Delights and lots to enjoy.  I am going to savor the magic of this time of year.  What is your favorite part of December?  Yesterday we took time to go to town and enjoy the crowds of people out shopping.  I was enchanted to hear the bells and see the horse drawn carriage travel up and down our little main street of town.  I feel blessed to live in such a wonderful place.  I have been spending lots of time helping out at my local Chamber of Commerce.  I really enjoy the hub-bub of this season.  Our town puts on Victorian Christmas and it is magical.   I have included the link if you wish to see.
May you be enjoying creating or cooking or baking or whatever makes you the very happiest.  Creative Happy Hearts and December Delights Dears...


  1. Your bags are very pretty, lucky the few who get them. I checked out your link for Nevada City.....very quaint. Looks like somewhere I need to visit next year!


  2. Oh; your bags are amazing! Beautiful varieties! xo

  3. Those bags are very classy. Great help from the elves and so glad Mr. C is recovered. I like the lights!!!

  4. Can I borrow your elves??! The bags are absolutely gorgeous!! Each one is just fabulous!! Although I'm not fond of snow, December is my favorite month!! I love the Christmas music and lights and the joy of the season!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. A little "Elf Magic" works wonders!Love those bags. Glad Mr C was ok up on your roof.
    Enjoy your trip to town.Wish I could be there to see the Victorian Christmas.It looks quite magical!
    Must try and find that elf shoe pattern, as I'm just in the process of making some elves for my own spot of magic here in Australia.Happy times to you Sherry.
    Judy x

  6. I guess I should make some shoes for elves. I have scarves for little girls that need to be sewn, bags to be finished. There's so much to do, and I know the time will fly by. I love seeing all that you create!

  7. Bags are ADORABLE!!!! So much nicer than taking the old plastic bags to re-purpose! HA

  8. Oh Sherry your bags are absolutely beautiful thanks to calling on help from the elves - how could we sometimes manage otherwise.
    Glad you DH is doing OK and Oh be so very careful up 3 stories high! That's a bit nerve wracking as we get up in our years.
    Thank you for the creative joy you bring to me and my blog dear Sherry.
    Enjoy your Christmas creating.
    Warm hugs,

  9. those little elves worked so well with you and between you have created some lovely bags. Loved seeing the photos of your Victorian Christmas, could not decide on the temperature there seemed to be some wrapped up as though it was very cold and one or two in shirt sleeves, presepume the snow scene was from a previous year , a lovely selection of pics.

  10. Oh how beautiful all your bags are, so good with little helpers, dear Sherry.
    And that cutting methode, is great, I would never have thought about that, a wonderful idea, thank you.
    Your day out must have been so lovely ,have fun in the coming dayes, too.

  11. Who would think a palette knife could cut paper! What a great idea and a safe one too. Your bags a beautiful and the fabric combinations perfect! Nice job getting those elfs to help. If I had known you were serving pumpkin muffins I may have tried to be an elf as well. I can't imagine climbing a ladder for 3 stories!!! Oh my knees are shaking just thinking about it. Way to go Mr. C, brave and handsome!
    Favorite part of Christmas...sitting in the dark with only the Christmas tree lit, playing Christmas carols and a cup of hot cocoa. Well, maybe a pumpkin muffin with cream cheese icing too!

  12. Hi Sherry, your bags are gorgeous and I know first hand and love mine!!
    Each one is special. Everything is better with little helpers along. Great idea for the cutting using a palette knife. I will have to try this one for sure.
    Oh the Victorian Christmas in your town looks so inviting. Thank you for sharing those pics.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Happy Creating!!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. The bags are so cute. Love the treat you gave the elves. My favorite part of December is Christmas, of course. The sights, sounds, and the true meaning of the season.

  14. Hi! The elves' work was splendidly performed. Those bags are marvelous indeed!

    Gleaned from your gift wrapping tool tip, for sure. I did "Twelve Days of Christmas" this year for each of our girls/hubbies, so I first wrapped each in tissue, then sewed a fabric bag around the tissue, and tied and tagged each little sack. My kids already set up this box of goodies I shipped before Thanksgiving! {It's so fun to already be shopping for "Twelve Days of Christmas 2014!"} This is the second time I've done this since 2010, so I'm really enjoying it!

    I might still be a nervous wreck after reading your husband was three stories up on your roof.............. Pass me a salted caramel hot chocolate; might help me handle the stress.........

    Happy week!

    Aloha from our final morning in Honolulu en route back to Manila,

  15. Love all your bags. You have been very productive! Isn't this a wonderful time of year. Like your idea of the pallet knife, however, I don't know where mine is anymore. So, I save my old rotary blades for when I need to cute paper. Just put them back in the holder and cut away.

  16. Mmmm - pumpkin muffins with cream cheese icing sound delicious. Haven't begun the Christmas baking yet but I think I better start now. The bags look wonderful Sherry and in such nice colours too. I have no tips for wrapping gifts as I'm a terrible wrapper and use gift bags as much as possible. One of my favourite things to do in December when it's cold outside is to lie on the couch with the woodstove crackling, the cat on my lap and having a snooze.

  17. Hi there, I love your bags, the fabrics you choose are so pretty. Glad the elves came by to help!
    December is my favorite month because it's my birthday month! :-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog,
    Happy Creating,

  18. I can't believe you and the elves got all of those bags done!! I love them and they have so extras, pockets, ribbons, and removable bottom...Oh my!! Now...Tell the mister to get off the roof, he should not be tempting fate like that!!


  19. The bags are all gorgeous and so romantic... Beautiful fabrics too! And thank you dear for the tip, that really is a great idea for cutting the paper! I'm happy to hear Mr is sound and safe again with his both feet on the ground, phew! Big hug and happy week

  20. Loving your bags, they are so beautiful and the fabric is so soft.
    So glad about your Mr. c.

  21. These are totally charming, Sherry. I admire your patience with neat packages. After watching my family rip apart the wrappings one year in about two-seconds flat, I decided that neatness and details were not much appreciated, so I am not so meticulous anymore... but the safety tip is a good one! Thank you.

  22. Your bags are gorgeous! And thanks for sharing the tips about paper wrapping. I will definitely use pallet knives for this holiday season... Wishing you have the best holidays!

  23. I love the fabric colours you have put together for your bags. they are so pretty. glad the elves arrived to help you out though. Thanks for the tip on the palette knife. Such a simple yet effective idea. Now why didn't I thik of it!! Hugs Mrs A.

  24. Love your bags - I've been thinking of making some for stitching friends so you've inspired me! blessings, marlene

  25. Your bags are so pretty! I tried my hand at a bag for the first time. I made a messenger bag for my daughter for Christmas. It was a bit time consuming, but once I understood what I was doing, it went well. I hope she likes it!


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